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  1. This originally started out as a Walthers GP9m that I got for a very good price on eBay. Great mechanism and a good base for converting into a GP9u. At first I swapped the cab out for a spare GP38-2 one I had as a close approximation, but it definitely didn't look like a Topeka cab. Using the GP38-2 cab as a starting point, I've further modified it using card and a lot of green putty. Before and after pictures.
  2. Not content with building Underpass, I've started a second layout. Theme? Diesel depot. Railroad? Santa Fe of course. This was designed as more of a moving diorama/photo backdrop, it should still offer some interesting operations.
  3. Thank you, that was painted by hand! The yard was fine, but swapping around in the fiddle yard was a nightmare.
  4. I've been quite lucky getting the stock together, in terms of right place, right time. None of them were particularly expensive either, which is quite surprising given the availability of US stock in the UK. I learnt a lot from TYS. While the track plan was interesting, it was an absolute pain to switch. My fiddle yard solution of the loco lifts to move stock never really work, and I never got round to sorting it out. And after 3 years, it had become a bit tedious. But, you can never stay away for long.
  5. Oh lord, I've gone down the rabbit hole of adding period correct California license plates to my vehicles.... The Dodge has an Illinois plate instead, I wonder why?
  6. I had the layout out yesterday, properly set up with everything wired up (the layout doesn't have a permanent home, it lives on its end in the dining room when not in use) and it was an absolute delight to have everything work straight away. No sticking point motors, no dead spots, locomotives running well, lighting looking good. Obviously I had to take pictures, but this one is the best.
  7. Following the recent purchase of a printer for work, I've been using it for non work purposes... Period correct signage on the liquor store, pavement and some parking lot lines. The old newspapers by the dumpster are period Los Angeles front pages. All of these courtesy of Google images and a resizing app on my phone. Looks like he couldn't wait to get home to drink his Bud!
  8. And another job. Three Athearn covered hoppers. The UP one was a Golden Flour hopper, the ATSF was a Rock Island and the SP was a Penn Central.
  9. Another loco I've been working on this week is a very nice Kato drive Atlas GP7, also undecorated. This loco didn't have dynamic brakes during the time period I'm modelling so was an easier job.
  10. May I offer up these two Roundhouse veterans? I know I've owned 520711 at least three different times in my modelling career.
  11. So it's gone from Yakima Valley, Washington to Los Angeles, California to Seattle, Washington again in less than a day....
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