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  1. Sometimes it is nice to just let the layout run itself whilst you get on with something else.
  2. It is a difficult balance to strike. I don't like the idea of reams of paperwork and sometimes I want to run a train rather than operate realistically. The load simulation that I tried worked well but wasn't scalable without a major revision to the plans for the rest of the layout and, to me, would become less appealing. The tab on car has served many people well over the years and seems to be a good fit to the layout. I'll see how convincing it is to my inner pedant over time.
  3. The dice traffic generation system works fine for the branch on its own but will cause big problems if I roll it out to the full layout as there is no way to make extensive changes to freight trains in off scene storage. So I have been experimenting with a version of the 'tab on car' system. This is an import from the US and was used on John Allen's Gorre & Daphetid so is certainly not new. There is a description here: http://www.doug56.net/GD/page54.html. Go on, read it, I'll wait until you get back. Now as my layout is at eye level tabs on the roof aren't much use
  4. Once it is part of a structure you will, I am sure, add weathering and tweaks which will add character and realism and then it will look stunning.
  5. At 14x7ft (4 sections) the £3.30 postage seems like a bargain.
  6. I'm sure that it would if you caught ALL the smoke.
  7. Respect. That one sentence tells you all you need to know about the scale of this project.
  8. Different printers give different renditions of colour. Similarly different papers do too. Having an ink cartridge that is running out will also alter the colour balance - although that isn't very controllable. If all else fails a very light spray of dilute white/light grey from your airbrush might be the answer.
  9. Airbrushing grot onto coach rooves without mucking up the sides?
  10. We all have episodes like that - it is just that we don't usually admit to it. I have no doubt that your ingenuity will triumph in the end.
  11. I don't think this gentleman has been drawn to the council's attention before. A spoof TV news reporter shown between segments on camera. The language is post-watershed but they are all masterworks, done in one take:
  12. ian


    CJF would be proud of you - maximum operation in minimum space.
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