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  1. I love Awdry based layouts and will be following this one with interest!
  2. This definitely has possibilities. The switchback could serve as an engine servicing facility or somesuch. If it's to be an industry, alot of interesting switching could be done as the loco would be in the middle. Are you using all Peco track?
  3. I love the Turntable. Really effective use of space
  4. http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPicture.aspx?id=2819449 is a North American example. There isn't much in the UK that resembles it. But since I know that there was some Alco switchers that were exported,adding a set of buffers on to a Lima Plymouth isnt a huge stretch.
  5. Excellent suggestions. The plan is a little bit misleading because it uses PECO turnouts and I bashed some Atlas wants together to give me a little bit more room. It will take a locomotive and at least two possibly three vans. Plus technically that's the main line to my fiddle yard so it is extendable if need be. I do intend to add an exchange siding bought an extension and I'll probably put the engine shed their. The biggest problem with putting a turnout on the curve is it's a seven and a half inch radius so it's either a hand lay or a somewhat unreliable matching turn out for the track LOL.
  6. It's basically a Plymouth MDT model with a slightly extended front platform. I haven't been able to find anything exactly like it but there are some similar locomotives out there. It is mostly a North American prototype but there's no saying that one couldn't have made its way across the pond.
  7. Here's something completely different... Completely self contained (you didn't mention era or anything). Two storage tracks for a goods and passenger train if you wish. Possibly a Pannier/Autocoach combo. The headshunt will take an 0-4-0 and 2 wagons. Goods trains have to push out as there's no runaround... but the switching is facing point anyway. There could either be a couple of small industries and a goods shed/track or a slightly larger industry requiring 2 tracks. Is there space beyond the 800mm for a fiddle yard/stick or is 800mm the max length?
  8. Actually... I can. I use the actual loop as a runaround loop at the "end of the line" to reverse the train and shunt the goods/cattle siding. The facing point (Dairy) siding is shunted on "the way back" as it were, so it's trailing point. Absolute worst case scenario, if something has to be run to the end of the line from there, I'll simply push it ahead of the loco . Ian, I will say as well, your blog is an inspiration, I've got it bookmarked. I've got a John Bull and a Norris and a love for early railways. There's a very real possibility of the 1840's making a visit to th
  9. Long time lurker/member. I've long been a fan of small layouts and Carl Arendt's site. I've also loved the layouts posted here and elsewhere. Recently, the Budget Model Railways channel on youtube showed a small 00 gauge layout with 7.5in Radius curves. I had amongst my collection a loop of old Eldon 7.5"Radius brass track so I thought I'd see what I can do. I've modeled North American prototypes most of my life, but I also have an interest in the North Western Railway as a prototype (yes... Thomas) as well as British railways in general. Track is a mix of Atlas
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