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  1. I feel like we're at embryonic point in the formation of the Earn Valley Model Railway Mafia. Just when I thought I was out...they pulled me back in! Migliore Scott
  2. Assuming I've got the correct Ivybridge, this is the 25 inch map: https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17.116022606442375&lat=50.39504&lon=-3.92500&layers=168&b=1 Best Scott.
  3. now then, that’s not too shabby is it? I think that’s going to work pretty well. Best Scott.
  4. Now, don't tell me you're not tempted to pose an A4 with 7 Mk1s just to see...
  5. I think that is because the lower glen is Glen Eagles which then leads up into Glen Devon. There is a Glen Eagles House, quite separate and different from the more well known Gleneagles Hotel. Best Scott.
  6. Being a Perth lad, I know that view only too well. Lovely. Best Scott.
  7. Yes I completely appreciate that, but the narrator was appreciative of the wonderful items that had been found. I'm saying those wonderful items likely wouldn't have been found, for him to be excited about, if they hadn't been in the path of HS2. Whether an archeologist views that by-product as a good thing wasn't really what I was getting at. Best Scott.
  8. Agreed it was interesting. As you say, clearly not a fan. It may be valid to highlight and bemoan the trees being felled, lanes being diverted/closed, etc., but it's a bit galling that he doesn't readily acknowledge the apparant mitigation that is takong place in respect of new trees being planted,etc. There is also the fact that all of the archeology excavations would likely never have taken place without HS2 - every cloud? It also seems contradictory to mention noise barriers (presumably as a good thing) and then in the same breath bemoan the fact that HS2 passengers won't have much of a view... Or am I reading too much into the narrative? Best Scott.
  9. Would it be worth trotting to Euston as against nipping over to King’s Cross and the ECML, in this case? Particularly if you had luggage?... Best Scott.
  10. Those buildings are really lovely. Well made and the lighting (which I'm assuming is more subdued in reality) is effective. Best Scott.
  11. What is the junction for at the south end of the 2a extension, please? the one that points Westish? Best Scott.
  12. I'm not sure it's "Obscure". In the last N gauge poll that was done on RM Web, it polled mid-table in the diesel/electric/turbine section. Not stellar, but not exactly in the dungeon either. For many of us, alongside the Class 21/29, it'e the missing mainline modernisation/transition locomotive. In many respects it's actually quite an iconic locomotive, associated as it is with the CONDOR service and Terence Cuneo's famous painting. I'll be taking four. I know there is enthusiasm for it over on the N gauge forum, as there appears to be here. If, as they are being pressured to, they also produce matching Conflat Ps, I think they are very much onto a winner. As far as Rapido themselves are concerned, out of all the locomotives I own in a variety of scales, their CN Dash 8 is the best in terms of detail, finesse, weight and reliability. Of course, others' mileage may vary. Best Scott.
  13. Depending on the length of your trains, you might want to consider the use of cassettes, rather than a fiddle yard. The cassettes can "plug" in to a track or tracks that simply leave teh scene past a suitable scene blocker. Cassettes can be constructed quite cheaply and elegently, and don't require expensive and space consuming turnouts. Best Scott.
  14. Tom. Quite right, I missed the image. Couldn’t see it for looking at it. Apologies Grahame. best Scott.
  15. Its listed as being at the livery sample stage, but no illustrations, etc. Best Scott
  16. Further to this, Dave Peel's "The Unusual and the Unexpected on British Railways", reinforced that "D6123, with new Paxman engine, is given a two way trial on the Aston - Gushetfaulds 'Condor' fitted freight. 13 & 20 August 1963" Best Scott.
  17. Sayer doesn't list BR Database as a source, either, so I'm surmising it was from a spotter's notebook or some other primary source, or more probably the original source that BR Database got it from (that I still can't locate). I'm scouring the book to find a partner for 6123 on that working, but drawing a blank. I'd be surprised if it made the journey on it's own, but by then the Condor would have been at it's reduced capacity (13 Conflats?) so maybe it did... Best Scott.
  18. Interestingly though, there is this: I'm still trying to find the source for this on BR Database. EDIT: Sayers' book also has the following for D6123: 13th August '63 - Gushetfaulds -Aston (Birmingham Condor) 13th August '63 - Aston - Gushetfaulds (Birmingham Condor) Also was noted at Aston on 20th August Best Scott.
  19. I have to say, my experience is not quite the same (although I agree with regards catering stock). My rakes for Glasgow Buchanan Street daytime services require similar numbers of BSKs as SK/SO (rakes taken from BR marshalling documents and photographic evidence): BCK 2 BG 9 BSK 40 CK 24 FK 7 FO 1 RMB 6 RU 2 RUO 2 SK 38 SO 6 Best Scott.
  20. One wholeheartedly agrees. Whilst OO may suffer from the same batch production issues as N, the second-hand market does not - Punch in Maroon Mk1 OO and you'll get plenty of hits and plenty of variety in terms of coach classification. Then do the same for N and see the difference Best Scott.
  21. Can the collective provide any recommendations regarding gas powered soldering irons. It would be for use on wiring droppers, etc., to track, particularly in restricted access areas, soldering track to copper strip for board joins, and to a lesser extent etched.brass kit building. I wouldn't go so far as to say money is no object but I'm prepared to pay for a quality product that will last. I would prefer a refillable device over one that requires particular cartridges. A significant other had gas powered hair curlers that used cartridges, and that was a bit of a pain. Any advice gratefully received. Best Scott.
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