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  1. Next up was more a comment than a question. I note you were having problems with the power inrush on starting up. I have not experienced this with my NCE PowerCab (on my 00 layout) but I have had power drops such that certain locos or accessories don’t work properly. I solved this by adding a Tam Valley 5A booster but as I’m currently starting in O gauge I am quite worried about power requirements. So I bought one of the DCC Concepts Alpha Meters. I have found this very useful in understanding power requirements. On my OO layout I note the amp draw on startup is about 1.5 Amps dropping to about 1 Amp after a couple of minutes but with no trains running. I can isolate power districts in turn to understand which have the biggest power draw. The Alpha Meter won’t solve any problems but it does allow accurate diagnosis and in this game, I think that ‘knowledge is power’, so it might be worth investing in one if you’re still having any problems. As with many DCC Concepts products, they’re not cheap, but it is a nice piece of kit. No connection…just a satisfied customer. Regards Andy
  2. First question is about DCC sound for your 37s. You described the speaker and sound file arrangements for your 20s in some detail but not for the 37s….unless I missed it. it would be helpful to know whose sound projects you use in your 37s. A lot of people seem to like the legomanbiffo projects which I’m tempted by but I’m normally a Zimo user so, other things being equal, I’d rather stick with a Zimo supplier. Speaker wise, you seem to rate the EM2 which I could easily fit in in O gauge - could probably manage an EM3. Any others you particularly rate? Regards Andy
  3. Hi Rob, I’ve just finished wading my way through the 46 pages of your thread. It’s wonderful stuff and your layout is truly inspiring. It’s more like one of the American system layouts than anything usually seen in this country. Congratulations! I have built up a few questions which I largely resisted asking as I went through in case they had already been asked, so I will fire away now if that’s OK. Andy
  4. I’m continuing my tour through this thread and came to the exchange on class 27s on the WHL. My first and only experience of them was later in the week on that same trip in 1983 and it gives me an excuse to show another of my pictures if that trip! We stayed in Oban on the night of 12/8 arriving with 37081, so we were surprised to come out the following morning to be greeted with this sight on the 0740 to Glasgow. I seem to remember being a little disappointed at the time as I was (and still am) mainly an EE fan, but I enjoyed the run and I’m really pleased to have experienced it now. 27051 will be the 27 on my layout when Heljan release it.
  5. Given the weight of o gauge coaches, I doubt it would manage 30!
  6. Hi Rob and others, Thanks for the confirmation. I may just have to go earlier for my 37051, but it would be nice to put a Scottie dog on, so I may choose a different example. Heljan don’t seem to have done a skirtless split box yet and while I readily hack 4mm locos around, I’m more reluctant when they cost £500+! I don’t have my own WHL or photo thread, so I’ll dribble a few out on here if that’s OK. They all have to be scanned in from prints so it will take a few days. Regards Andy
  7. I’m slowly working my way through this fantastic thread and I’ve got to the pictures above of my favourite 37, 37051. I’m surprised by your assertion that she stayed with black dominos and buffer skirts until late 1984 as I have the picture below taken on my first trip to Mallaig on 8/8/83 which I’m 99% sure is 37051. I know that 37051 hauled me from Glasgow (with assistance from 20045 to Tulloch) and this is the return working although we caught the ferry to Kyle so I didn’t travel back with her. I'm converting my Heljan class 37 to 37051 and I’d like an excuse to leave her with skirts, so I’d be grateful if you could point me in the right direction for any evidence to support the late 1984 date as I’d love to be proved wrong! Ps. I have more photos from that trip if you’re interested. Andy
  8. I haven’t made much progress in finishing off the first half of the quad art but four days in a B&B gave me time to put together the sides fir the other half of the train. Here they are after sticking together and sorting out all the beading etc. and now in teak basecoat (aka Halfords filler primer). Regards Andy
  9. I think the V2 looks great but I shall decline for the time being as I refuse to pay over £200 for a RTR 00 loco. Call me tight if you like but the way things are going, if this sells well then the next one will be nearer £300. I make an exception for kits - I can’t build them quickly enough to seriously dent my wallet but buying RTR is just too easy! Andy
  10. I have just bought a Heljan class 37 and now need to add a sound chip. This will be my first O gauge diesel, although I have fitted a lot of kit built steam locos with Zimo MX645s with no problem. I thought I’d resurrect this thread rather than start a new one. I understand that the Heljan power draw is too high for something like a 645 and I probably need to go for a loksound XL or equivalent. My preference would be to use Zimo if possible as that’s what I have done for 90% of my sound chips so far and I like the active drive which Youchoos supply. So I’m thinking of using a Zimo MX696 or MX699. Heljan suggest using a loksound so am I setting myself up for problems in using a Zimo? And would this be a lot more difficult to fit than a Loksound? Do people see any other problems with the Zimo approach? Thanks in advance for any help. Andy
  11. It’s good Gilbert and certainly shows off your station buildings. But for me the best view is down trains departing taken from the bridge at the North end.
