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  1. They did the same thing (wood replica) for the Iron Maiden (showmans engine) film. I know the real one survived; I worked on it after the film was made!
  2. If that's the offcut, I'd love to see the doorway the other bit went in.
  3. That was the sort of behaviour I based my comment on, which incidentally was intended tongue in cheek. I keep forgetting that sort of thing doesn't always work on social media.
  4. I wonder if the owner will submit a claim for damaget to the front end during recovery. "It wasn't like that when I left it"!
  5. I thought em referred to the wheel spacing, not the loco length
  6. Sorry, it was a rather cheesy comment!
  7. Well we do have the cream of the railway experts on this forum
  8. I guess there asda be some somewhere.
  9. Thought I'd ressurect this thread rather than start a new one, although my question is slightly off topic. Was there a GWR verionrof the SR CCT van, and would it or the BR version have run on the Western region in the late 50 - early 60 period?
  10. Another case of 'damned if you do, damned if you don't'?
  11. Ok so putting my cards on the table as it were, I'm not a member of a club, so I'm not familiar with the fine detail of running one. At the same time being outside of a situation can sometimes give a different viewpoint; my first reaction on reading the OP was that like many businesses and organisations, the answer could be to base expenditure on income rather than plan to spend, then look for income. In other words if the money's not coming In, don't plan to spend it. Keep the club ticking over, just pay out what has to be paid, and
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