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    Modelling in 00 Gauge: Scotrail, Intercity etc. I am modelling a Scottish theme based loosely around Waverley Station in Edinburgh, set in the late 1980's, early 1990's
    I am the owner of Dean Park Station (search it on youtube).

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  1. It’s not the cost... both will be fairly well matched in terms of price. It’s the extra detail I go for. We have about a year to wait for these models to appear. Plenty of time to save up the extra few £’s (if required) for Champagne :-)
  2. Some interesting points there and indeed in this whole thread. Different opinions and respectful debate are good for the hobby. I am also the author of the ‘who wants a new class 91’ thread on rmweb. So I’ve a passion for this project. I’ve banged the drum for years for someone to do a new 91/mk4 product. Back in 2016 Hornby said in a magazine interview that the class91 lost out to the class 87. They had ‘considered’ the 91, but decided that the 87 was a more viable option for them to develop. ‘Considered’ the 91.... that’s very different to starting developing a class 91. I spoke to a Hornby guy on their stand in 2017 at Model Rail Scotland were he said “the 91’s future is uncertain and with a limited fleet to model so we decided to go for the 87 instead”. I remember his words. He also highlighted the limited geographical route the 91’s were limited to as a reason for not doing the 91. He then said the 91 was the “unloved cousin of the AC family”. Hardly words of a company who had ambitions to do a new one? If they had done the R&D work at that time I would like to have thought that 4 years later they would have got further than a simple cad render and more recently a resin 3D printed shell. Again, if they had started their 91 so long ago, why have they not got the mk4 rolling stock to go with the 91? Im not disputing these apparent ‘facts’ that they did do some R&D on the 91 as far back as 2016. However I wonder if suddenly accelerating their design work, with visits to Bounds Green In the late summer was just sheer COINCIDENCE after Cavalex beat them to the announcement of a their laser scanning visit to Bounds Green??! One of the Hornby R&D/design team dropped an image on Twitter of him next to a LNER vehicle. Now I am not Hornby bashing. Hornby produce great models, their HST, 50, 57 and especially the 60 are among the best models EVER produced in OO gauge. I have a very good association with Hornby products, I have loads of them and I personally enjoy a good relationship with some at Hornby. If they want to do the 91, they are free to do so. Good luck to Hornby in their 100th year. I will never desert the Hornby brand in my modelling. Im sure Simon did not sit awake at night wondering if they could trample on Cavalex, but since ‘Terrier Gate’ we know how Hornby don’t like to have one of ‘their models’ taken by someone else. (They let Bachmann take the 90 though!) However, the team at Cavalex are onto something special, I truly believe that. Both 91’s will happen. I am putting my £ behind Cavalex. I want the champagne version, not the Presecco one!
  3. I eventually went in to the ECoS and turned off the "M4 Protocol" which allowed me to address the decoders manually, as the ECoS wanted to autmatically pick up the decoders as two separate trains! With the directional thing I changed a CV in one car to switch the direction.
