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  1. I'll second that about First with FGW too. Started off p*ss-poor in 2007 with the DfT's incorrect DMU allocation, but since the managing team has been overhauled with the addition of Mark Hopwood and co., things have just gone up and up, and FGW are one of those TOC's that are always using their initiative and pushing for more. For example, in addition to the 15 150's they received from LM they have managed to convince the DfT for an extra two 150/2's, two 153's and the two 150/0's and spare 150/2 vehicles, the latter two acquisitions being very clever because they've freed up two 165's for LT
  2. This gave me a laugh! Thanks for sharing that one. A connection close to me is the Sudbury line connections onto the GEML services at Marks Tey. There is a 4 minute connection from the incoming Sudbury to the departing Liverpool Street, generally very slick even if it is over a footbridge, and they're very good at holding connections for trains from London, up to 20 minutes delay! The problem is on a Saturday, when the branch is 153 operated. The 153's are bloody sh*te at moving compared to a 156, so much so that they've lost two minutes by the time they roll into Marks Tey at xx.47. The
  3. 20000 may be the limit, but two 60's have special dispensation to go past that. 60011 and 60099. 60011 was the testbed for the overhauls with electrical component's, and 60099 was a mechanical test bed. 60011 has accumulated just over 20000 hours on the clock, but has been stopped. However, it has recently been allocated repairs on TOPS, whether that means it will be battered back into shape for the sandite season, or whether it will be actually allocated an overhaul remains to be seen, same with 60009/012 although I suspect these two are just repairs, as 60012' repairs were sanctioned a
  4. It's not Essex, but I have some photo's of the 15.55 Yarmouth drag today which I did from Norwich to Yarmouth, 47802 giving a good account of itself too! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are the photo's, and I'd just like to apologise to those of you who are offended by the quality, they were only iPhone shots, the weather was poor and they look worse blown up on the Mac! They actually look respectable on the iPhone... I also have a few from a brief visit to Gidea Park and Woodgrange Park if anyone's interested. Links to the sets: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/ If you can
  5. Don't go tempting me now! I only plan to have a small layout anyway, I think I will only end up with around 5 or 6 locomotives/multiple units anyway, and about 20 wagons. That'll probably add up to about the cost of one O gauge locomotive! EDIT: Just seen the Dapol Terrier on Rails of Sheffield. My favourite steam locomotive at only £164, in O Gauge? Gotta be done. I blame you Andrew!
  6. The 170's stopped appearing at Witham for several reasons - For a start, capacity was desperately needed on the Rural routes, especially on Norwich-Cambridge. The Lowestoft/Peterborough-Liverpool Street services were cut back to Ipswich, which freed up three units. These three 170/2 3-car's then transferred to take over the Norwich-Cambridge route giving a carriage extra of capacity on every service. The three 170/2 2-cars diagrammed for Norwich-Cambridge transferred to the Ipswich-Cambridge route to give a better passenger experience. The three Sprinters on this route then transferred to Norw
  7. Oh wow, Trebudoc is absolutely fantastic! I have often thought the Lionheart 64/74xx and the Autocoach look rather nice... I think 0 Gauge will be a venture for me in the distant future when I have more money, but it looks amazing! Well done!
  8. Interesting little purchase by DRS. Essentially the 21st century's answer to a Class 90, however superior in every respect bar top speed, being 10mph slower. However, ETH, re-gen braking, modern AC traction motor's, and an extra 400hp on top of all that shall make it an extremely capable mixed-traffic beast, I imagine it should breeze up Shap/Beattock compared to a Skoda. It will be able to put more power down, it's more powerful, and with AC traction motor's and superior wheelslip control, it'll hug the rails more, important with a Daventry-Mossend on the draw-bar. The diesel engine looks lik
  9. c2c - 00 gauge, so I can make use of the Bachmann 2EPB, MLV, Thumper, Heljan 33, and the forthcoming Dapol 73, all ideal southern models for a small layout! pwr - Thank you for the kind words, ok I'll have a look at the SEG website then! Southernboy - I'll draw one up and post it later.
