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  1. If the sea wall was abandoned at Dawlish and the sea encroached up Dawlish Lawn and further, the inland route might well look similar.
  2. Living in Teignmouth I suggest visiting Teignmouth, having a pint at the Ship Inn on the back beach getting the ferry to Shaldon and back (5 min trip). At Exeter visit the Exeter Quays. Newton Abbot visit the Cider Bar, one of only 2 in the country, it is a converted farm and something to see and have a pint in.
  3. Jonny777 did you know my mate Ron who was senior railman at Teignmouth?
  4. He has some healthy looking travel photo albums.
  5. The good people of Totnes threw out Costas plans so they can't be all bad. Especially around the shops at the top of the main street where there is always a herbal smell.
  6. Teignmouth station, certainly on the upside, was covered in tiles. Which at some time in the past was covered with tarmac. I can photograph them if you want.
  7. No Mike. I intend keeping it, but there are people that seem to think that re opening an old rout is the answer. If that was to happen surely the increased costs for 2 lines would be pretty costly. So just supposing that Dawlish lost the railway and a Teignmouth-Paignton shuttle took place, what would the seawall maintenance cost be percentagewise of the present cost.
  8. CK, in your judgement and for the benefit of people that believe that a north Devon route is feasible, if it was completed and all trains to Cornwall up and running (please stop tittering at the back). How much would the NR maintenance of the seawall cost in comparison to the present figures, which obviously includes rail maintenance? Allowing that cliff falls would be retained inside the seawall and they would not cause additional repair work.
  9. The locals are already forming lynch mobs because of the impending loss of the Holcombe beach. None of them explain where the present beach sand will migrate to and as the long shore drift is west to east there should always be a build up of sand.
  10. In that instance the sea wall still has to be retained and maintained (as is the case anyway) to run the local trains.
  11. ..... and the Dawlish solution? Apart from compulsory purchases and the associated fairly huge engineering works plus realigning the Newton Abbot road there is hardly a place for a station much before Bishopsteignton.
  12. I believe this to be somebodies thoughts on NR's plans, as I don't think NR would put the legend "no beach."
  13. Somebody will be called into the old mans office in the morning about this incident.
  14. Thats what the OP meant. Trains going via Okehampton would serve hardly anyone except Dartmoor ponies, sheep and cattle. All the big population areas are way south, pretty much close to the present railway (for some reason).
  15. https://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/support/mapshop/what-map-shall-buy.html
  16. Don't these type of people usually open up a new business often in the same line of work? I wonder if and when that happens how many crowd funders he will attract.
  17. Wait until your 82nd year together and she cannot climb the loft ladder ...........
  18. I am sure the cliffs have encroached since broad gauge days but there are places, such as the inland side where the lime burners hut still just about stands that can determine the track width. Back in the 70's I walked up the Parsons Tunnel box stairs that led from trackside to the cliff top. One bit of a climb.
  19. Will you feature the brake stick wedged into the brake handle assembly of a wagon with the shunter riding on it?
  20. Apologies for digressing. How much more room did double track broadgauge take over double track standard gauge? At points along the Teignmouth seawall there doesn't seem to be much for much extra width.
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