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  1. The station may be slightly out of the town in Wellington but having lived in Wellington a few years I would have preferred getting a train from there rather than having to get into Taunton and then getting to the station. Especially if I wanted to travel westward. Since I moved from Wellington the population must have increased sizeably. At least a repurposed Wellington station would be nothing like Tiverton Parkway serves Tiverton.
  2. NR seems to recognise Exeter is growing but the people of Wellington, Som, had their station closed by Beeching and Wellington is also growing. I wonder if Exeter isn't one of the smallest cities with the most stations.
  3. I would imagine if a direct line from Exeter to Newton was made it would result in a Teignmouth to Paignton shuttle service. Dawlish would miss out but hey, as the sea encroaches inland they wont have so far to walk to the beach.
  4. In that case just make an opaque tunnel initially. When you buy your ticket it isn't on the understanding that you will have sweeping vistas of wildebeest majestically crossing the plains, its just an A to B jobbie. It's a bonus if you can't see Dawlish!
  5. Grass tuft construction from an old back scrubber
  6. If the Swiss can build avalanche covers and the Turks can build an in the water metro across the Bosphorus I am sure NR can make some plan. Even if the people of Dawlish are unhappy.
  7. Even if the railway gets re routed via Okehampton the sea wall still has to be maintained. I am not up on rail financial facts but paying two costs when combining them into one does seem unlikely.
  8. We have a meeting in Teignmouth tomorrow and next Weds (which I can make) to see plans and discuss.
  9. https://www.devonlive.com/news/devon-news/plans-unveiled-protect-dawlish-railway-2962444?????
  10. Nice idea. Dawlish Lawn floods at times. If you built a new station under the Dawlish Road carpark you might just as well realign the track and use the present station as it would only be about 200 yards away, open to the air and away from the sea.
  11. That is pretty much what they plan. Build a new sea wall some distance seaward of the present one, back fill it and slew the track seawards away from the cliff. We will then end up with a path on both sides of the railway line, instead of just seaward as is present.
  12. This is true, as anyone that understands long shore drift will know. The groyne that was repaired cost approx £500,000 (iirc from the councillor) whole new planks were just torn off. This was the westernmost groyne by The Point. Nearly all the others are in a worse state than this one.
  13. Recently the loss of sand on Teignmouth town beach has been of concern to locals. The sand has also vanished from The Point by the harbour entrance. Dredging of the river channel between Teignmouth and Shaldon in recent months may have helped this sand loss. Whilst the sand was vanishing from the town beach it was building up, much quicker than longshore drift, to the east of the town. East of Sprey Point, where Teignmouth is "lettered" there are some large rocks on the beach immediately adjacent to the Sprey Point wall. Last October these rocks, about 4 feet high in places and for a distance of 20 metres or so, were fully visible. A few weeks ago when I went there the sand had covered them completely and nothing was visible. Sometimes sand removal and replacement happens within days/weeks and sometimes the 2 are much further apart. The lack of groynes on the beach doesn't help with retaining sand. One groyne repaired last year has already fallen apart. The Holcombe stretch of the beach is hardly used compared to the other stretches of beach.
  14. I like the piccy of Brighton indicator.

    1. C126


      Please forgive me if this is the wrong 'messsage' area, but thanks for your kind words.  I am struggling to label the other 3/4s of the scanned pictures a.s.a.p. for up-loading.  Have a good evening.  Best wishes.

  15. We had at least one road that had been resurfaced with tarmac back whenever it was done. Every time a major hole was dug for one of the services the old wooden block road surface was revealed and broken through.
  16. Two products I have found for making loads and for landscaping
  17. I remember my early days on RMweb, there was someone posting great shots of model locos but was heavily criticised because he added smoke & steam effects. I personally could see nothing wrong and the photos were very good. Nowadays many are doing similar.
  18. I find that happens sometimes if I move on or go back before the post has posted. Especially when using RM web on my tablet.
  19. I think thats a different thread about crowdfunded locos ;-)
  20. Horsetan (according to EarlyRisers sometime ago) had a run in with A N Official and has gone completely. Another one who vanished completely was Dutch Master who had a run in over meat labelling on ER. Travellin Trev, from north Devon but living & working in Nigeria also vanished quite suddenly. RM Web should have a cold store, where your profile slips into if it is not used for say, 6 months. It's not deleted but just stored in case you come back. That way we would at least know that someone may be MIA.
  21. Will these be appearing at the Worthing MRC Tom?
  22. What decrepit old stock can we trespass to have a look at?
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