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  1. Gibson does a 2' 7.5" wheel but only in disc and 10 (solid) spoke varieties. Available in FS and S7.
  2. The latest Kelly's I can find for free access is 1911 so rather too for your purposes. Of the 7 coal merchants and 2 dealers listed only one gave his address as the railway station though another was in Totteridge Road just to the north of the station. Not much help. But, then, I suspect you've answered your own question in that merchants would generally use the yard where their office was located...
  3. Ah yes, that. Perhaps Mr Kelham is getting forgetful in his old age...
  4. What was the source of this Register, Noel. It would be interesting to compare it with my version!
  5. By the way, Dazzler Fan, I should point out that Braysdown Colliery was taken over by Frank Beauchamp in the early 1900s and the wagon stock was presumably absorbed into the Radstock Coal Co fleet if it wasn't scrapped. To the best of my knowledge (possible Black Swan moment) there were no wagons in Braysdown livery in 1928.
  6. As Stephen (Compound2632) correctly surmises, I've not had so much as a sniff of an S&D PO wagon register though such a document must surely have existed as even the humble MSWJR had (a very thin) one. A few S&DJR based wagons are to be found in the Midland's registers which are at Kew, there are some early GWR ones at Chippenham I think – I saw them when the were still at Porchester Road – and several subsequent ones were in the hands of a recently deceased private collector with very deep pockets. who kindly gave Ian Pope access to them. Post grouping ones I've not seen though there are a few Plates Registers at York. Available records from the Beauchamp family archive don't give much either. There may be things i've not sniffed out yet...
  7. I meant both but couldn't be bothered to put the 'n' in brackets!
  8. It seems a rather pointless exercise to even make the damn thing...
  9. I saw the Belle on many occasions when I worked in the area though I don't remember ever seeing anything other than a 33/1 on the end. Observations not comprehensive of course. Sometimes it was a 3TC...
  10. They (also) called them 'wings'.
  11. All this LotR stuff is way over my head – I never got further than the Golden Bough...
  12. Oh, they're Orcs! I thought for a moment it was the local UKIP candidates...
  13. I think that is precisely what they have got, though de Joy doesn't have an eyepatch or a beard...
  14. I finally managed to get into Sheringham yesterday but MRJ 279 nowhere to be seen. Looks like I'll have to resort to the internet.
  15. Regarding that other matter, I am very happy to have a pocket sized computer that can access the internet anywhere, send and receive emails ditto, and should the need arise (which it rarely does) make and receive phone calls.
  16. Even the sainted 'son of the manse' Big Gordy was dog-whistling uncomfortably when he started talking about "British jobs for British workers" c2009. Mind you, he did save the world from financial collapse...
  17. The GWR were partners in both the WLR and the WLER, part of the latter being laid on the route of the erstwhile Kensington Canal; there was (indeed still is) a canal basin at Paddington. The GWR used powers of access to Smithfield and to the Millwall Docks but this was purely fir freight. They never seem to have exhibited any interest in passenger traffic to the east of London.
  18. Surely "good Conservative" is an oxymoron.
  19. Agreed, but a capacity of around 420 cu ft would be ideal for 10 tons of average coal. Notice it still has grease 'boxes though.
  20. When I was a lad, the Doctor was played by a crotchety old sod called William Hartnell, and the set was played by various spare lumps of polystyrene that wobbled as the cast moved. Not a fan though I dare say it may have improved a bit since then.
  21. I seem to remember that some of the early GW vans to this design did have the diagonal framing reversed, but of course I can't lay my hands on either chapter or verse. They did have wooden under frames so early examples.
  22. I think you'l find the whole point of having a nanny was to save mater and pater from having any but the most cursory contact with their heir and spares.
  23. In my day a D grade at O level was a pass, as was an E. F and below were the fails, appropriately enough.
  24. The ones introduced to the Isle of Wight have been known to travel widely – wouldn't you if dumped on the IoW – including East Anglia. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-52528155
  25. Gosh was it really that long ago. Thanks Mikkel – 22 October 1908 it is then. I still haven't changed the number on my model...
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