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    Planes trains & automobiles. So long as there old. Well made & fun to drive! Rebuilding a victorian house at the moment. Will be modeling again as soon as I've got the railway room finished.

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  1. What no products yet! Only joking. I would like some tea chests as I think there marvelous. Great idea. Though I'm some way off needing them yet.
  2. http://www.lostrailwayswestyorkshire.co.uk/leeds%20new%20line%203.htm Or if that doesn't work try the index below and navigate to it manually. http://www.lostrailwayswestyorkshire.co.uk/index.htm
  3. For more detailed information and a map http://www.lostrailwayswestyorkshire.co.uk/leeds%20new%20line%203.htm New pic's added to post above as it was easier than trying to get the editor to work here. Walked from Royds park to Heckmondwike. Parking can be challenging but fortunatley the doctors surgery next to the park was closed this morning so I parked in there. Sorry, link works first time for me! Just google "Lostrailwayswestyorkshire.co.uk" and navigate to it manually.
  4. There are modelers and there are artists. I think you fall into the latter. I see you have great skill in painting your models. Thanks for sharing. I need all the help I can get!
  5. L&Y

    DC or DCC?

    I used to have a large loft layout that was run on Hornbys old Zero 1 system. It worked pretty well and I wonder if Hornbys marketing and launch hadn't been so botched the revolution may have come sooner. But the additional cost of the chips and sound rule out DCC for me for now. I'm far more interested in battery power and live locomotives as that seems more prototypical and removes the risk of a dirty wheel bringing everything to an unscheduled halt.
  6. Very neat work. I'm really jealous. Just got the gas back on with the pipes replaced. Will be another month before I've got the kitchen back in commission and I can get back on with my baseboard construction. Keep it up. Ten minutes looking at this keeps me sane.... If this is as good as your rolling stock it will be a belter.
  7. You have a similar space to me. I have reduced width a little as Im not comfortable to reach over 2'6" when the layout is high enough to look right. I can't work out you plan from the photos. Are you intending to use Peco Points? Try sketching your plan in scarm or even drawing it and scanning it then you will probably get more replies.
  8. L&Y

    O gauge adventure.

    Just adding the track plan. It's not yet perfect but probably good enough to work from. The tandem is just two points on top of each other and that will do as a template. If I get the chance. Say I'm sick for a week I will attempt to do it properly. But in the time it takes to work it out I could probably have made the thing! There is plenty of timber shoving and some check rails that need lengthening. But honestly I actually want to get on and build the thing. Templot is a great program and It's well worth investing some time in getting into it. I can now finish the boards. The sector plate is top left. Hidden by the mill or factory. A large warehouse and loading bay off the siding straight off it. Then the space in the middle front will be at a lower level. Buildings. Arches or something! I haven't worked out how to do shape files yet in Templot. Life is short. West Riding in feel. Probably around 1930 ish. But disaster. The kitchen floor has started to break up so I have to break off fun stuff for awhile and do loads of work on a new kitchen as the whole floor must come up. And that means ripping out the kitchen. Old gas pipes to replace. You name it. The joys of an old house. So this is still a slow burner. But in amongst It will continue to make slow progress. Next two more boards to make and a banner plan to print so I know what I'm doing.
  9. Just keeps getting better. Can't wait to see it with the sky added. Fantastic job.
  10. It wouldn't be a huge job to double the stretchers and turn them into beams. The sides would turn into H section or at least L section. It does add to the expense but having once built a layout that had to be scrapped due to warping and sagging I now go the other way and build boards that are probably ridiculously strong. And well. Not exactly featherweight. You can laugh at me humping them about but they will survive being driven over. Just nervous too that your boards will be stiff enough for the job. You build amazing models. Wouldn't like to see it broken up before its time.
  11. Just a photo of two of the far end of the Spen Valley Ringway. I was planning to walk in from the Walkley Lane end. Heckmondwike. Unfortunatley this end is pretty overgrown and rather muddy so ended up walking the other direction onto the Greenway. The L&Y line. Though in summer and without small children I think it would be passable. Still got a couple of pics of the bridge at Walkley Lane. Will add to this when I go back to walk the rest from the other end if anyones interested. Nothing very recent on the web and was wondering what state it was in. http://www.forgottenrelics.co.uk/bridges/heckmondwike.html Have always wanted to walk this bit. Kids really enjoy these kind of walks as you never quite know what you will find. Bridge at Walkley Lane. As promised a few more photos of the LNWR Leeds new line and in particular Heckmondwike cutting. I really like this bit of railway. Fantastic stone work that you can't get a cigerette paper inbetween. Some of the block measure over 3' X 2'. Heaven knows how they moved them. Highly recommended for a railway walk. Perhaps my modelling would be better after a gallon of beer. It worked for the Navies who built this lot!
  12. L&Y

    O gauge adventure.

    A little progress. After the mother of all colds and associated asthma there has been a break in production. Finished the first board off this afternoon. Detail of corner. They are pretty heavy though not ridiculously. The advantage is they wont sway about if knocked. Especially on steel trestles. At least it is square and warp proof. Before I can make the next one I must finalize the track plan so the joints are in the right place. I had a simple plan for plain track work. But when not well enough to work on the boards I had a play with Templot and have come up with two more versions of the same that are arguably more flowing. I also want to restrict the length to 11' so that it can be assembled in the shed if necessary. So it's back to Templot now.
  13. Yes thanks I worked that out now. There's a world of advice in the Templot club under baffled beginners. Which for some reason I had missed. Have gone back and built a simple track plan. St Ives. And learned quite a bit from doing it. So will have a go at the Y next. Love it.
  14. Thanks for the speedy reply. And for your amazing program. I had another go tonight and got further. It's just use in the end. Will go through that carefully and see if things become clearer! If all else fails I can use kits for those two and build the rest from scratch. It will still look a lot better with a gentle curve.
  15. If I was your neighbor you'd have to kick me out of there! Beautiful inspirational modelling. Never give up.
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