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  1. Because it didn't matter about a stove if it was summer? Best Scott.
  2. I have a photo somewhere in one of my books of a Princess Coronation arriving perth from Aberdeen on the afternoon Fish.
  3. I don't think they are snow ploughs, I think they are obstacle deflectors? Best Scott EDIT: From this article https://www.railmagazine.com/trains/current-trains/vivarail-s-grand-designs : 'Safety is an important aspect both for Bates and Vivarail Chairman Adrian Shooter. There is no regulation that says the D-train will need additional strengthening, because the D78-Stock is already approved to run on the railway (so the new train benefits from its ‘grandfather rights’). But Shooter says that the team has still chosen to do it: “We looked at what the actual risks are at level crossings over the last ten years or so, and we’re protecting the driver and anyone else that’s in the cab against those risks.” Bates elaborates: “We’re re-engineering the front end to improve the survivability of the space. We’re putting an obstacle deflector down below - we’ve done the research into the number of accidents that this train is likely to be at risk from (mainly on level crossings and rural environments).'
  4. I know what you're saying, and I have drawn up scale track plans for both. But it all comes down to space and preservation of open single line running. I do have a version with the Campo station included, it just makes that part of the layout quite deep. I could adjust the relationship between station and yard to be more linear, but I really don't want to do that. One of my "layout of a lifetime" criteria is for the stations to be to scale, whilst the rest of the line can be representative (to a point) if necessary. So I included Brusio with a mind to have the goods wagons tripped to there and attached to passenger services. But after drawing it, Brusio is't really set up for that. If anything, it's set up for the reverse, wagons coming off of southbound trains. Plus Brusio would be the first stop from Tirano, which is a nice run for the train, a" 3/4" circuit of the room. As far as the spiral goes, there are two issues I have with that: 1) See above, it would feel crammed and contrived to try and shoe horn it into the space between Campo freight yard and Brusio, 2) Whilst I agree it is a signature of the line, I'm concerned it has become a bit of a cliche (I know, heresy!) The first issue I can try and solve by instating Campo station, as above, and removing Brusio station, the spiral going into it's place. I will play about and see how it works. The second issue, I just need to think about. Best Scott
  5. Well, that's maybe a wee bit disapointing. But really only because the Bachman video suggested August. No worries. Best Scott.
  6. Ripmax used to issue a catalogue not unlike you describe. Even as an adult it illicited many ooohs and aaaahs! I'm not sure if it still exists or if everything is now online. I never did get that large scale RC Cessna 172... Best Scott.
  7. I bet that idea gets batted back and forth...BOOM BOOM!! Seriously, though, that's a great looking shed with plenty room and well lined. Best Scott.
  8. The information I have comes from Hooper's An Illustrated Historical Review: Clayton Type 1 - Class 17. Of those green in 1970, the following were green full yellow by 68: 8562 8586 8598 Of those green in 1970, I THINK the book is saying the following were still with small panels: 8505 8531 - There is actually a photograph of this machine in 1976 (!), still awaiting the torch, in this livery Best Scott
  9. I thought it was a wonderfully realised and presented layout. The presentation in parcticular was excellent. I missed it being for sale...,otherwise... Anyway, good to see another Scottish model and in a period virtually untouched. Best Scott.
  10. 25 examples were green with full yellow ends by July 1968. Still in green at August 1970 were 16 examples. best Scott.
  11. Whoa! Why so prickley?! I acknowledged that the crash site itself was remote (not "comparatively remote") - I was even agreeing with you! However, my point was that locals would have no probelm accessing it, particularly on foot. Despite all that, some of the photos I've seen have been taken from the rail track itself, so that, as Woodenhead suggests, is more likely to be from rescue services. Best Scott.
  12. Despite the suggestion that the location is remote, in terms of getting access to the railway accident site, there are a more than a few dwellings in the area. There are many farm tracks and country paths, if you know the area. Best Scott.
  13. https://www.railadvent.co.uk/2020/08/scotrail-train-crashes-near-stonehaven-reported-injuries-and-engine-fire.html This is just up the line from me at Laurencekirk. Reports from various newspaper websites suggest the train has "fallen down an embankment", nothing to coroborate that yet. The size of the emergency response suggests that there may be a large number of injuries. One source said one death, but again no coroboration as yet. Best Scott.
  14. Yes, that's what I had in mind. I initially wasn' that taken by the Ge4/4 IIIs, but they are growing on me... Best Scott.
  15. Thanks for that background. I have a copy of said book on it's way to me now. Best Scott.
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