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  1. Some decent bargains there. GWR 153 for £76, and the Works Peckett for only £67 is rather keen.
  2. Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank

    1. Corbs


      Monkey tennis

    2. Andrew F

      Andrew F

      Arm-wrestling with Chas and Dave

  3. Agree with that - my layout is DCC and operated with an NCE Powercab, but I run everything in on DC on my test track to check all is well before I chip a model, and I use a Bachmann Trainset controller for this. I didn’t come across any issues doing this with the J70.
  4. I received mine today. Safe to say it is a beauty, model of the year candidate for sure and definitely worth the wait. It was quite surreal opening the box of a RTR steam tram! It’s simply a sublime model, it looks spot on, the finish is fantastic, and the level of detail is brilliant. I might have a stab at fitting the detailing parts and running it in tomorrow evening, time permitting - if so, I’ll take a few photos. I’m a GE modeller, but its such a charming and unusual prototype that I can see these selling well and being snapped up by collectors and impulse buyers
  5. Just checked my emails, and mine has been dispatched too.
  6. My order was processed this morning. KMRC are expecting the first consignment on Monday, with dispatch of MR202/3/6/7 due end of next week. There is another container on the way containing some of the other versions, apparently. Very excited!
  7. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    I would hope that the N7 uses real recordings, although 69621 hasn't steamed since July 2014 - I guess it depends whether Oxford recorded it before it was withdrawn? In mitigation, the Dean Goods is stuffed and mounted so no surprise it doesn't use authentic recordings really. I notice Hattons are offering N7's with Olivia's sound, but again, not sure if this is generic or not. As an aside when I popped into my local shop today (and apologies if this is old news), I was told they were expecting deliveries of the LNER and BR ones at the end of this month and end of March - they wer
  8. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Which are all very good reasons to doubt the veracity of the info. That period is (unfortunately) before my time so cannot vouch either way. I had a look at Shed Bash and there’s no mention of a Pannier - 9401 doesn’t appear to have been seen during the time it was allocated. Clearly BRLocoDatabase has a source for the 57xx/97xx claims - I wonder what the source is?
  9. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Didn’t know that, thanks! The 2MT’s always seemed a bit of an odd allocation, what with steam on the GE being in its death throes, the small number of 2MT’s allocated, and the fact that 15’s and 16’s were doing all the light passenger and freight work by this time. The only thing I can think of is that their allocation at Stratford was to hasten the withdrawal of the remaining elderly ex-GE machines.
  10. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    With respect, that comes across a little presumptive. Links: http://brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&type=S&id=9700&loco=9700 http://brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=locodata&type=S&id=9701&loco=9701 I’ll leave others to debate the validity of the source, but I have had no reason to doubt it - on the contrary, I find it very useful.
  11. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Ah you're the person that put that document together! It's both a blessing and a curse as you could use it to justify all kinds of weird and wonderful traction that you don't actually need... It appears its a typo - having just checked the same source, condensing Panniers 9700/01 were based at Stratford from 1950-1963/61 respectively. I assume they were based there for working over some LT lines - I doubt they would've worked onto the Central Line as that was a J15 job, so I suspect they were shedded there for Smithfields-Stratford/Temple Mills transfer freight (only my supposit
  12. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    First time I've seen mention of Pannier's allocated to Stratford - not doubting you, just new to me! What were they used on? Only previous mention I've seen is of a 94xx that was trialled at Temple Mills. There's doubt as to whether those 2MT's actually did anything as they were there so briefly. I've only ever seen a shot of one light engine at Stratford Low Level.
  13. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned that the BR version is being delivered last - now I’ve said that it’ll be the next variant to turn up...
  14. Travelled from Ely to Peterborough across the rather frosty Fens this morning, just as the sun was rising. Great part of the world.

    1. LNERGE


      Probably just wrapping myself round a cuppa at Burnt House Drove before going out on track about that time.

  15. Which by the looks of it from Google Maps, is a residential street. That doesn't explain why a shop purporting to be in Swindon is registered in Paignton, though. Some very keen prices as has been said, the B12 is tempting.
  16. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    http://www.brdatabase.info/locoqry.php?action=class&id=601407&type=S&page=alloc This should help. If the link above is anything to go by, almost all of them ended their days at Stratford. Ignoring ones allocated off the GE at outposts such as Colwick, Annesley, Hatfield etc, a few seem to have been sent to the countryside around 1957, and ended up at Cambridge, Lowestoft and Harwich Parkeston Quay from this period onwards. I would hazard a guess that they were displaced by brand new BTH Type 1/Class 15's which entered traffic in 1957, and the N7's would've then displaced the l
  17. Some good suggestions there from GC4946 and The Stationmaster. A Taff Vale O1, O2, or MSWJR 2-4-0 would sell very well I would’ve thought. Wrong region for me, but I would buy one of the latter.
  18. Another Stratford machine please!
  19. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    And another review here: It looks superb, and might be Oxford's benchmark going forward. I can't wait to get my hands on mine!
  20. Today is the day

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Is it your birthday, then?

    2. Hroth


      Its my unbirthday

    3. NXEA!


      No, I was doing my Dolmio impression

  21. It could be an LMS loco. Their first locomotive releases have been GWR Dean Goods, SR Radial, LNER N7, so something from the LMS is only fair I'd say. Maybe a new 2P?
  22. He may be cast in bronze, but he's still capable of producing truly golden moments!

    1. Harlequin


      Michael Portillo?

    2. Porcy Mane

      Porcy Mane

      Bring me Sunshine.

    3. Jinty3f


      Did you mean movements?

  23. NXEA!

    Oxford N7

    Any minor errors aside, it looks like an N7 to me, and personally that's good enough for me. I just hope that it is a good runner, and as someone who has ordered a sound one, I hope the sound file is of good quality and authentic. When the first people get their hands on the GER version, please post photos and videos! I have a BR one on order which is the last version due to arrive and I'm itching to get my hands on it.
  24. When I said there was nothing for me, I lied. Didn’t realise until I looked later that Hornby are doing a TTS chip for the B12. Not sure of the quality of TTS chips as I’ve never bought one before but as it’s £40 vs £100+ from a third party supplier, it’s definitely worth trying out.
  25. Nothing in the range for me (although I may get one of the open-cab Peckett W4's), however I'm ok with that as I have two J70's and an N7 to pay for imminently! This looks like a very ambitious and exciting programme covering practically every interest, with big pacifics, middle range tanks, industrial locos, and lots of lovely coaches and wagons and lots for the modern image modeller too - the Romanian 92 is particularly interesting! I really hope they pull it off and that they make a bucket of money off of these, they deserve it for being so ambitious and we all want a healthy Hornby. Lots a
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