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  1. Hi Andy, I discovered your rather old posts regarding O gauge IOW stock and availability, I'm going down the same road and now have several items of stock including ex SECR brakes. If my posts can be of any help to you let me know? Bear with me, I don't log on too often!


    All the best,


  2. Thanks for the heads up John - W9 Fishbourne purchased at a great price. I bought 2644 last year with a view to converting to an Island Loco but never got a round tuit !! Now the dilemma is do I keep it or pass it on? MMmmm Just noticed no buffer beam lamp irons on W9 - Is that correct?
  3. Very interesting topic Randall ... I am a recent convert to O gauge having moved house to an old railway station with lots of room for a garden railway. The recent release of the Dapol Terrier was also a factor. I intend to use radio control with on board battery power and have been thinking about how to incorporate sound. The bluetooth route seems attractive so I bought a small £10 BT speaker from Ebay, placed it behind the Terrier and played the sample link in a previous post from my laptop and YES .. very impressive. The next step is to collect or record sounds and as I am fortunate to live near the Isle of Wight Steam railway at havenstreet, I hope to record sound from Terriers W8 Freshwater and W11 Newport, however, do I record lineside or from different locations on the loco itself? The latter is my preferred option as the sounds originate from the locomotive. It will always be a compromise but I am sure the mind will compensate for any inaccuracies ... ? Andy
  4. I used Deltang kit to convert to RC, 2 Hornby OO Locos and they worked very well, but as you have the space and if you are looking for a cheap option, there are ESCs with reverse on Ebay suitable for brushed motors from £8 and 2.4Ghz Radio Control transmitter and receiver combos for £20 upwards. Batteries are another area where improvements can be made - It depends how much you wish to spend .. Good luck
  5. Mmmmm - Not impressed with Hattons - Think I will stick to Tower Models ....
  6. Just received this from Hattons ... ! 'Hello This is an email to let you know that the following item has been cancelled from production, and, as you requested an email notification of its arrival, thought you would like to know that it is not now expected to be released. Dapol 7S-010-002, which you can see at http://www.ehattons.com/stockdetail.aspx?SID=58959 We are unsure of the specific reason for the cancellation, and will try to keep its descriptive text updated to provide any information which the manufacturer releases. You will remain signed-up for notification – so if it is reinstated and delivered then you will receive a notification. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused. Regards --------------------------------------------------- Hattons Model Railways http://www.ehattons.com 0151 733 3655 Shop open & phones manned Monday - Saturday 8am - 6pm Sun 10am-4pm' Yet the enclosed link states that the item is 'sold out' ..... Anyone else received similar from Ehattons? ...
  7. I think my conversion will be to W2/W8 'Freshwater' so am just waiting for 'The Island Terriers' book to arrive and then decide which period to emulate ... Jobs around the house finished for the week so will dismantle the loco this evening to determine space for battery(s) ...
  8. Just thought I would share this as I have only just realised it could be the artistic Bricklayers version of a Terrier. This wall is part of an extension added to the Old Ningwood Station in 2008 and shows the opening and closing dates of the Freshwater, Yarmouth and Newport Railway .. A nice touch to our new home
  9. C'mon Jon - With your skills, it would be worth modifying a Southern version - Especially if the price jumps after the first batch ....
  10. Looks like the easiest way to extend the bunker is to fabricate new rear cab sides and graft to the bunker rear panel? How thick is the plastic and what would you use? ABS? Cheers .. Andy
  11. Just noticed that the coupling rods are fitted the wrong way round .. Easy fix though
  12. Forgot to mention that my Southern Terrier arrived today and apart from a couple of inward pointing buffers, which were loose and could be straightened, seemed undamaged ... I was a little surprised at how small the locomotive seemed, but having seen W8 'Freshwater' next to the Adams O2 'Calbourne' at Havenstreet, I guess I should not have been ....
  13. There is a downloadable instruction sheet at http://Dapol.co.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=178_709- Not sure if this is the same as the printed item ..
  14. Well done Colin - I am currently trying to build a library of information for all things IoW Steam, particularly the FYN Railway so will watch with interest .. Andy
  15. I, too will be adapting the Terrier to IoW config. and having sold many of my OO gauge stock have purchased 2 Alan Gibson coaches which, with the help of John Fitness' excellent workshop article will be built soon I hope ... Andy
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