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  1. Chris, The Kirk range does (did?) include a push pull brake as seen here on Gresley Jn. I got the sides and ends for this from Coopercraft in the days when he was ignoring web sales but if you rang up and begged him then he would send you stuff he had in stock. The rest was from my ‘Kirk parts drawer’. As others have alluded, push pulls are a minefield. There was a good article by Steve Banks in Model Rail Nov 2005 as part of his ‘Eastern Secondary Services in Transition’ series. These are all a good read and recommended if you can get hold of them. I have a spare of the Nov 2005 Push pull article. If you want it, PM me your postal address. Andy
  2. John, I can’t believe that I’ve missed this thread until now - especially as Gresley Jn/ Coulsdon Works are mentioned from time to time. Anyway, I have a D.242 built from Kirk and MJT bits. I acquired this from Expo EM in Bracknell as part of a job lot of half completed Kirk kits in P4. What had been built was very nicely done. I finished it off and converted It to 00. It came with the MJT underframe so I left it as is, even though for Gresley Jn (i.e. the GN) I should probably have one of the earlier D.124/126 type with truss rods. The door handrails are Hornby removed from a 61ft donor vehicle. Andy
  3. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. Our club hasn’t suffered any yet, but many are in the vulnerable category, so I fear the worst for the future. I agree that no exhibitions are likely before a vaccine (or a better way of treating the disease). That may take longer than people currently assume, but we will get there and exhibitions will happen again in (relative) safety. On the bright side, I have had a couple of new members contacting me for our club. I think they have got into modelling during lockdown and are looking for a club to help them take it further. I haven’t met them yet (we’re still shut but reopening next week in a limited numbers socially distanced way) but I think they may be younger blood returning to the hobby which is good news for the future. Andy
  4. That’s an inspirational tale and what a great experience to be able to share with your father. While my dad encouraged me early on and bought me my first train set aged 7, later on he thought I should have ‘grown out of it’ and never approved of my real railway career either!
  5. The Klondike is almost finished. It sill needs some detailing. I’m going to add a brass smokebox door dart as this was bulled up for the railtour, so it will stand out. And it needs some ‘wiggly pipes’ around the cylinders. But other than that, I think it’s finished cosmetically - feel free to shout if I’ve missed something obvious (apart from the paint!). Running wise it was very hesitant, but I’ve added tender pick ups and it now seems OK. But it’s got a tight spot which affects the low speed running and needs attention. I think this is caused by the coupling rods being not quite the right length. The holes for the crankpins were too large and I had to solder on a washer behind to bring this down to size - I may have to tweak the positioning of that washer. I just have to wait for the loft to cool down so I can do some investigation. I’ve only done a couple of tests but it will pull 13 Bachmann Mark 1s with some slipping - not bad for a little Victorian engine. Andy
  6. Andrew, It would be a tragedy if LSGC were never exhibited again. Surely when exhibitions start again there will be a market for layouts like that. Andy
  7. Running through the full sequence in Gresley Jn made me realise that I don’t have enough mundane locos for all those suburban services. So I helped myself to a Hornby B1, 61032, when they were going cheap and it has become 61097. I spent some time trying to understand different smokebox doors on B1s and came to the conclusion that either there is no difference between 61097’s and 61032’s or that I am too unobservant to spot what the difference is. Either way, I can live with this renumbering so here she is. This is ‘inspired by’ a photo in The Power of the B1s (no page numbers but just over half way through) of this loco emerging from Potters Bar tunnel with the first three coaches being a Thompson ‘S’ and a Gresley D.210 twin as in my photo. You may remember photos from this angle when I was running through the sequence had a view of my fiddle yard in the background like this. Since then I’ve painted a slab of plywood with a Sky scene to act as a back scene which I think works quite well - probably need to do some more work on the lighting though. When not in use as a back scene it drops down to form a facia board for the layout. Andy
  8. I’ll be boring and go for Brighton again.
  9. I’ve been mulling this and Glasgow Central, Hull and Brighton are my main contenders. I’ll put in a provisional vote for Brighton but reserve the right to change it later.
  10. Clive, I'm well aware of the link between your Sheffield Exchange and KX. Of course you took the 'easy' option in modelling the 1977 layout with its (more) standard point work. I believe that the earlier layout is achievable using mainly Peco products. I drew up this plan of the throat using the Anyrail software and standard Peco points and I think it's a pretty good likeness - not one for the rivet counters but it is 'OO'! Some manipulation of points (in the Graham Nicholas way) would be necessary, but I had to do that on Gresley Jn so it doesn't phase me. Building my own points sounds a bit scary so I'd want to keep that to a minimum. I may have posted this on here before, but as it would be 1000ish pages back by now, I hope nobody minds me posting it again. I need to finish Gresley Jn. first, but I'm hoping work will start on this in a couple of years. I agree with you about the fiddle yard. Some sort of traverser may be necessary. But I'm also thinking about following your approach on Sheffield Exchange and having it feed a large loop - possibly in the garden - with the trains returning to KX directly. The main problem with this is that the carriage formations would be the wrong way round half the time! Andy
  11. I agree. I particularly like the way they move through time as the sequence progresses. Starting with steam and ending with Westerns etc.
  12. King’s Cross for me. The sight and sound of Deltics under that roof is what got me hooked on trains.
  13. I like the idea of looking in but in 4mm that would leave a very small range of optimum viewing heights. I can see it would work better in 7mm. Liverpool Lime St is an inspiration to me. I agree that the scenery dominates to some extent but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing especially as being a terminus the train action is quite well spaced. It’s not like a roundy roundy where trains can be kept running all the time. I’ve only seen it once at Warley 2018 and I spent a good hour watching it completely hooked on the setting, the trains and the prototypical timetable - fantastic! Andy
  14. Rolling back sound a little too technical for me. But lifting out is certainly something I’m considering. It would double up as a very elaborate dust cover!
  15. An A1 is the obvious choice. Since rectified with Tornado but still a glaring omission.
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