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  1. Channeling The Sun is not right for any sentient being whatever the radio station.
  2. London was where much of it did indeed end up.
  3. Historically, in North Norfolk ships carried malt and barley out of small ports...
  4. The railways of this country have suffered from government interference in the C19 which vacillated between forcing them to compete one moment and then to cooperate at the next. The obsession with competition gave us a lot of wasteful duplication and a number of lines built more to keep the opposition out than to serve the community. Incidentally, Gladstone had proposed government control of the railways as far back as the 1840s. If, and it's probably a big 'if', the government had had the sort of change of heart that was induced by the war, they would have encouraged consolidation. The GCR/GER/GNR merger that had been blocked earlier would probably have gone ahead even without the Grouping. Likewise the LNWR/LYR. The MR is reputed to have had its eyes on the G&SWR to consolidate its Anglo-Scottish route and may well have looked at a few other possibles – such as the MSWJR, the N&BR, and even possibly the H&BR. I think the consolidation of the Underground group would have continued unchanged. As for other mergers...speculate away!
  5. Unlike say the greengrocer's plural...
  6. There is the story of the famously taciturn US President Coolidge. At a dinner one evening he was seated next to a rather garrulous young lady who told him that a friend had bet her she couldn't get more than three words out of him all evening. He turned to her and replied "you lose". Was Calvin Coolidge of Yorkshire extraction?
  7. Don't be misled by this – PO wagons were pooled on the outbreak of war so in 1943 could turn up anywhere in the country.
  8. I think I've got one of those kicking around in my "seemed like a good idea at the time" box, if anyone is interested...
  9. Talking of steam cars reminds me of recently deceased Scale7 Group member Steve Baldock who was such a great enthusiast for them that he built his own steam car....
  10. Interesting thought. There is an upmarket interiors emporium called Designers Guild – no apostrophe as it was founded by Tricia Guild and her brother. Not sure what relevance if any to Andrews House though...
  11. Happy New Year Mike. I am not as clean a worker as you are so have problems with the Slater's design – I prefer the Exactoscale/Bill Bedford guitar string method. If my mojo ever returns... Good luck with the move. I usually swear the next time I move it'll be inside a wooden box – except the trendy ones are using wicker these days!
  12. I rather defy the Birkenhead Dock authorities to move those point blades too...
  13. I refer the Rt Hon Member for Northamptonshire/Leicestershire to my previous answer. It's a matter of semantics really.
  14. Surely, by definition "meticulously modelled Scale7 track" would have all the necessary traps and FPLs to pass BoT inspection – otherwise it ceases to be "meticulously modelled"...
  15. The H&P factory was one of the landmarks on my train journeys between home and Dotheboys Hall (Wiltshire branch)...
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