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  1. Well if I’m not allowed to vote for my Alma Mater (Dulwich), I’ll have to have my second choice and go for the one I work on every Wednesday (COVID permitting), Stowe.
  2. Sorry to rake over old ground. I remember many discussions on coach formations but not those. I must be getting old!
  3. Tony, I’ve been tasked by @St Enodocof this parish to improve my running in boards on Gresley Jn. I watched the video of Little Bytham this morning and was taken by the running in boards / station nameboards at the ends of the platform which look just like many of the ones on the southern end on the GN (unsurpringly!). Can I ask how you made them? Andy
  4. Tony, I love all the pictures with the smokebox door weathering. However, my eye was drawn to the interesting formations behind the locos (as you may not be surprised to hear!). The first and fifth photos (60112/56) are clearly of the same train in the same spot and have a lovely ex streamliner twin behind the drawbar. It must be 1959 or 60 because of the wind deflectors on St Simon but I can’t find any train like it in the CWN. Do you have any idea what the train is or where the shots were taken? Andy
  5. An up Cambridge working today with short term KX resident, BR Standard 5, 73157. This is a DJH kit bought off eBay and has been a real nightmare to get working well. It managed to throw its worm gear off within 2 minutes of being put on the track and the valve gear has got mangled on several occasions. Once I got it running OK on DC it was time to try DCC and that identified lots of intermittent short circuits which I’ve had to eliminate one by one with tweaks of pick ups or smears of epoxy. Two burnt out decoders later and I think it’s working OK (touch wood!). Luckily I only use cheap Chine
  6. I like Tintagel having spent a couple of happy days exploring the place.
  7. Tonight we’re back to suburban trains. It’s the turn of the 1820 KX- Baldock headed by L1, 67785. It was formed of a standard non corridor outer suburban six set with a Mk 1 SLO strengthener on the front. I don’t have a spare SLO so I’ve used a Thompson CL but I hope it gives the right impression. To see the whole set you’ll have to watch the video. I’m afraid it’s a bit poorly focussed in the distance but the loco comes into focus as it approaches the camera.
  8. Tonight it’s another cop for the Gresley Jn trainspotters as D206 makes her entrance. This is a Bachmann D211, renumbered to D206 and with a few mods to reflect the pilot batch of EE Type 4s (thanks to Clive for the help on this). I’ve shown her on Coulsdon Works but not in action on Gresley Jn. She is on the 1830 KX-Leeds/ Halifax/ Hull which was a similar rake to the White Rose but this time the dining pair are the correct way round. Here is the video. I’ve replaced the Bachmann sound chip which never worked well (hence it sat in its box for several year
  9. Wrong company and era for me, but thanks for the offer. I often wonder about that when I’m fitting corridor connectors to my Kirk coaches. I wonder whether we, as modellers, have got conditioned to seeing a bit of plastic sticking out and therefore it looks strange when it’s not there. Surely the bit of plastic is just representing a folded up corridor connector? I now stick my ‘Fair Price Models’ (1/5 the price of modellers Mecca) corridor connectors straight into the end and I think it looks OK. Certainly when they’re coupled up its hard to notice.
  10. Tony, 30mins per coach is very impressive. Does that include painting or do they come ready painted? As for pulling power, my Atlantic tender locos will just about pull 9 RTR coaches so it should be possible. Is it possible that the bogies are stiff in turning thus causing increased friction in the reverse curves. Why not try an I3 with 9 Hornby coaches and see if it can manage that? That would identify whether it’s the loco or coaches at fault. Andy
  11. I think that what’s called over engineering - you should have worked with Network Rail!
  12. Good idea. The majority are Pacific Models. They come printed on thick photo quality paper and I’ve mounted them on double sided tape. They are removable but wouldn’t take regular handling. I will try mounting a couple on thin card or plasticard and then using tacky wax.
  13. I did wake up in Selhurst depot one night having had one too many at the pub and fallen asleep on the train. I think the driver was marginally more embarrassed than I was - I didn’t tell him I was staff!
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