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  1. Tram for passengers. Steeple cab for freight and Nellie for PW / OHLE / Thunderbirrd / special trains (and pottering about the yard).
  2. The first half of Schonblick's control panel has been wired - that is the controls for the right-hand board. Time to test now. Meanwhile I have decided that the over-complex interlocking scheme for switching train control between Gipfeldorf, Schonblick and Neustadt is serious overkill given that there won't be multiple operators and the panels are but a step away from each other, so all these realys at Gipfeldorf can come out for a start. The lights on the diagram will be going too - replaced by two switches. The 25-way grey cable on the left is also out.
  3. Strangely enough having even written a book about DCC I am intending to go DC for a planned layout. Come to that, my current train set is 16V AC stud contact - now there's a dead technology for you!
  4. Clive, I got fed up clicking 'Agree' to all the above - just take it as +1 for not giving up on the thread.
  5. So, I extracted a building from the strategic stores. Exhibit A - the victim... ...and from the back. Some time later... ...after a meeting with Mr. Razor-Saw. When it is finished this building will enclose the brick pillar in the garage wall behind Schonblick. Fortunately a lot of the old glue proved amenable to gentle pressure. One exception was one of the two small dormers seen on the right. It was only when I came to trim and join the two roof sections together I realised that the original builder had put the rear roof on upside down. And here is a first approximation:
  6. An ideal job for an ex-WD armoured Simplex!
  7. Sometimes it takes me quite a while to see the obvious (more often than not I don't see it at all). The brewery siding at Schonblick was bugging me. It had started as a continuation of one of the platform roads and the end was actually off the station boards. Not great but it had to be like that to get two wagons on the siding. As I had a surfeit of three way points (something that the childhood me would not imagine was possible) I substituted a 3-way in place of the one at the entry to the siding and had a stub going off to the side to provide somewhere to park the drasine. Putting buildings back showed that this wasn't a great idea either. The brewery had to be along the backscene and the admin building didn't really fit at all. It took quite a while before I realised that swapping the drasine and brewery sidings over made things much better. The brewery siding doesn't now overlap the edge of the board, the admin building can squeeze in and the drasine isn't in the brewery's way.
  8. After snagging a couple of problems I was able to run the first official train. The P8 and coaches were only used as it was a special occasion - the railbus will be the normal stock whilst the work of commissioning the station is in progress.
  9. Having cleared a path to the train set Gipfeldorf is now back in place. The right-hand Schonblick board needed a adjustment to the cut-out that clears the pillar in the garage wall - an extra few mm to accommodate the revised backscene arrangements and the track needed to shuffle around a little but half-an-hour undoing the track screws and then doing them up again sorted that. All (!) I need to do now is provide some power to Schonblick and I'll be able to run a train from one to the other. Perhaps.
  10. And as for what would happen if the Tri-ang rocket launcher and exploding freight car were found in your cell during a search....
  11. Whilst the Ercallbahn was on hiatus a couple of items did slip in to the strategic stores. As noted back in August a need had arisen for an electric freight loco to replace the E.44 so, welcome a new addition to the family - a baby crocodile. If truth be told this was what I really wanted when I got the E.44 - but there hadn't been any at sensible prices for ages and the E.44 was too good a bargain to pass up.
  12. Given the period being modelled wouldn't a selection of BRUTEs be more appropriate?
  13. A length of aluminium 'L' angle and a strip of LEDs has been added at the front to give some extra illumination. Once back in place a fascia panel will provide a finish around the scene and more greenery and bits can be added at leisure.
  14. "Let's have an extension", said SWMBO, "it could be a hobbies room. I could have my art things in there, you could do your model-making..." Three months of upheaval later (much of the garage is still impassable due to things stashed there 'out of the way' (her way - not mine ) and the new dining room is complete. Humph! However I have been able to extract Gipfeldorf and a paste table and temporarily comandeer a corner. This has enabled a wrap-around backscene to be installed. I have also completed the foamboard infill around the tracks and this picture shows excess ballast awaiting a visit from the vacuum cleaner. I have also started to conceal various of the wires, sockets and other rude mechanicals visible above baseboard. The undergrowth to the left of the track conceals a large red plug that connects to the track sensor just in front of the signal. The plug for the track sensor by the station and the manual operating lever for the uncoupler at the front of the picture have also been concealed by putting a piece of brown adhesive tape (the stuff that you lick - remember that? I told you this layout was old-school!) over the hole in the foamboard and then ballasting over it.
  15. Yes, far more entertaining than using fingers like other people.
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