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  1. ian

    Penhayle Bay

    A wonderful read Rick, and long overdue. Put me down for a copy of the book.
  2. The answer was, of course, either 'Yes' or 'No'- anything else was answering a different question. With a temporary surface a quick check of the track layout at Maifeld was possible. From left to right there is Gleis 5, a bay for postal coaches and wagons, a platform, Gleis 4 & 3 (with the passenger train) for trains to Bremen, another platform, Gleis 2 & 1 for trains to Hamburg and another platform. The board over the tracks id where the street and station building will be. The upside-down tracks at the front are part of the Rangierbahnhof which will be about 6" l
  3. Can you tell what it is yet? Please write your answer lightly in pencil on the back of a twenty pound note and post it to the usual competition address (see page 94 of the thread for terms and conditions).
  4. There are many other possibilities: the photos may not have been taken on the same day the clock may have stopped the clock may have been adjusted the layout could be in an aircraft or ship that moved into a different time zone there could be an eddy in the space time continum I'm just messing with peoples' minds
  5. Spot the difference. A little bit of enabling work to ready the site for Maifeld. The sockets have been lowered about 6" to make room for the baseboard.
  6. Progress at last! The two Manfreds were delighted that Jens and his chums had found that about half the load of alcohol that was on the manifest was missing. The stray crate has been carefully stashed in the Taunus so that it can be fingerprinted back at Maifeld. Next up is for the detectives to visit the company that had ordered the goods. Thomas and Blitz have managed to extricate themselves from the proceedings and are enjoying lunch in the village. The two goods loaders along with the two lorry drivers are still incacerated in the goods office with Michael and Stefan keeping an
  7. The special effects budget is very limited you know!
  8. I shall have to see if any of the residents has some archive cine film of the area.
  9. Be careful with the candles and the alcohol -- we wouldn't want to see any fires breaking out.
  10. A quick experiment revealed that the walls give off a glow even with very localised light so I shall have to mask them. The film crew have been out and about - even if they have missed the breaking news story over at Schwarzfelsen:
  11. Thanks. I have a picture for both in my mind but I'm not sure if they will work, shed sufficient light in the right place or actually look right.
  12. Whilst the stocktake is underway let us turn our minds back to matters architectural. We last saw Neustadt's station building, back in August. Well I finally got around to speckling the bricks and got this far before the next problem reared its head: lighting. The standard walls all have a light blocking mask and the two wings have a convenient hole for a 16V bulb but the concourse and restaurant areas have no lighting of their own. The restaurant is lit from a slot in an internal wall and the concourse must suffice with the glow from an unmasked sect
  13. Gosh, I sold a fair few of those over the years. https://www.noch.com/en/kamerateam.html
  14. Jens, in the green jacket, has returned with reinforcements who are now busily engaged in checking the items on the loading dock and the two trucks against the consignment details for the Kühlwagen. Thomas has persuaded Kristian to look after Blitz for a few minutes. Kristian is not very good with dogs however since he is even worse with numbers his colleagues were in full agreement with Thomas's choice. The two Manfreds don't tell any of their suspects/witnesses anything about why they are there or what is going on. They fondly believe that the malefactor will reveal t
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