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  1. The ISO number is raised relative to the light quality available. On a bright summers day ISO 100 is adequate
  2. Interesting looking shed, where's that from?
  3. I've still got an LNER roller towel that didnt sell online. I quite thought it would.
  4. Great photos Kevin. The layout looks brilliant. I think the colonels wife was in the same place last time I saw her, glad she doesn't make any conflicting movements. Mind you, I bet some of the cows do. Keep up the great modelling.
  5. Great photos again Kevin. Hopefully the ventilator cowl on LM22 will be turned away from any rough weather
  6. Good luck Duncan, I built 2 white metal locos in the 70's. First type of kit of any that I had ever built.
  7. That's a pig of a question, Andy. ;-) Is your show on this year Andyram?
  8. Have you looked at Textures.com previously cgtextures.com for brickwork, stonework etc?
  9. "Wot, no rivets?" Kilroy woz 'ere
  10. It's been weathered nicely.
  11. Latest update on bridge. Girders have been primed and some have been given a further coat. The stone sections have been primed and given 2 further coats. Weathering next.
  12. I like Mara Harbour a lot. Pempoul I wll look at. Little Muddle is excellent.
  13. I have a wood set also. Yet to use it. I was inspired by Emmanuel Nouaillers amazing modelling. with foam board
  14. Thanks for the answers. This is mine. It seems good on posts I have seen where it is used but I guess I need to master it.
  15. I am presently trying to weather girders on a bridge with Vallejo rusting and chipping set. Am not pleased with the result at present so I may try another way of using them. I am brushing them rather than spraying as I have no spraying space, only outdoors.
  16. What have you used for the rusting? Vallejo?
  17. I would think Swindon for some is as adverse as Truro for others. Surely Taunton has done good so far. Everybody seems to enjoy the social side as well as the layouts. I haven't been but the apres chat and photos have been good.
  18. Thànks CK. No brainer really 250+ miles or 20 miles to Chippenham. Manchester?
  19. What is the distance to the furthest point East of Swindon that can be regarded as The Southwest?What is the distance from Swindon to Penzance?
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