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  1. Thank you Phil for the instructions all arrived okay by email
  2. Thanks I can see only one page see my return message
  3. Please can anyone help I need a copy of the instructions for a Nu Cast Sentinel-Cammel Railcar Kit.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Two sheets would be more than enough so costs outweigh benefits from National suppliers for a full pack. I will try local modellers clubs maybe someone has some leftovers that I could buy.
  5. Does anyone know where to buy Dow floormate 50mm by the sheet in the Teesside / North Yorkshire area?
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    Thank you Arthur for your response. It's a great shame such a fine looking layout isn't around and unlucky for me not to have seen it. It's a great inspiration for me looking to get back into modelling after too many years away. Have you considered selling the remaining sections?
  7. desktop


    Found this article when Googling 'Middleton in Teesdale railway' with a view to modelling it in 00. What a fine layout, Is it still around?
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