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  1. Good Afternoon All, With several models on the go/getting close to the painting stage, some of which will need lining I thought I'd start a thread for some comments/thoughts for currently available tools for the job - I'm particularly interested in peoples views/reccomendations on air brushes and Lining Pens/Sets. I appreciate it's a bit on an open ended question, and everyone will have their own opinions but figured it would be a good topic for discussion. I have a basic setup at the moment with a small air compressor and PremiAir G35 Airbrush which I have
  2. Good Afternoon, Im currently in the process of finishing a 7mm kit for a J79 and looking at the livery I might finish the model in. On the basis that I normally model the Eastern Region Early BR period, it would make sense for me to finish the J79 in an industrial Livery as finishing it in LNER would put it out of place with the rest of my collection. It would also perhaps give an excuse for an industrial line on any future layout. Having done some research during the build, it was evident 1 of the 3 J79s was sold off to British Sugar at Cantley, however I h
  3. Good Afternoon, I'm after some advice in regards to parting with a layout. Due to space, time, commitment and larger scale interests the time has come for me to part with my exhibition Layout Potterbourne. This post is not meant to be an "Ad" by any means or ways, and if it comes across in such a way I am happy for the post to be taken down/removed. Having not been in this situation before, I am solely after some advice from fellow modellers on: a. The best place to list/advertise a layout. b. How you value a layout in respects to selling it.
  4. Good Morning All. Sorry to bump this one back up, but my friend is now looking to get the main platform starting signal constructed along with the main home signal. Unfortunately I have lost the most recent drawing for what we think is correct arrangement for these signals but in short. Starter Signal. As previously drawn above, 4 main arms, 2 for each platform indicating either the branch or main has been set for the train along with two shunting signals. One to facilitate shunting on the branch and the other to facilitate shunting onto the main. Home Signal. A little differ
  5. Good Afternoon All, I'm currently in the process of moving, and during this time I've took some time out to reflect on my layout PotterBourne and its future. ​For those of you who remember and for the benefit of those that don't, Potterbourne was started a mere 9 years ago on the old forum shown in the link below. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=27913 Over the following years, I went on to exhibit the layout at various shows around the country with a group of local modellers where I discovered the various delights of exhibiting, something which I do miss fr
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for your bump! Things are still progressing at there usual rate of all or nothing! I haven't really done a great deal in 2mm recently but the layout has progressed a little bit since the last update so I'll try and dig out some pictures. The layout was built inside a cameo style box and some more ballasting and weathering was completed. Unfortunately, as I was testing things further, it appeared where I have thinned the ply to suit the depth of the bridge the ply has some what warped a little, and I fear enough to cause somewhat problems with the tolerances in 2mm. Since t
  7. Thanks for the reply again Chris So do you think the home signal the correct arrangement?
  8. Thanks 28xx - I am only planning on using one Analogue DC Controller or one DCC Controller. It is just to allow flexibility for other people to run their stock on the layout. I had planned to fuse them individually inside the box as I appreciated I could not rely on the fuse in the plug. Would I need to use say a 5A for the Plug and 3A for the individual channels to avoid the weakest fuse blowing first as if I used 3A inside and 3A in the plug I presume this would be the outcome? I presume there is no reason these could not be done with panel mounted holders either? Perhaps on the a differ
  9. Good Evening, I am currently designing how I am going to wire up a new 7mm layout - As part of this I would like to build a floor standing power supply unit with one 230V plug with various power rating outputs, which then has a single multicore lead that connects to the layout. This keeps the mains power separate from the layout, reduces the overall layout weight and also allowing it to be used with other layouts in the future. In doing so, I am looking at building a self enclosed metal box which which will contain panel mounted transformers to give these various outputs. I appreci
  10. Taking everyone's comments into consideration and to perhaps give something for others to work or comment on, I have had a go at adding signalling to the original plan. This is only a first, rough attempt, and appreciate it doesn't include an outer home or Outer Starter/Section Signal on the main branch. I have designed the Starting Signal on those based at Exmouth, but have also seen a different arrangement at Halwill Junction, where both platforms have there own bracket signal with two arms - Essentially the same as Exmouth but split into two. My biggest concern is the Home s
  11. Thanks for all your replies - I've tried to reply to everyone's comments Thanks for your feedback for the starting arms, out of interest do you know any other locations other than Exmouth that had similar signalling or would show these style signals? The branch will disappear not to far past the point work, hence the thought process of not needing or trying to cram in a home. The branch will mainly be worked on the basis of Push Pull rolling stock, with perhaps the odd small freight or normal passenger working. Whether this would then be shunt released from the bay or whe
  12. Good Evening All, I have recently been working on a new 7mm Southern Branch Line Terminus with a junction off to another branch. Having completed most of the track work and fitted all the point motors, the next task is wire the layout up and test it functionally. However, after this we'd like to turn out attention to signalling so we can get a rough idea of where they need to be mounted, where point rodding will be required and running cables to operate them before progressing with any scenic work. Unfortunately, signalling isn't really mine or my friends strong point so we could do with s
  13. Good Evening, I just thought I'd start a new topic to show you what I have been working on recently, and for any feedback on what other people think of the plan and for some guidance on a few finishing touches for this design. I have recently been working on a project with a friend of mine, who has recently started out in 7mm. As you will see from the attached photos. The project consists of two parts; a permanent fixed running loop with fiddle yard and a integrated layout that has been designed to exhibit. The outside loop, which contains a double slip, two points and a passing loop on on
  14. Good Evening, I'm looking towards my next project, which may be a small 7mm Cameo Style Layout. Currently, I plan one of the main features to be a mill/maltings or a building of similar descrpit to mask the sector plate fiddle yard. I'm currently trying to gather a collection of photographs which will help me to design a similar building which is either based on a particular or incorporates a few prototype buildings. The hardest part I think will be coming up with a design that is substantial enough to disguise the sector plate but not so obtrusive that it will ruin a small country based E
  15. josh993

    Dapol 08

    On the back of this, does anyone know what height the BR Black numbers are so I can sort out some for mine!
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