  10. Some very very slight progress today - I've knocked up the platform using the Peco Concrete platform kit, and 1.5mm plasticard sheets. I would love to get stuck in properly on the layout, but until the baseboards arrive at the end of the month I can't, so I've decided to do small jobs such as build any kits I need for the layout, or more rolling stock acquisition. Next job will be to fit small plasticard sheets on top of the platform for the surface - I want to represent the almost wonkyness of the real thing, like on later platform extensions etc etc so I've decided to cut more sheets into sa
  11. I've found an absolutely fabulous photo of Waddon Marsh in dilapidated condition, the platform loop has been severed with just a single 2EPB in the station, very inspirational because of the almost forgotten air about it.
  12. Interesting you mention Dundonald Road, as that's the exact road where Mum's side of the family lived for 8 years!
  13. Looks I'll be popping to the shop tomorrow then! Thanks. Thanks for that. Ratio it is then.
  14. Gawd blimey, that looks fantastic Colin! Might have to pay you to build one for me! But all jokes aside, that looks absolutely brilliant, you've really done the real thing justice, and it looks absolutely fantastic in blue. Dare I say BR Blue suited Maunsell designed coaches better than Green... Stunning model, well done!
  15. Cheers for the help guys. Oldddudders - 5th photo down on the link you showed me, is that the goods shed on the left? Looks like I might be able to get away with buying the Ratio one and painting it suitably... And thanks for the information on the West Croydon-Wimbledon line too. Andyman7 - that sounds perfect as my scenic section is only going to be around 6 feet long with the running lines diving into tunnels either end! Well, that's the current plan at least. Thank you also Phil, and Rivercider - I might start adhering to Rule 1 more in which case I can run a hydraulic if I fancy.
  16. Hello all, I am after information regarding goods facilities around London, particularly on the ex-LSWR lines. I'm modelling a fictional urban branch off the West Croydon-Wimbledon line, so the facilities in questions aren't going to be massive as its just a modest 2 siding + headshunt yard. If anyone could link me to photos of goods shed in the region and in this area of London or point me in a certain direction, I'd be grateful! Don't know whether I could get away with the Bachmann Goods Shed based on Shillingstone (I suspect not), or whether I have to kit-build or scratch-build (Oh dear lor
  17. For those of you that have read this thread, you'll see I'm setting it in 1967-71. i have just fallen in love with one of Bachmann's fine Standard 3MT tanks... I know that the last ones were withdrawn in July 1967 from Nine Elms shed, so I *might* just be able to justify a very very grimy one (preferably in Green!). But can anyone advise what they were used on at the end? Was it purely just empty coaching stock movements to Clapham, or did they have any booked transfer freight trips at the end? I'm thinking I could justify one standing in for a failed diesel on a short freight... thanks in adv
  18. Thanks all for the warm welcome! In reply to all of you... Rivercider: Freight traffic I had in mind was the usual general freight traffic of vans+wagons for the goods shed and sidings, however a few weeks ago after seeing photos of 33's and 73's on oil trains I decided to squeeze in the through line/loop to portray a freight only line which I plan to model small oil trains on, with the oil trains being formed of a few tanks for domestic use at a local but fictional destination... 'Foreign' traction is a good shout! Wouldn't mind a Hydraulic if I'm honest... Roundhouse: Thanks for t
  19. Well you have a fellow Essex resident with a love of third rail too on the forum then! Don't worry I will keep posting. Currently looking at all manner of layout's on here and I must say I am feeling really inspired, chomping at the bit to get started!
  20. Thank you Toftwood! Thought it was about time i joined RMWeb...
  21. Hello all, as a long-time lurker on this forum I decided to pluck up the courage and join! So hello to you all. I'm a Southern Region fan, specifically third rail EMU's, and have fond memories of spotting at Clapham and London Bridge witnessing the demise of the last CEP's, CIG's and VEP's. As many have been in the past, it was one particular model that inspired me to take up modelling, the Bachmann EPB... I've done a lot of digging information wise and have come up with a setting for my layout... It's going to be loosely set in the period 1967-71, with pre-tops diesels and electro diesels on
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