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  1. Living in Teignmouth I suggest visiting Teignmouth, having a pint at the Ship Inn on the back beach getting the ferry to Shaldon and back (5 min trip).

    At Exeter visit the Exeter Quays.

    Newton Abbot visit the Cider Bar, one of only 2 in the country, it is a converted farm and something to see and have a pint in.

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  2. 29 minutes ago, The Stationmaster said:

    So are you assuming that the railway would cease to serve Dawlish and Teignmouth and leave Newton Abbot and Torbay on a sort of semi-inaccessible branchline running eastwards from Plymouth?   I somehow don't think you'd find any local (or Cornish) support for that irrespective of what might happen to the sea defences if the railway were to close.                                                                                        

    No Mike.  I intend keeping it, but there are people that seem to think that re opening an old rout is the answer.  If that was to happen surely the increased costs for 2 lines would be pretty costly. So just supposing that Dawlish lost the railway and a Teignmouth-Paignton shuttle took place, what would the seawall maintenance cost be percentagewise of the present cost.

  3. CK, in your judgement and for the benefit of people that believe that a north Devon route is feasible, if it was completed and all trains to Cornwall up and running (please stop tittering at the back). How much would the NR maintenance of the seawall cost in comparison to the present figures, which obviously includes rail maintenance? Allowing that cliff falls would be retained inside the seawall and they would not cause additional repair work. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, Joseph_Pestell said:

    I was looking at this on Google Earth the other day.


    I don't recall the exact route of the 1930s proposal but by moving Teignmouth station westwards (just east of the roadbridge across the Teign), it should be possible to route the line further inland with quite short tunnels. Surely a better option that a continuing battle with the sea.

    ..... and the Dawlish solution?


    Apart from compulsory purchases and the associated fairly huge engineering works plus realigning the Newton Abbot road there is hardly a place for a station much before Bishopsteignton.

  5. 2 hours ago, Jack Benson said:



     That is simple, Okehampton isn't in South Devon. Try Google maps, if you don't believe me.







    Thats what the OP meant.  Trains going via Okehampton would serve hardly anyone except Dartmoor ponies, sheep and cattle.  All the big population areas are way south, pretty much close to the present railway (for some reason).

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  6. 1 hour ago, adb968008 said:

    I’m wondering whether we should have a whip round and buy DJM... the forums traffic is going to be very quiet when it's wrapped up.. unless of course a certain someone started a blog  / writing memoirs.

    Don't these type of people usually open up a new business often in the same line of work?

    I wonder if and when that happens how many crowd funders he will attract.

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