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  1. Hi Mike do you remember when I picked up my LNWR Jubilee from Laurie Griffin a few years ago and an American guy asked if he could hold it I just politely made an excuse
  2. Inspered by Mike Osburnes posts I've opened the boxes of some LNWR wagon kits that I have and possibly have them ready for a scale 7 meeting later this year at Mark ( hope that's right) The Precursor tank came to a halt a few years ago so I'm going to finish that as well John
  3. Precursor tank drifts down a branch into the setting sun with a light goods John
  4. Hi I've painted the W irons brakes etc this really is a delightfully nice model and Colin is on the veranda
  5. Hi Mike I still go cycling in Spain every year it ain't over till it's over
  6. Having just been reading Mike Osbournes posts of late I have been getting on with three of these I have a few models that need finishing and these are rather nice
  7. Looking good Mike maybe I should have a go at something like this I do like the older wagons John
  8. Hi Mike thank you I'm going to do two of the brake vans in that livery and yes the Parlimentry wagons do look good
  9. hi Mike a couple of your wagon kits that I did John
  10. Hi I've clearly missed something but could you tell me who makes the kits for the early coaches Regard John
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