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    Deep south (USA) shortlines,in the fifies/sixties,mainly in Georgia,Louisiana and Mississippi.

    British rail freight opperations in the 80`s & early 90`s around the west midlands.

    Also modeling,modern US shortline and lease fleet switcher engines in Proto48 scale (American equivalent to British S7)

    And a small semi fictional British O scale shunting layout based in the Forest of Dean during the late 60`s

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  1. Cheers John, It all help`s especially if someone else is having a senior momment like i had today!. And of course it`s always usefully to have this info here too... Ta, Brian.
  2. Ahh...light blub momment!. Cheers Mick that makes sense now, i think i`ve been getting wires mixed up (literally) whilst looking back and forth through the various pages.. Ta, Brian.
  3. Hi guys, I`m have a bit of a moment so i could do with some help please!. I`m wanting to use the Colbalt s levers with Tortoise point motors,which should be simples,but for some reason the old grey matter is having a really hard time of it.(too much sun i think...) I`ve look through the pdf`s on the dccconcept`s site with out much luck,if anything it`s confused me even more now!. so if some kind sole has already done this could they please scribble out a diagram for me, or even a picture showing which wire`s go where on the supplied PCB board as this would help to. Also for power supply i`m using a H&M clipper DC controller,if that makes any difference,though i can`t think why it would.... Anyhow any help would be greatly appreciated, Brian.
  4. You know the s**t has hit the fan when you see 'Toilet paper' on the list....... Brian.
  5. Pahh...! I would imagine the commentators/critiques would be more at home with something like this then....... Brian.
  6. This link takes you to a picture being described as 4th march 1950,leaving Havant; (second pic down) https://chasewaterstuff.wordpress.com/category/steam-locomotive-classes-of-a-leisurely-era/page/16/ Brian.
  7. Tower models has the L/H & RH templates on their site. Like wise,could`nt find them on the peco site..... http://www.tower-models.com/towermodels/ogauge/peco/track/index.htm (towards the bottom) Brian.
  8. I `ve got a v2 in my current 08, (BR green late crest) but have had the v1 also in previous blue 08`s,(though not at the same time) and but to be honest i can`t tell the difference.Now if they were together it might be a different story,so as your planning on a couple then i would`nt worry too much and buy one of each.They are after all the same price!. For speakers it`s a personal choice,ie;i might not hear what you can and vise versa. Case in point; i`ve had a 'few' O gauge diesels pass through my hands and when i`ve fitted them with Howes sounds i`ve been bitterly dissapointed.Not because there bad,far from it,they`ve got many happy customers and they do sound good,it `s because i could make out a 'white noise' in the background sound`s. Now having said that my friend`s could`nt,so i change speakers but even then i could still hear it!. So really it`s a personal choice,and to be honest most speakers are that cheap now you can change them out if you don`t like what you hear anyway!. As for one or two,my preference is for one good decent sized bassy speaker if space allow`s. Of course in the larger diesel`s you can get away with two big`ins for extra thump! Hope this has helped a little ,but it`s probably made no sence at all....... Brian.
  9. I forgot to add, that Classic Traction Images also has some very nice colour shot`s of 22`s that can be brought as a download for the princley sum of a quid!; https://classictractionimages.weebly.com/class-22s.html# (again no conection,just a happy customer ) Brian.
  10. Hi Mic, Contray to what Jint`s has said, (sorry jint`s!) the dceoder i used was the MX644D with the ZS08AD active drive system,so it should be the same as the one pictured on the Digitrains site. I also probably should have clearly marked the decoder in the picture as well. When you open the top of the 08,you`ll see a small 'blanking plug' on top of the main board,this is taken out the decoder simply replaces it. Helpfully Digitrains mark the top side of the decoder for you so you don`t damage it when installing it. Then it`s a case of either soldering your wires or using a plug, to the main board for what speaker you`ve gone with. Brian.
  11. There are also some great pic`s on the Flickr class 22 group also. https://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/pool/page1 Some of which are duplicated in the two book`s that Craig has mentioned. But even saying that it`s still nice to have the books to flick through,plus it support`s the 22 build....... (no conection,other than a perverse liking of ugly...?, loco`s! ) Brian.
  12. Mic, As has been mentioned,it`s a doddle to fit the 08 with sound,in fact it took me longer to build my speaker enclosure than it did to fit the chip!. Anyhow i have used these speakers in the link below (others avalible) in three 08`s now and have found the sound to be excellent. (If you scroll to the bottom of the page you`ll find a data sheet for the speaker also) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Miniature-Rectangular-Speaker/301513426210?_trkparms=ao%3D1%26asc%3D20140728113935%26meid%3D1876d22967fe4d5eafd82a37aea30647%26pid%3D100148%26%26itm%3D301513426210&_trksid=p2059210.c100148.m2813 As i`ve said,i made my own enclosure out of plasticard which came out at 32mm W x 43mm H x 30mm D,this size proved to be a nice snugg fit!. As for the speaker concetions i had some m/f plugs on hand and so that`s what used,very simple,just solder the two legg`s in the holes provided. Final arrangement. Hope this help`s, Brian.
  13. I don`t how 'reasonable' the drawings are you have,but the Colonel Stephens society can supply you with some; http://colonelstephenssociety.co.uk/colonel%20stephens%20society%20drawings%20service-35/index.html (#124 - #125 half way down page) Brian.
  14. Hi Simon, No problem at all,just very greatfully for your help. I shall point my dad here also,so he can see the photo`s and read your descripition of the 'fix' as well,all of which will no doubt help. Thanks again, Brian. PS.hope the lasers were soley for the modelmaking and not dinner preparation.!!
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