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  1. Have you tried running it upside down to see if all the wheels are concentric? If they're not I'd be returning it for a replacement.
  2. They really don't have a choice in the matter. What problems are you having?
  3. Hi All Does anyone know what has happened to the range of 009 kits produced by Nigel Lawton? The website is still live but everything is showing as out of stock.
  4. Could you consider a removable one that can be put in place when you're operating and remove to clear the window when you're not?
  5. By far the easiest way would be to drill out the centre of your proposed window and then file the opening to the shape and size that you want. Alternatively you could drill the four corners and use a piercing saw but that would be a bit tricky on something so small. There's always a danger of the plastic cracking if you try to cut it, As the blade goes through it puts stress on the corners of the opening.
  6. Have as look at MJT parts on here
  7. Tortoises are guaranteed for life - not that I know anyone who's had a failure.
  8. Try moving your post to the German Railway forum. You'll get a better response.
  9. I always use Evo Stick. It's always quiet.....until you ballast it. The sound is transmitted through any underlay if you fix the track with pins. Glueing it keeps it isolated but as soon as you apply PVA to fix the ballast you immediately bond everything solidly together again. Thankfully fiddle yards don't generally need ballasting. Some modellers reckon cutting holes in the side frames reduce noise slightly as it reduces the sound box effect but I've not tried it.
  10. Are you sure you need to replace the existing chassis? These are generally reliable units and Bachmann's spares service in - in my experience - very good.
  11. It's worth considering turning dc off in cv29 and removing any tv suppressant capacitors that are factory fitted to the chassis. Both will smooth out operation massively.
  12. This a great little tool - thanks 2mm Assosiation. If you never intend to run the model on a dc layout turn dc off in cv29 and you'll almost guarantee to improve running.
  13. If you end up drawing a blank I have a couple of spare new ds10s.
  14. One thing that I've experienced with Peco points is power not getting through the pivot joint between the point blade and the closure rail. If you have access to a meter check the continuity through from the stock rail through the point blade, then the closure rail. Because the closure rail is hard wired you may find that the switch blade is failing to pick up power either from the stock rail or the closure rail.
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