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    Modelling in 00 Gauge: Scotrail, Intercity etc. I am modelling a Scottish theme based loosely around Waverley Station in Edinburgh, set in the late 1980's, early 1990's
    I am the owner of Dean Park Station (search it on youtube).

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  1. It’s not the cost... both will be fairly well matched in terms of price. It’s the extra detail I go for. We have about a year to wait for these models to appear. Plenty of time to save up the extra few £’s (if required) for Champagne :-)
  2. Some interesting points there and indeed in this whole thread. Different opinions and respectful debate are good for the hobby. I am also the author of the ‘who wants a new class 91’ thread on rmweb. So I’ve a passion for this project. I’ve banged the drum for years for someone to do a new 91/mk4 product. Back in 2016 Hornby said in a magazine interview that the class91 lost out to the class 87. They had ‘considered’ the 91, but decided that the 87 was a more viable option for them to develop. ‘Considered’ the 91.... that’s very different to starting developing a class 9
  3. I eventually went in to the ECoS and turned off the "M4 Protocol" which allowed me to address the decoders manually, as the ECoS wanted to autmatically pick up the decoders as two separate trains! With the directional thing I changed a CV in one car to switch the direction.
  4. Hi, thanks for that. What is the development car? lol. I will get the catalogue and all will hopefully be explained.
  5. Hi, Firstly, what an exciting line up for 2020 (and more than likely into 2021). I was very excited to see a Buffer fitted HST in my beloved Swallow livery. I am also extremely pleased to see a full rake of individually numbered/lettered MK3 in Swallow to match the powers. I spoke to Simon about the need for full rakes and he agreed with me that modellers want to have realistic rakes, so thank you Simon for listening. ;-) GREAT to see the MK3 DVT in Swallow return as well. That should knock the wind out of the second hand market which saw these changing hands fo
  6. Right folks - HELP! please! lol I got a 156 from Charlie. Sound fitted. Firstly, what decoder is in them? I tested it on my mates track, it worked a treat. He uses the ECoS command station. I take it home to mine, I put it on the track and my identical ECoS command station to my mates behaved diferently! It started to display a small green bar with 'M4' written in it. It was like a battery icon, showing the charge. After two to three minutes the icon filled with green and TWO separate addresses for the loco appeared on the ECoS display scr
  7. Hi Clive, sorry to ask another question, but that diagram had struts at the end shown in blue coming down to support the horizontal wire. What does that look like from the end elevation? Struggling to find an example of it. Do the struts come from each side of the portal lattice and meet in a type of inverted triangle design, where they connect to and support the wire? any photos of these guys greatly appreciated:-) Thanks Dave
  8. I assume this type of mast would be okay for high speed main lines?! Or would they be head span?
  9. Hi Clive. That diagram is exactly what I had in mind, similar but. I exactly the same as the photo I took on Wednesday. Behind me was the Edinburgh Waverley canopy/roof. Your diagrams for the mk3a headspans were a crucial for me when building my own ones. Ill certainly be having a good think about your diagram and perhaps modifying the nbrass portals to model these. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi Clive I’m using head-spans on my Dean Park station layout. It’s based on the ECML in late 1980’s/early 90’s. Ive got a stretch of track (about 3m) where putting in the Mk3a Dapol masts would be tight. As I will have a retaining wall dropping away at oNe side to track lower down and a depot at the other side. Check the layout out on YouTube to get an idea. my question is... were single masted OHLE structures as in the photo used in the early days of the ECML or are these designs more modern? The photo was taken at Edinburgh in October 2019. I
  11. HERE IT IS! The AMAZING Cavalex 3D CAD Renders of the 91/0 and 91/1. The images look really promising! This is set to be a stunner! Check out more at
  12. Highlights for me? The Large Logo 47/7 Greyfriars Bobby 47435 In BR Blue....please come with the high intensity lamp? Class 150 in Prov livery with passengers MK1 BG Scotrail - will this be a blue stripe Scotrail or Blue Grey with Scotrail branding? MK2 FK and TSO Scotrail, again, in what livery? Glad there is nothing else I 'need' or want this year. My wallet is still bare from 2017-18. Not much else to say really, but whats with the Class 66 wars? Hattons, Hornby and now Bachmann all duplicating models/liveries....just how popular do these manufactures think the 66
  13. I still believe Hornby will do it. Back in 2016 when they announced the Class 87 they were quoted as saying that the 87 just beat the Class 91 in that decision. So the 91 is on their radar and 30 years on from their first efforts I believe its nearly time. Some one is going to do it! If Hornby can niche locos such as the 71 etc then surely a widely known and iconic east coast machine such as the 91 and mk4 stock must be near (or at?) the top of the list by now?? I live in hope!
  14. Hi I think there is a market for the for a new 91,MK4 coaches and MK4 DVT. There is a lack of class 91's on the exhibition circuit. Maybe because the current model is so unimpressive and dated no one has one. It is 30 years old. The appearance of the coaches is 'ok' but the loco is a toy. The motor is so basic and noisy. Its not a good model at all. Lack of exposure of the loco at shows may, I think it has something to do with up until now the infrastructure to add masts etc has been limited. That is all changing with the arrival of the Peco masts and wires, and also wit
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