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  1. Well you can't get much foggier than in those picks!
  2. rab

    EBay madness

    Its available at 12 payments of £9 each, so you get to see what you're buying when you've made enough payments. Oh hang on, didn't someone recently go under trying that one.
  3. Much cheaper than fitting tanks to every carriage. Run one of those in every consist and pipe all the carriages to it.
  4. Thanks for that info. However I think the last paragraph counts me out for that option. Cutting straight and square edges is not one of my strong points.
  5. I must admit I hadnt thought of that. What's the best way to fix the ply bracing to the baseboard, glue and pin?
  6. I assume the OP was asking about 6mm because that's all they had available, but it strikes me that if you were using 6mm hoping to save weight, the extra bracing required would negate any weight saving.
  7. Looks like the fireman's been busy; the safety valve has opened
  8. rab

    EBay madness

    He forgot to include 'heavily weathered ' in the description.
  9. Pedant hat on: 9mm is 3/8 not 3/16.
  10. You mean the one he wrote in the wrong key, and it went a bit flat.
  11. Most recommendations I've seen have been 9mm, but I guess it depends how big the board is, and how much bracing you put in it.
  12. Thanks for getting it up and running Andy. If I hadn't had a zoom meeting to keep me occupied for an hour, I don't think I'd have got through the morning with no RMWeb.
  13. rab

    EBay madness

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/N-gauge-Peco-Glass-lined-united-daires-milk-tanker/164272964387?hash=item263f6e8323:g:T34AAOSwn1te~cwc&redirect=mobile Never mind glass lined, this one must be gold lined.
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