  4. Hi, thanks for that. What is the development car? lol. I will get the catalogue and all will hopefully be explained.
  5. Hi, Firstly, what an exciting line up for 2020 (and more than likely into 2021). I was very excited to see a Buffer fitted HST in my beloved Swallow livery. I am also extremely pleased to see a full rake of individually numbered/lettered MK3 in Swallow to match the powers. I spoke to Simon about the need for full rakes and he agreed with me that modellers want to have realistic rakes, so thank you Simon for listening. ;-) GREAT to see the MK3 DVT in Swallow return as well. That should knock the wind out of the second hand market which saw these changing hands for in excess of £100. I almost needed a lie down when I officially saw the APT-P announced, but in fact I already knew this was on the way. I may have my sources! lol. Like one of the earlier posts I am also very confused as the the addition coach packs for the APT-P, so would welcome some information on the make up of the train. I know that it ran in 14 car rakes, but that is it! I also want to know if they have the black window surrounds on the cab. It has to be this version to get my money! Finally, and with mixed feelings I see the 91 on the list. Those of you who follow me at Dean Park Station on youtube and through my well known "who wants a new Class 91" thread on rmweb know that this loco/train is close to my heart. I waited and pleaded for someone (Hornby) to make one to modern standards. Every year at shows I would pester someone to make it. Therefore when Cavalex contacted me and said they were doing the full 225 I was beyond excited. In my view, Cavalex have a awesome model in the making. It is truly a work of art that must now be realised, despite this latest Hornby announcement. If I am being honest I find the move by Hornby a bit 'terrier-ish', where the good people at Hornby have been reactive rather than pro active in getting this new 91 announcement out there. However I am bright enough to understand that its 'just business'! I feel that if Cavalex had not come along I would still be waiting for Hornby to give me the new 91. I am also a bit confused as to why they have not at least announced their intent to do the MK4 stock to run with it. I am sure this will come, as it would make NO SENSE at all to just do the loco. In this respect Cavalex have my respect for coming out and saying they would do the whole 225 train from the off. The 91 is like a bus....I have waited years for one to come along and now two have come almost at once! Hornby, I am sure your one will be great, but I have not plans what so ever to cancel my Pre orders with Cavalex. I backed the Cavalex project from DAY ONE. The model community have been kept fully in touch with the progress of the project and therefore my pre order for the Cavalex one will stand and more than likely increase in size! I just hope there is room for the Cavalex 91 (extremely high detail) and the Hornby 91, more of a mainstream Class 87 type of detail. If Hornby and Bachmann can both produce MK2f to two different specs then I am hopeful the same can be managed with the 225! I think new innovations and manufacturers are good for the hobby. Good for Hornby and Bachmann as well....as they are forced to improve their current offerings. Competition (when it is Fair) is healthy. So in summary, (if you are still reading this lol) I have to congratulate Hornby on a brilliant centenary catalogue. You have got me panicking on how I am going to pay for all of the great new announcements. However I also want to encourage and support Cavalex to maintain their progress on the 91/mk4/dvt project, which is set to be as impressive as the APT-P that Hornby are working on!
  6. Right folks - HELP! please! lol I got a 156 from Charlie. Sound fitted. Firstly, what decoder is in them? I tested it on my mates track, it worked a treat. He uses the ECoS command station. I take it home to mine, I put it on the track and my identical ECoS command station to my mates behaved diferently! It started to display a small green bar with 'M4' written in it. It was like a battery icon, showing the charge. After two to three minutes the icon filled with green and TWO separate addresses for the loco appeared on the ECoS display screen. When I turned the dial to power the loco up one car worked, the other did nothing. I sent it back to charlie, who returned it this week saying there was nothing wrong. He set the address to 156 for me as requested. I then deleted the Addresses from the ECoS screen and restarted the ECoS. Upon restart there was no sign of the 'M4' icon. When I tried to work the loco using address 156 it did nothing. I then put the cars on the program track and it said it was CV1 = 3. I tried to operate it on address 3. There was no response from the loco. I am just back from my local hobby shop who kindly tested it on his dcc trst track. Both cars responded to address 3, both cars sounded good, etc. There is a slight issue as both cars display white lights (so pull against each other!), but at least they are working! So I sent it back to Charlie and he was right.....they both work, but they are not working on my ECoS! So to summarise....how can i alter the direction of the cars so that one displays red tail lights while the other has white head lights? And what do i do with this M4 protocol on my ECoS? What is going on? Cheers Dave
  7. Hi Clive, sorry to ask another question, but that diagram had struts at the end shown in blue coming down to support the horizontal wire. What does that look like from the end elevation? Struggling to find an example of it. Do the struts come from each side of the portal lattice and meet in a type of inverted triangle design, where they connect to and support the wire? any photos of these guys greatly appreciated:-) Thanks Dave