  12. I don’t know much about the Western, but I thought they were mainly passenger engines!
  13. Tony, This is my Jamieson V2. The body came off ebay half built and with no chassis. The Comet chassis was a separate ebay purchase which came barely working with a Bachmann body. I painted it myself and chose 60800 on Headstock’s advice as it was one of the few which hauled this sort of tender in the early ‘50s. Regards Andy
  14. Yes please. I’m hoping to build a model of Glenfinnan station and viaduct in O gauge in my garden. I know Dawson Hill did some o gauge stuff so I’m pleased to hear that at least part of the partnership might still be operational. I’ll PM you. Andy
  15. I love the look of the station building and looked up Dawson Hall but can’t find any reference online. Have they ceased trading? Apologies if this has been covered later, I’ve just started wading through the thread from the beginning having dipped in before. Regards Andy
  16. On the issue of masks, I find it very unpleasant to wear one for long periods of time. I don’t mind for a 15 minutes trip round a shop or 30 mins on a train and I do so. But I wouldn’t want to wear one all day at an exhibition. It would certainly put me off going if I had to. I’ve been to three exhibitions in the last month, Bexhill, Chester Cathedral and the SVR O gauge event. All recommended/ requested mask wearing for attendees although the Bexhill show at which I was exhibiting left it to exhibitors (as opposed to visitors) choice. For that show I wore one in the public areas but not behind the layout. For the other two I started off wearing one, but once I realised I was in a small minority I took it off. I can’t see the point of wearing one if very few others are doing so as they clearly don’t care and it’s for their benefit, not mine. As for risk, I’m confident that my double jab will stop me getting seriously ill should I catch Covid and the same is true for nearly all vaccinated people. That could change if some new killer variant arrives but we should get some warning of that. I feel sorry for those who are immune compromised or particularly vulnerable in some other way but they will have to be careful whatever the rest of society does. I’m not at all sorry for those who have refused the vaccine who make up a large share of those currently in ICU. So my view is that life must go on and I’m enjoying being allowed back out again. I suspect that I’m at much less risk of serious harm from Covid now than I will be from flu in six months time, so I’m going to make hay while the sun shines! Andy
  17. Nice photos. thanks for sharing. I also like the way you’ve blended your OO layout into the garden. Andy
  18. I actually got two boards worth of track laid on Monday as shown here. The straight board is wired as well. The boards are connected with dowels and sprung clips. I’m working on a buzz wire connected between the boards using the sprung clips with the wire tucked in under the clips. I’m not sure whether this will work over 13 baseboards but it will make life simpler so fingers crossed. Each piece of track is connected to the buzz. Any thoughts welcome. finally I’ve sorted the baseboard storage with thanks to fellow club member Peter who helped me rig up the fixing brackets. They all fit neatly on the garage wall.
  19. Richard, I enjoyed reading through your progress with my 2-4-2T. That is an ingenious dodge on the cab fitting. It was that problem which made me put it in the too difficult box! You’ve made a really good job of it and it seems to run beautifully as well. Did you use the rather dodgy chassis I provided? I'm glad the N5 overlays worked. I was rather proud of that idea even if I didn’t manage to follow it through. With regards to painting of things like the safety valves. My approach if I don’t know, is to paint it my best guess colour and stick a photo on here. Some people (one in particular in my case but no names!) are generally much better at telling you that you’ve got something wrong after you’ve done it than helping in advance. Look on the time to repaint as equivalent to a little bit of research! Regards Andy
  20. Thanks, I've just rediscovered your thread so I’m working my way through the build. Andy
  21. I think you’re right. But I also like the idea of the trains being in amongst the plants for a (rather overscale) backscene. I will build mine at low level and may raise it later when I get confidence in the running abilities. I am making slow progress. All the woodwork is completed and I’m laying track on the first board today. More photos soon. Andy
  22. Richard, That looks stunning - much prettier than my dirty BR black example! Did you use the creased brass tank overlays? If so you’ve done of straightening them up! Did you do the lining by hand - looks great. Andy
  23. I had a few days away ‘mum sitting’ last week and managed to get a few hours in on the O gauge quad art while she was napping. It’s now looking like a train but still with lots of work to go. I though I had broken the back of the job when I finished gluing together and painting the sides but takes a long time putting it all together. I’ll take it to the club tomorrow night to test the gaps on the curves before I decide which gap works best. Then there’s plenty of work on the underframe and the roof rain strips. Oh… and the small matter of the other four coaches! Andy
  24. I agree with those examples and the small Sulzers were also good. However, there were too many duds and over weight outdated designs (40s and peaks). Some duds are to be expected. The big problem was the speed we went from pilot scene locos to production not giving time to weed out the duds. I’m glad we went British. If we hadn’t we wouldn’t have had wonders such as the Deltics and the great variety of diesel traction which made 1970s/80s train spotting so rewarding and I probably wouldn’t be in the hobby. Andy
  25. Sort of, but a double slip also allows straight over movement without the reverse curve. Something I think is very useful in (for example) tight station throats.
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