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  1. Whilst I prefer modelling the steam era for various reasons, my main interest day to day is in the recent and current rail scene. I don't usually get weak at the knees at models of more modern prototypes, but the promo shot of the 91 in IC Swallow looks the dogs danglies! It'll be very difficult for me not to free up some cash somehow and buy one.
  2. I was hoping for another GER loco but that would’ve been asking a lot. The GER vans are a pleasant surprise however!
  3. Can see something a little more niche from the LMS such as a Tilbury Tank. Pretty pre-grouping livery to sell it in too.
  4. Two brothers. In a van. And then a meteor hit. And they ran as fast as they could.

    1. Corbs


      The horn when you honk it makes a sneeze noise


  5. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Nothing on Youtube yet for ones with factory fitted sound. I checked out videos of the Dean Goods with factory fitted sound, and to my ear the sound seems to be of decent quality, and uses ESU/Loksound kit IIRC. Hopefully the N7 will be to the same standard.
  6. Great news, a high-spec 37 has been much requested for a while. To save me scrolling through 11 pages, plain BR Green seems to be a fairly chunky omission from the range - will that follow on as a limited edition/special commission? One of the pilot batch in plain green to such a high-spec would sell well I would've thought!
  7. No idea what Hornby will announce, but I think both a re-tooled Black 5 and 8F make enormous commercial and modelling sense and would get lots of cash through the door. An SECR L1 is also a good shout, along with CIWL stock perhaps? I say this every year in every manufacturers' topic, but the one model I would love to get my hands on is an LNER E4.
  8. Where is your ballast from? Looks super.
  9. I’ve only just caught up with this thread. A lot of opinion, but the majority of it is positive, which is my shared view. Hattons should be commended, I think this will tick several boxes for a lot of modellers - I’ve been looking for quite a while at ways of getting/creating a couple of 6 wheelers a’la the ones on the Mid-Suffolk that survived until 1952. Therefore the LNER brown versions will be perfect, and I shall have a brake and a composite. I do think some of the hand-wringing about the generic nature of these to be mildly amusing, considering the vast majority of us don’t model real locations, and actually loosely model a freelance/generic location in a certain region and era - similar to the principles behind the choice to make these generic coaches in different company/regional liveries!
  10. I have a micro layout and I haven't done anything to it for the best part of a year. Need to pull my finger out and get my mojo back. 

  11. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Any news on the BR and DCC sound versions? All very quiet.
  12. Thanks for the responses all, much appreciated.
  13. Apart from the Dornoch branch, did any of the 16xx's have booked passenger work? I've seen the Tetbury branch mentioned.
  14. I've seen mention of these working Lydney docks. I'm off on holiday to Lydney in September, can anyone provide me with any reference material and pointers on Google Earth/Maps as to where the railway was? I can feel a small dock layout and a couple 16xx's coming on...
  15. Thanks Chris. Just to check, which sheet - I'm assuming 14P, like this? https://www.petersspares.com/hmrs-14p-oo-gauge-br-steam-loco-coach-van-pressfix-transfer-sheet.ir
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