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  1. The model is right for Boche Buster when she was an 18" rail gun but not 14" And the models of Boche Buster and Gladiator are the same model painted differently
  2. It was in Morse. It was a guy in his early 20's that lived with his grandmother, had a massive model railway and I remember he got annoyed with his grandmother because she didn't pick his new GWR brake van up from the model shop.
  3. I have the red version of this. One thing to remember about it though, is that although it has an electric motor, it is only 6v not 12v.
  4. Hi John, where do you get your Railmatch paint from?
  5. You can buy these kits with BP and Regent transfers. Are these fictitious liveries, or did they use them as well?
  6. The Hornby Mk2's sides, roof and ends are all in one, so not so easy as a mk1
  7. Slightly later than Triang, the retooled late 70's version in LMS red 16440 had a full size version that ran at the Midland Railway Centre. Not sure which came first, the model or the real thing.
  8. Send them an email and ask what blades fit the Excel/Xacto Handle Small No1 XAC3601. They should be 6mm. I have both sizes, the others are 9mm.
  9. Who is MOK. if I might ask?
  10. It would be tight, as the radius is worked on the centre of the rails.
  11. So does that mean that Hornby owned the moulds that Roco used to make the track with?
  12. I don't think they are to scale, as Thunderbird 2 is supposed to be 250 feet long. That would make it 1m long in 00 scale.
  13. Was Durham a name that Triang used on there buildings?
  14. I have several LMS Pressfix sheets from the 80's somewhere. Not sure if they would be any good now.
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