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  1. Received an email from Derails earlier this afternoon that the GNR 4-wheelers, and the BR Crimson and LNER Teak 6-wheelers are all in stock. Fingers crossed my local shop gives me a bell regarding my pre-order soon, very excited.
  2. I'll be going for a pair from both manufacturers - two LNER Brown 6 wheelers from Hattons, and two BR Crimson 6 wheelers from Hornby. Got my pre-order in for the Hornby ones today, really looking forward to them.
  3. That Cappagh blue 60 is going to be stunning, out of my modelling era but tempting. One of two 60’s that I have left to tick off for sight on the big railway! Agree with others about the lack of blue 31/4. Wouldn’t have minded another Railroad 31 with TTS. Spotrail 153 should sell well.
  4. The Mark 3’s are at least already in the range - R40002-5. Only thing is, the TGS doesn’t have buffers - TGS’ modified to work with 91’s we’re fitted with headstocks and buffers IIRC, I doubt many will mind though. I can see the dummy PC selling very well, not just for use with 91’s but can be posed on shed, or dragged around a layout in a stock move by another loco e.g. to/from works. Might get one myself! Haven’t seen any mention of TTS chips this year but you’d hope Hornby do a 91 TTS chip, I reckon that would sound pretty ace in a model.
  5. I’m not sure what to say to about these to be honest - given the lead in times for starting new projects it would seem that these were started before Hattons’ announcement, but then again Hornby probably have the capability to accelerate their supply chain and development more than most other manufacturers. The spec and price is so similar it appears to be a competing move. I have nothing against that personally, it is what it is and we get the choice. Hornby haven’t done badly out of the competition with Rails for the Terrier. By the sounds of it some will be sticking with the Hattons’ effort
  6. NXEA!

    2021 hopes

    Difficult to predict, I think either it'll be a pared back release as they went quite big last year but hopefully they'll continue in the same vein. What I'm hoping for - one of: An LNER E4. An LNER J69. GER Corridor coaches. What I think we will get: A retooled GWR 14xx (sorely tempting) A retooled 8F An Ivatt Duchess in wartime black. A TFW 67. A TFW 153. A Spotrail 153. New Mark 4's and DVT. Aside from that, would be good to see a few 31's in this years range, perhaps 31128 'Chary
  7. Had a rather joyous, albeit temporary dream last night that Hornby announced an LNER E4 - wishful thinking, or a premonition? 

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    2. 45568


      I had hoped that Locomotion would announce this, not to be, we get a Precedent instead. Still feel this will not sell as well as an E4.

    3. Hroth


      Perhaps they have now got a feel for balancing a 2-4-0 and it will set a Precedent....



    4. NXEA!


      A Precedent does have the pretty/collectible factor - an E4 has a more bucolic/‘cute’ look to it though. Fingers crossed - as I have been doing for the last few years! 

  8. That looks absolutely superb, well done. I started the topic a couple of years ago, but that reinforces that I definitely couldn't do that, not yet anyway!
  9. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Not my video but you can hear the Westinghouse pump around the 1 minute mark. Interested to see what turns up - lack of pump isn't a deal breaker for me but is a bit strange.
  10. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    BR E/C sound fitted versions finally due imminently according to Hattons.
  11. In the 365 Games sale there are LNER O1’s down to £85 plus another 10% off, and various Mark 2’s and Mark 3’s are around the £25 mark with the discount.
  12. I popped into Ian Allan this morning around 9.30, decent amount still available. A few highlights which stood out for me were two Bachmann NSE 117’s for £220, and a Bachmann Green SYP Thumper for £170. There were a couple of Bachmann 37’s available in different guises too (WCRC, DRS in Sound and non-sound, one in grey with Railfreight General decals) and several other things too such as various Hornby HST Mark 3’s (plenty of XC and GWR sliding door ones). To my surprise they had a solitary blue EFE Rail Hymek available too. They were going through a stickering exercise when I popped i
  13. Hi, Would be interested in getting hold of one of these, as I sold the one I had previously a few years ago to get some cash and can't find one for love nor money now! Drop me a PM if you have one and would accept an offer for it. Cheers.
  14. The last few sets were actually working between Charing Cross/Cannon Street-Tunbridge Wells to provide 10-coach formations (Tunbridge Wells not being able to fit 12 coaches on the platforms of course). 4308/11 were two of the last sets in traffic, of course both preserved now. This photo caption has more info - allegedly they were reinstated after Christmas until March 95. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5473081181/
  15. Hi Ian, Only just found this, really lovely layout in a small space. I did love Southern/ELL 3rd rail before I gravitated to GER steam and had a few attempts at a layout which didn't pan out, sold my EPB's. This might prod me to plan something SR again after I've eventually finished what I'm working on... More photos please!
  16. An interesting Amazon one I spotted earlier, an ATW 153 - https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00464BS7U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This appears to be one of their pricing algorithm bargains. It's showing as temporarily out of stock, but will be back-ordered and delivered - I'm not sure whether it will though as its from the range almost a good 10 years ago, but then again I recently ordered something from Amazon which was temporarily out of stock, but then ordered in and delivered. We will see - but for £53 for a 153, even though its not my era, I couldn
  17. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    I spoke to Oxford HQ on their customer service line the other day as I'm waiting on the BR sound version like yourself - wasn't complaining or kicking off, just curious as to the wait and desperate to get my hands on one of these lovely models. They didn't go into detail, but they're having to work through issues with the chips and issues with the finish - on the latter point bearing in mind they've already issued analogue versions of the first three releases I suspect the issue with the finish is with the tarted up late crest version. Having asked the chap on the phone, he said
  18. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Fantastic news! It’s a rather lovely locomotive.
  19. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    I managed to finally find a video of a GER one with factory fitted sound. Sounds good overall, but I can't work out whether the whistle sounds a bit off, and if that's the Westinghouse pump at around 1:06 it sounds a bit fast. Compare the noises mentioned to this video of the real thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klGh644qWWI&frags=pl%2Cwn Both videos not mine I hasten to add.
  20. I see what you mean, but if you have a trawl of their ordering info page you get an address and an email address too. Address appears to be a residential property, but then that's no different to S and J models for example. If anyone wants to order, email him first via the link on the Ordering Info page. No connection, just trying to hopefully pass on some bargains/hard to find items.
  21. Over to Chuffers of Winchester for a few Hornby Railroad goodies that stood out: R3494 Railroad Black 5, £82. R3499 Railroad GWR Hall Late Crest, £78. R3583TTS 37, £89. Not used them before, and they appear to be a relatively small internet-based affair, but a few good things on there - link: http://www.chuffers.com/Hornby_RailRoad/hornby_railroad.htm As an aside, Colletts have the R3414-6 series of J15's available for only £59.99. Available on order, placed an order for one last night with no issues. These models are on clearance at quit
  22. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Yep, I keep on thinking of getting a standard model and fitting an aftermarket sound chip as there seems to be no indication of when the factory fitted ones will arrive, but I don’t think any chips and speakers will fit without hard-wiring due to the restricted space in the bunker.
  23. Excellent choice. Can imagine this will sell well, you can get away with coupling it to pretty much anything! Best of luck with this one.
  24. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Following on from Unit basher's post, does anyone have a factory sound fitted version they can take a video of? The GER sound version appears to have sold relatively well so people must have them, but no sign of them on any forums etc.
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