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  1. In sunny Teignmouth it; Was warm yesterday. Tis warm at present. Woman passed the Outreach engineer working on the green cabinet on the street. The engineer asked if she knew the time. She replied "it's between 8 and 1."
  2. Jonny777 did you know my mate Ron who was senior railman at Teignmouth?
  3. Not a joke but it always made me chuckle. In the guards seating compartment on the VEP's there was a First Aid/safety notice. It frequently had a message scrawled on it by some wag. It was often "Moomin the piss flap." I knew nothing about Moomins then and I still don't.
  4. Graham Souness left Spurs in the 70's because he was homesick. Good to see he managed to man up later.
  5. Maybe a Russian oligarch with interests in teapot producers or a collection of scent bottles could show an interest in NUFC.
  6. He has some healthy looking travel photo albums.
  7. Which PPI people did you use Phil?
  8. Since we installed Talktalks Call Safe we haven't had any silly calls. It isn't because they have been deterred by the answering method. We just haven't received any silly ones that we have had to decline.
  9. The good people of Totnes threw out Costas plans so they can't be all bad. Especially around the shops at the top of the main street where there is always a herbal smell.
  10. Most capped England male Peter Shilton 125, 2nd Wayne Rooney 120. Most capped women Fara Williams 170 Karen Carney 143 Alex Scott 140 Jill Scott 140 Casey Stoney 130 How on earth do they do that? Ok, Shilts would have had more if Clemence hadn't been used alternatively, or less.
  11. 6 hours in the 'ambulatory' at the hospital yesterday determined that Mum didn't have a PE on the lung. The sun arrived lunch time but presently it looks a bit like thunder. Mid morning I popped into town to get some meds. I have never seen the town so full of females over 55. It was heaving with them. At one cash machine there was a queue of about 8. Maybe a convention of knitters or curtain twitchers is being held locally. If so Wetherspoons will be busy at 5pm.
  12. I've had to adjust this joke as it was non pc. An Englishman, an Englishman and an Englishman in a pub. The Englishman said "England are the best 1 day cricket team in the World at present." The Englishman replied "Yes, they are favourites for the ICC World Cup." The Englishman agreed. And they had a jolly good drink and they ............
  13. Can he close the ground and build a big sports shop?
  14. What does he want to achieve by running the club into the ground and keeping it yoyoing between the top two leagues?
  15. Sunny Teignmouth was struggling to be sunny today with sea fog hanging around. Mother has been rushed into hospital for check on possible PE as she has been short of breath recently. So I am sat in the Ambulatory dept. My missus is waiting for a gp call back for possible anaemia drugs. What an interview on Radio 5 Live this morning from Liam Gallagher. In a 2 or 3 minute interview he managed to say "you know what I mean" about 18 times. At one stage he managed a double "know what I mean" within seconds. Almost as eloquent as that orange orator over the pond.
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