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  1. I am not sure how Julie Walters held it together last night on her Coastal Railway tv programme. The woman showing her around Edinburgh station and the secret passage from the station to the station hotel, said " I'll show you the secret passage, it's at the back, I'll take you up there now." Titter ye not!
  2. A stunning performance from Spurs at the weekend. I don't think something is working. Maybe Kane needs to leave.
  3. Scorchingly hot here in sunny Teignmouth today.
  4. Pep Guardiola tapped several Spurs & City players around the back of the head after the match but non fell over mortally wounded. What's going on?
  5. Maybe it will happen. https://www.givemesport.com/1497856-aleksandar-mitrovic-could-face-a-twogame-ban-after-disgraceful-playacting-v-huddersfield
  6. Mitrovic rolled around with absolute facial pain after NOT being struck in the face. I hope he is punished retrospectively.
  7. Who can forget that other great football game that left your table covered in spittle, Blow football.
  8. My Super Soccer pitch was tin/metal. Little plastic corner flags had a 'foot' that was tucked under the wooden surround. The goals were similar.
  9. I had this game also, you often ended up hit the underneath of the pitch making things jump. Another game was "Floppy Soccer." It had a flat round disc ball like a draughts piece and both players had a similar disc that was on the end of a piece of thin flexible wire about a foot long, maybe 18". The pitch was about 2' long and had 1" high rivets sticking up to represent fixed players (fixed obstacle). You had to kind of slide the floppy wired disc around to hit the disc goalward whilst your opponent did similar.
  10. Chill Andy it's only a game. I'm sure Derby will prosper and you won't have to defend them so vigorously. I dont think Gazzas FA cup gbh let down a generation of England footballing supporting kids like the other two did. But hey I guess we will have to disagree on that.
  11. Howay the lads you can beat the Ar5e. I see the lovely curly locked Gwen Douzi is running around in her usual headless chicken style.
  12. I don't think its a joke either, but broadcasting the fact that by threatening players you can determine who can play seems to me to be a strange step. I would have thought a more simple explanation for their exclusion was easier. Apparently a 2nd altercation has taken place. Andy, with regards to Gazza, I certainly don't commend his behaviour but then mental health seems to have played a large part in his downfall as has alcohol. Rooney and the Becks petulant behaviour cost us more dearly. Whilst I appreciated Becks ability to put a long ball onto a sixpence, his kicking out at Simeone was pathetic. We will wait to see what effect the "32" or "red 32" has on young people. Obviously he could have worn 31 or even 33 but hey!
  13. If the sea wall was abandoned at Dawlish and the sea encroached up Dawlish Lawn and further, the inland route might well look similar.
  14. The same Wayne Rooney that let down a generation of England fans with his petulant behaviour. Just as Mr Bl00dy Wonderful had against Simeone. I haven't got time for either of the money grabbers.
  15. The red Scouse looked good going forward for 45 minutes against a young team with no ideas. Let's see how they fare against a better team. The real football is today when Villa beat Spurs.
  16. When you do win big remember not to crowdfund anything. Hope all is going well with the elective mute, Jamie. Sounds like fun.
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