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    Modern UK Railfreight Scene, most notably Class 08/9 Shunters, Class 86 and 90 Electrics.

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  1. Seems a bit of an extreme comment to make but each to their own.
  2. The Powerhaul application does look good. In the case of 66504 above it is in it’s pretty much up to date condition with the updated Freightliner G+W company logos on the cab front and sides. This one being tidied up at Midland Road not so long ago after digits/original logos had faded/peeled away. I seem to recall this also originally had a grey buffer-beam when first repainted which thankfully didn't last long.
  3. A few more pics of me chasing cans around during the last week. Well I say Cans but in the last 5 days, I've had 86627 on the front of 3 different services, each time with a different partner (people will talk...) First pic was Saturday 22/06 screaming through Winwick, 86627 and 86610 with the Saturdays (granted it rarely runs) 4M83 1033 Coatbridge FLT - Crewe Basford Hall intermodal service. Here the train was seen running 57 mins early having escaped Eden Valley Goods loop 54 mins early. After Springs Branch junction the pair of 'Cans' were routed on the 'Up Slow' but this did little to reduce the time they'd made, losing approx only 3 mins. A fully loaded and colourful train with a pair of 86's in Daylight, what is not to love? Second pic (Winwick again) was taken on Sunday 23/06 and another sampling of daylight 'Cans' on a Coatbridge liner just north of Warrington. After working south on Saturday with 86610, 86627 finds itself heading to Scotland again this time with 86604 for company on 4S56 17:00 Crewe BH - Coatbridge FLT. And this morning as the sun was coming up, 86627 is seen leading 86609 at Acton Bridge with the 4M42 2152 Felixstowe North FLT to Garston FLT service. Just goes to show what mileages these BR workhorses still put in!
  4. A couple of shots making the most of the longer days and light as of late at Acton Bridge. First up is Freightliner 'Powerhaul' 90043 leading the 1M16 2045 Inverness, Fort William and Aberdeen to London Euston Caledonian Sleeper service at 05:05 on 08/06/2019. Both the 90's and the stock enjoying a bit of a reprieve due to the delays with the new MK5 sleeper stock. Second up is the ever dependant pairing of Class 86's working WCML intermodal trains. 86622 leads sister 86607 with the 4M42 2152 Felixstowe North FLT to Garston FLT service on 20/06/2019, they had taken over the train from Ipswich. They later ran back to Crewe Basford Hall from Garston light engine 0K64 before working the evening departure 4S59 20:59 Crewe Basford Hall - Coatbridge FLT.
  5. I'd be inclined to agree with you
  6. Collected my Powerhaul 90042 yesterday.... WOW. It may have taken 5 years but what a model. I’ve installed the Bachmann servo decoder for the Panto but not had chance for the additional bufferbeam parts. Couldnt resist a hasty table shot with fellow recently arrived Powerhaul 08624. EWS next please.... Well worth the money.
  7. Good video that. Well presented and loads of info delivered in a way that even the most basic of modellers will understand. Cannot wait to collect my 90 tomorrow
  8. Former Carlisle favourite 08922 busy doing its thing as the DB/Axiom Pilot at the former Marcroft engineeing Works, Stoke-on-Trent. The loco on hire from the RSS from the GCRN.
  9. Freightliner 86609 and 86612 provide ample power for a lightly loaded 4K64 11:46 Garston FLT - Crewe Basford Hall service on the 29/03/2019. The pair had worked to Garston over night on 4M42 ex Felixstowe, the electrics taking over from Ipswich.
  10. RSS owned 08511 busy shunting Eastleigh Yard on Friday 12th April.
  11. Currently the freshest liveried Gronk is 08645 at Penzance Long Rock, which carries Kernow/Cornish black/white. The loco arrived from Landore following the closure of that facility and the loco will allow for 08410 to be stood down from traffic with GWR shortly. 08410, in its smart original GWR green with modern safety embellishments is also depicted below. The loco being a 90V example rather than the preferred 110V, the reason for its impending withdrawal.
  12. chris37422

    Dapol 08

    Thank you, looking good!
  13. chris37422

    Dapol 08

    Thanks pal, appreciate the info.
  14. chris37422

    Dapol 08

    Hi All, Did Dapol have any delivery info or samples of the forthcoming 08 that will be released in Freightliner, EWS etc at Glasgow? Contacted them a number of weeks ago as the digest seems to have gone quiet, but yet to receive a response. Any info gratefully received. Kind Regards, Chris
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