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    Modern UK Railfreight Scene, most notably Class 08/9 Shunters, Class 86 and 90 Electrics.

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  1. I just need the coaches and DVT now :)
  2. Some good Springs Branch workhorses there, 08485 and 08815 in particular come to mind Thanks for sharing.
  3. Oh yes of course, I know. The point I was making from my own perspective was about what they have worked with the bulk of their lives and has been 'standard' as such. We'll get there in the end no doubt... one day.
  4. A few pics of the Trafford Park FLT pilots over the past few years. First up 08585 'Vicky' in the Powerhaul scheme. 08585 relieved 08624 here in 2015 and would stay until being replaced by 08785 in Oct 2017. Secondly then is 08785 which completed a 2 year stint here from Oct 2017 until November 2019. It being moved to LH Group for a well deserved exam and repairs. And finally, 08530 is the current pilot having taken over from 08785 in November 2019.
  5. Disappointing news. It’s tricky with a 91 in that they only work with Mark 4’s (other than L/E obv) and have never been freight locos. For me there seems little point in me purchasing a Hornby 91 with no MK4s and DVT as Cavalex were to produce. You have conducted yourselves perfectly gents and I feel very sorry for you. I wish you well for future projects and hopefully some that I will be able to support. Chris
  6. Great list - thank you. I believe the Grand Central livery ones are actually planned to be 90020, 90021, 90026, 90029 and 90039. Believe 90020 and 90026 will be receiving very shortly... As ever, time will tell. Keep up the good work.
  7. To echo the above, I’ve also replied to say I hope the project continues and that I look forward to receiving my 2 Cavalex 91’s in the near future.
  8. Tell them they probably wont be wrapping one for xmas 2019 Joking aside I've accepted I wont be receiving my two in time for Christmas now so have treated myself to a pair of Bachmann 37/7's instead Will look forward to getting them in the New Year at some point. Have a great Christmas all.
  9. Cracking Pics! I believe 08652 is now up for sale (seen someone post it on one of the shunter pages on Facebook.
  10. chris37422

    Dapol 08

    I thought the same initially but having looked at the photos on Hattons it does appear to be there, hidden by the long handrail and shadows. HTH
  11. chris37422

    Dapol 08

    Had a little rethink on this and having had a look at the model, cancelled it with my supplier and swapped it with the Stratford Railfreight one. For me personally, other than BR Blue, I think EWS is one of the best liveries the Class have ever carried. Dapol's version just doesn't look right to my eyes and I haven't been able to move past it (LOL at myself) not doing it justice. For me the Maroon looks ok, but the gold not quite right. Tied in with the exhaust port being the colour it is, the black cab roof and the white cabside data stickers (should be gold) I've put myself off it. Sure these are things that a modeller can change relatively easy, but I don't really want to take a paint brush to a £200 loco to fix what I see as basic errors spend money on more transfers to correct (and I'm rubbish at modelling!) And to show that I'm not just being a grinch at Christmas, I own 5 of the things (soon to be 6) as it is a cracking model. 3 from the latest batch of which Intercity has to be the pick of the bunch (Freightliner wrong shade of green but I'm living with that ) As ever each to their own and I'm sure less fussy Gronk lovers/more able modellers than myself will be delighted with the EWS gronk Happy Christmas to all.
  12. chris37422

    Dapol 08

    Shame the cab roof is black and not maroon as per 08709. Not sure about the exhaust port either? My paint brush will have to come out on my one.
  13. Seems a bit of an extreme comment to make but each to their own.
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