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  1. You can try shops like Hatton's and Rails who buy collections.
  2. John, have you thought about using a piece of yellow electrical insulation tape?
  3. Rob, you maybe able to find what you need here. http://www.goldenarrow.me.uk/goldenarrow_htm_files/pdfs/BR std tenders.pdf
  4. Hatton's are selling Richard Borrett in ICI Maroon for £49.50 and the sound fitted BP livery version for £150.00
  5. Why not start a thread Rob and post pictures of the 9Fs you have.
  6. The Red Brick wagons I believe come from the Hornby era. A lot of the wagons had no name on the bottom.
  7. Also the 2 streamlines Coronations had 3 alternative names/numbers each.
  8. But it's aimed at the collector market. Not the first time they have done gold plating.
  9. I asked for this because I wanted to see just how much of an improvement the new one is over the original.
  10. Any chance of a photo of both old and new together?
  11. I believe they are the loco drive version that the old tender drive unit disintegrates on.
  12. Can you tell me what the reverse bit means please?
  13. Are you sure it's plastic and not metal? Sounds like it has mazak rot.
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