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  1. Jeff, the slate rockface and stone quay wall from polystyrene pizza bases. LE
  2. A bit of modelling over the past week. Stone quay wall, timber quay wall, slate rockface and 3 unfinished attempts at buddleia making. The quay walls are just over 2.5" tall. The buddliea need more work.
  3. Having read your suggestions about nightwatchmen. Somebody sleeping in the parking lot of the exhibition place with a mobile phone connected to a sensor/s positioned in the hall would maybe suffice. I guess exhibitors might have campervans/mobile homes.
  4. Tom will you be trading at the Worthing model railway show?
  5. All the talk of crime scene. One exhibitor has already said that his clubs ruined layout and his own destroyed models have already been cleared away. I presume he was not a one off. Does insurance not also cover cancellation of show etc? If so surely any monies collected by fundraising would be better given to owners who may never recoup every penny of their sizeable losses. As for seeking FULL recompense from the arrested miscreants surely this would only lead to burglaries, shop lifting etc to raise monies that they would need. An awful lot of PlayStations would have to be stolen to get the value of an O scale loco.
  6. Charity shops sometimes have sizeable amounts of them
  7. The 3 wise train men, see no evil, see no evil and see no evil
  8. Bryford--Langdale. (It won't allow me to put 3 letters in between the hyphens, c, u &m)
  9. I've never shopped at Hattons.
  10. He does appear to have IP on pasties though!
  11. I achieved a very similar look a couple of weeks ago using rust colours, chipping medium and Humbrol 63 over the top and then rubbed back. I need to work on my underframe and over all technique though.
  12. It looks just the right size and gives the interest to the quay. Your water looks good also. There are some great quays on this site and yours joins them.
  13. Its looking good. Where did the Linda come from?
  14. Perhaps he meant the church porch?
  15. Face recognition software wouldn't phase her
  16. Originally built by the Roman Mechanical & Engineering Legion the bridge crossed a fairly small river in a fairly deep ravine. The continual pounding of elephants weakened the construction unnoticeably. In later centuries the bridge fell into disuse except for the occasional fire chariots but the river widening scheme of the early 19th century brought it back into use. Global warming required more room for glacial water run off and the continued erosion of the chalk ravine meant that the bridge was split into 2 halves. Each part being dragged backwards for several metres (Belle Tout lighthousestyle) and major engineering took place using carbon fibre strengthening and some Gaffa tape. A large inserted centre piece was cleverly constructed in reinforced fibreglass and dressed in similar style to the original stonework. During the reconstruction period nobody was killed and a replacement bus service took pasengers on a 75 mile detour.
  17. Yes, agreed. My thought processess overlooked that.
  18. I finally decided to roll some DAS and stick it on the bridge. Having smoothed it out on all 3 surfaces I started scribing whilst wet and in about 3 hours it was complete. Drying out is now taking place and hopefully the DAS will remain in place.
  19. It certainly is and here is a photo of the plant in my garden that travelled to Devon, way back, from my grandparents garden in North London. Pink plant in forground.
  20. I like the GWR poster advertising London Pride many years before Pride marches were thought of. Clever forward thinking there ;-).
  21. Railway companies employ/ed engineers to design and build locomotives at great expense and along comes a guy with a scanning camera who photographs it in great detail and produces a model loco and sells them.
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