  8. I assume this type of mast would be okay for high speed main lines?! Or would they be head span?
  9. Hi Clive. That diagram is exactly what I had in mind, similar but. I exactly the same as the photo I took on Wednesday. Behind me was the Edinburgh Waverley canopy/roof. Your diagrams for the mk3a headspans were a crucial for me when building my own ones. Ill certainly be having a good think about your diagram and perhaps modifying the nbrass portals to model these. Cheers Dave
  10. Hi Clive I’m using head-spans on my Dean Park station layout. It’s based on the ECML in late 1980’s/early 90’s. Ive got a stretch of track (about 3m) where putting in the Mk3a Dapol masts would be tight. As I will have a retaining wall dropping away at oNe side to track lower down and a depot at the other side. Check the layout out on YouTube to get an idea. my question is... were single masted OHLE structures as in the photo used in the early days of the ECML or are these designs more modern? The photo was taken at Edinburgh in October 2019. I want ant to know if I can get away with using this type of structure for a layout in the late 1980’s on the ECML Please advise thanks. Dave
  11. HERE IT IS! The AMAZING Cavalex 3D CAD Renders of the 91/0 and 91/1. The images look really promising! This is set to be a stunner! Check out more at
  12. Highlights for me? The Large Logo 47/7 Greyfriars Bobby 47435 In BR Blue....please come with the high intensity lamp? Class 150 in Prov livery with passengers MK1 BG Scotrail - will this be a blue stripe Scotrail or Blue Grey with Scotrail branding? MK2 FK and TSO Scotrail, again, in what livery? Glad there is nothing else I 'need' or want this year. My wallet is still bare from 2017-18. Not much else to say really, but whats with the Class 66 wars? Hattons, Hornby and now Bachmann all duplicating models/liveries....just how popular do these manufactures think the 66 really is??
  13. I still believe Hornby will do it. Back in 2016 when they announced the Class 87 they were quoted as saying that the 87 just beat the Class 91 in that decision. So the 91 is on their radar and 30 years on from their first efforts I believe its nearly time. Some one is going to do it! If Hornby can niche locos such as the 71 etc then surely a widely known and iconic east coast machine such as the 91 and mk4 stock must be near (or at?) the top of the list by now?? I live in hope!
  14. Hi I think there is a market for the for a new 91,MK4 coaches and MK4 DVT. There is a lack of class 91's on the exhibition circuit. Maybe because the current model is so unimpressive and dated no one has one. It is 30 years old. The appearance of the coaches is 'ok' but the loco is a toy. The motor is so basic and noisy. Its not a good model at all. Lack of exposure of the loco at shows may, I think it has something to do with up until now the infrastructure to add masts etc has been limited. That is all changing with the arrival of the Peco masts and wires, and also with the Dapol plastic masts. Even ScaleModelScenery has recently added masts etc to its range. More people are turning to AC Electric's. Hence this has been picked up by Hornby and Bachmann with the new 87 and forthcoming 90. Natural progression would suggest a new 91 is on the way, and perhaps an improved 86? As for prices for a full rake of these 91's and coaches. The argument about it being too expensive to allow a return for the investment is perhaps, with respect to your comment not entirely accurate. Hornby product the HST (retails at £225ish), MK3 coaches (retail at about £31), so a full rake of those with power cars is well over £450. But they sell, and sell well! If the model is good and relevant then it will sell. The Class 87 does not sell for £174 (that's its RRP). I got mine for £130. The coaches would not retail for £50....more like £35-40. You use the RRP price of £174 for the 87. No one sells it at that. So lets say for arguments sake the new class 91/DVT pack sells for £230, each coach is £35 That's a rake for just a bit more than an HST and rake. Remembering a full 9 coach train (and who really has the layout to fit that on??). Bachmann sell their MK2F coaches in DCC for (retail) of £67ish. People are buying them. So surely a MK4 coach would sell for half of that price. A rake of 8 MK2F from Bachmann sets you back over £500 and that's without a loco!! The Class 91 and rolling stock has now seen 30 years of front line service and is wearing its 4th livery. Soon to become more as they are cascaded to other operators when displaced from the ECML. So there will be a market there to tap into for the manufacturer who takes on this new project. I for one hope they do retool this iconic east coast machine. Every other east coast icon is modelled to modern standards. I hope its the 91's turn soon. Time will tell lol.
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