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  1. If it's the picture on Page 39 of The Withered Arm by TWE Roche, the date quoted is 9th June 1960.
  2. Many thanks for your help folks.
  3. I suspect people may struggle with the location but, can anyone identify the class of locomotive? And a really long shot, does anyone recognise either the driver or fireman?
  4. Sorry, I wasn't trying to be clever, just failed to put two and two together. If the following picture is the one you were referring to, I would say it definitely shows a wheel. Copyright http://www.trainweb.org/railwest/railco/sdjr/cmj.html
  5. This may help http://www.trainweb.org/railwest/railco/sdjr/cmj.html
  6. In contrast to the above, two pictures taken at Exeter St Davids in absolutely appalling weather conditions - with apologies for the inevitable poor quality: Warship Class No D861 Vigilant with an engineers train during relaying work in Platform 1. Not exactly Diesel, but it does show how little PW work had changed from the steam era. D861 was one of the batch built by The North British Locomotive Company in 1960.
  7. Three pictures of Barnstaple Town taken shortly after closure: The Ilfracombe end of the platform canopy, which originally extended furter along the platform to provide shelter for passengers changing between the Main Line and the Lynton and Barnstaple. Note there were two supporting columns were the canopy extended beyond the station building. Whilst along the front of the building the canopy was attached directly to the wall and there was only one verticle supporting column. A rather more detailed picture of the ironwork, purlins and glazing bars.
  8. A few more of Braunton. The Driver of an up service from Ilfracombe to Exeter St Davids waits patiently whilst station duties are carried out. Warship Diesel Hydraulic No D807 Caradoc waiting time in the up platform. With platform duties complete ..... ..... there is just time for a quick word with the station staff before setting of towards Barnstaple.
  9. A particulary inclement day over the weekend inspired me to fire up the scanner. Warship Class No D807, Caradoc, runs into Braunton with an up train from Ilfracombe to Exeter St Davids. Even though scheduled for closure, the line still remained busy with parcels traffic. Earlier in the day D807 powers away from Braunton with a down service from Exeter St Davids to Ilfracombe ..... ..... and heads away up the valley towards Mortehoe.
  10. I should have said earlier, it was the 1956 built units that would have been transferred to the Island.
  11. The 503's were in very much better condition than the LT Stock they would have replaced and would probably have lasted until some surplus 508's became available. Spares should not have been a problem, only 9 or 10 were required for the IOW and the remaining 30 or so could have been stripped for spares, with perhaps a couple more being retained in long term storage as insurance.
  12. Two pictures taken during the gauging trials for the Class 503 Merseyrail Units. And finally, a Class 503.
  13. I recently contacted Bachmann with a number of queries regarding these vehicles and they responded as follows: "The forthcoming Bachmann Branchline OO scale Bulleid coaches in BR green livery will carry BR (SR) coaching stock green and will not feature the roundels – as shown in the images of the real vehicles in the 2018 Bachmann Branchline catalogue. We don’t have a model of the diagram 2406 vehicle planned for the initial release of models but this may be considered as a future item should we expand the range of Bullied coaches further." In the light of these comments, it would seem that anyone hoping for a Diagram 2406 Loose Brake Composite should contact Bachmann and let them know.
  14. A good description (and photographs) of the rail mounted Howitzer which was based at Halwill in 1944 can be found here: http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/features/railway_howitzer_at_halwill/index.shtml https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:BL_18_inch_Howitzer_Halwill_Junction_WWII.jpg
  15. Whilst sorting through some boxes last night, I found this one hidden away. There are no less than three people working under the layout. To be fair we were setting up for an exhibition, rather than sorting out electrical gremlins - although I'm not saying things never went wrong .....
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