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  1. Agreed, a good and rapid start. Best Scott.
  2. The whole reasoning behind my postings were to do with Revolution's justification for not doing C&C, i.e. that Stratchlyde Orange livery lasted into the early 2010s. They've now conceded that what that justification was based on is more than likely incorrect. But they're not going to change their mind, which is fine, so for me, the matter is closed and everything remains civil. I stated quite clearly this wasn't a "why the hell aren't you doing the livery I want?!" issue. As it turns out I probably am bothered enough to want to try and prove there is demand, but if you think
  3. Hello Ben, Thanks for the response. I think this one at least is wrongly dated. I’m almost certain it’s 314212. Flickr has a few of 212 in C&C dated 2005, 09, 10 and 12. I wonder if that ‘taken’ date on that image is actually the upload date?... Best Scott.
  4. I appreciate you feel exasperated, and heaven knows I couldn’t do what you’re doing, but this isn’t a simple case of ‘boo-hoo you’re not doing the one I want’. An assertion was made by you (Revolution that is), in a previous post, that the orange and Spotrail covered the life of the 314s in Scotland unbroken from 1983 to 2019, based on photographic research. Myself and others challenged that assertion, and on another forum I asked to see any photographs post 2006. If there is photo evidence of orange in service on 314s after 2006 I’d genuinely be very interested in seeing it. And
  5. Only 5 314s got Spotrail from what I can gather, but also as far as I can tell the Orange was eradicated on the 314s in November 2006, 314 202. And I can't find any post 2006 314 photos. I'm maybe not looking in the right places, but I don't remember any Orange ones in the early 2010s at all. If that's the case, then between 2006 and 2011 all 314s were in Carmine/Cream, in one form or other. I'm genuinly not trying to be difficult, it's a huge gap in my albeit limited knowledge if I'm wrong. And it calls into question my memories of using the Cathcart Circle, which is more worr
  6. Okay Mike, thanks for the clarification. That's the livery I'd have taken a couple of, so I'll need to have a rethink. Best Scott.
  7. Hello Mike, I'm a bit confused so I've probably missed something, but Ben focused on the Carmine and Cream livery particularly last night when duscussing the 314s and said it was being offered... Is that not now the case? Best Scott.
  8. I feel like we're at embryonic point in the formation of the Earn Valley Model Railway Mafia. Just when I thought I was out...they pulled me back in! Migliore Scott
  9. Assuming I've got the correct Ivybridge, this is the 25 inch map: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17.116022606442375&lat=50.39504&lon=-3.92500&layers=168&b=1 Best Scott.
  10. now then, that’s not too shabby is it? I think that’s going to work pretty well. Best Scott.
  11. Now, don't tell me you're not tempted to pose an A4 with 7 Mk1s just to see...
  12. I think that is because the lower glen is Glen Eagles which then leads up into Glen Devon. There is a Glen Eagles House, quite separate and different from the more well known Gleneagles Hotel. Best Scott.
  13. Being a Perth lad, I know that view only too well. Lovely. Best Scott.
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