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  1. I bet you thought that we wouldn't notice the change of Land Rover.
  2. How many sheds is that now, Mick?
  3. He was indeed a little tom-tit but the precise meaning in English (or Japanese for that matter) is never elucidated and one only has the narrator's conjecture on which to go. Obviously the chest and brow are merely corroborative detail, intended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative.
  4. The tit-willow in questioin was, according to the song, masculine. But it does seem to fit her well. She must be the subject of the unfortunate paramour's blighted affection.
  5. More bus passengers are being prepared along with another victim. The big-wigs have gone but something has changed. Something big. The Neustadt train indicators have been reinstalled - but it isn't that. The goods yard hard-standing has been extended and the container crane has gaine some rails along with barriers to stop chance encounters with wayward vehicles - but it isn't that either. One of the wiggles on the upward gradient has been straightened. The catenary and a signal need to be reinstated but it
  6. I suspect that weathering individual leaves might be a bit too much, even for Mick.
  7. Even in the Ercallverse sometimes it is necessary to wield a paint brush. Whilst the paints were out this bus got a few dabs for the lights, the front wheels put at an angle (albeit not at the correct Ackerman divergence) and a few passengers. It could do with a couple more (passengers - not front wheels). The earwigs (sorry, big-wigs) are still poking around.
  8. Afer a bit of delay dealing with domestic chores the Neustadt Shell depot is complete. This is a view that will never be seen on the layout - the unloading equipment alongside the siding. You won't see this view either, as it is alongside the other wall. The gate in the foreground is only opened when there is a tanker ready to leave - by keeping it closed it stops anyone driving or parking under the filling pipes. Here it is in position. And in full christ
  9. Getting them in and out past the various bits cluttering the road and pavement would be an entertainment but not insoluble.
  10. Perhaps it is time that we caught up with the on-going crisis at Schwarzfelsen. Herr Rothe returned to his restaurant, by the back door so that he could make some 'phone calls before speaking to the two Manfreds. Suspicious behaviour? No, not really, let me explain... The co-operative has no premises other than a filing cabinet at the restaurant. Wagons arrive at the station, are unloaded into the lorries over a 23 hour period and delivered direct to the businesses. If a whole wagon's worth of supplies appeared at the restaurant late on Friday aftern
  11. But sir, taking a photo is the best way to find everything that you miss with the Mk.1 eyeball!
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