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  1. USA DS234 (30062) Arrived at Meldon Quarry in January 1963, was transferred to Eastleigh in August 1966 where it worked as yard shunter until withdrwan in March 1967. (I don't think this loco was painted malachite green like other members of the class that were transferred to service stock) It is extemely unlikely that the loco would have passed through Totnes en route from Meldon to Eastleigh.
  2. Very true 1466/6998 did leave Laira shed 2/12/1967 en route to Didcot, but these were preserved locos, and there was only the straight shed remaining of Laira Shed, the rest being demolished in 1966. There have been other preserved steam locos on the site since then. e.g. 6000 at Laira Open Day 29/3/1972 and 4930,5051,6000,7029 and 7819 for the GW 150 celebration trains in 1985. I followed 6998/1466 to Teignmouth and photographed them at Hemerdon,Newton Abbot and Teignmouth I remember a Wally Watson, who used to be a member of the model railway club in a old warehouse on the Barbican in the 1960's, could this be the same person?
  3. Very interesting photo of 41317. This was the next to last day for this working, (a Friday) which involved the train working from Bere Alston (your photo), then going to the sidings at Laira to deposit the coaches before going on Laira Shed for the afternoon. Later it would collect the coaches and return to Plymouth to work the 1709 back to Bere Alston. The following day the same loco worked the last working.
  4. W.R steam continued for some time after 24/8/1963. Laira's last two allocated locos were 4978 "Westwood Hall" which left Laira for the last time on 9/2/1964 4920 "Dumbleton Hall" which left Laira for the last time on 9/3/1964 The last G.W. locos to visit Laira via W.R route were 14th May 1964 6990 "Witherslack Hall" left assisting 0030 Plymouth-Paddington sleeper 15th May 1964 6821 "Leaton Grange arrived at Plymouth with a fertiliser train 2886 arrived with a cement train from Westbury 5971 "Merevale Hall" left assisting 0030 Plymouth-Paddington sleeper (this was the last recorded steam passenger working to leave on the G.W. route) 16th May 1964 2886 and 6821 left light engines to Taunton There was one other strange visit occured on 25th June 1964 6936 "Breccles Hall" (a Cardiff engine) arrived via S.R. route with a cement train then departed with the1156 to Exeter (via S.R.) and arrived back again with a train from Waterloo at 1905. The next day it departed light to Exeter (via S.R.) So this was the last G.W. loco to visit Laira Shed The last sceduled long distance steam hauled trains at Plymouth were (all by S.R. route via Okehampton) 4th September 1964. 34107 "Blandford Forum" left with1110 Plymouth-Brighton 34079 "141 Squadron" arrived with Brighton-Plymouth (arr approx 1800) 5th September 1964 73030 left with 0840 Plymouth-Waterloo 34066 "Spitfire" left with with 1146 Plymouth-Waterloo 73030 left with 1652 Plymouth-Eastleigh (This loco had returned after working 0840 as far as Exeter) After this date the S.R. route via Devonport Kings Rd and Ford was closed and trains diverted via Keyham. There were still spasmodic steam passenger duties/frieght to and from Okehampton/Exeter with locos supplied by Exmouth Jcn. shed using this line until the last one on 2/1/1965 when 80041 arrived with a unrecorded train and left with the 1648 Plymouth-Okehampton Then they were gone!
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