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  1. But they were nicknamed 'Greyhounds'. I appreciate that probably came about because of their performance on lighter trains though
  2. Looks strange to see a spamcan with reporting numbers instead of disc headcodes
  3. Ok for insulated fishplates I suppose.
  4. It's even in church life if the "We've always done it this way" brigade have their way. They sit there week by week in their ever decreasing numbers singing from Hymns Ancient and Modern wondering why nobody new ever comes through the doors. Thankfully its not all like that. The church I'm involved with works hard at trying to meet everyone's likes. We also learn over and over that you can only please some of the people some of the time.
  5. Looks like the guy in the front had encountered one of the unwashed.
  6. I must admit i did wonder whether they really did run out of steam, or whether it was another bit of 'false drama'/
  7. Seeing the typo in your topic title reminds me of the poster which used to be seen outside places of worship: This is a CH--CH what's missing?
  8. Yes if you go via Camborne any day except Wednesday, the train stops there, and if there's a cornishman in the box, the signal will be pulled dreckly, so you could be sat waiting a long time.
  9. i suspect we'll get some polarised opinions on this topic
  10. Did anyone else notice the similarity between the guy doing the coupling, without a hard hat, and Andy York?
  11. I see from the report the bridge was inspected by National Rail. Has Network Rail been nationalised on the quiet.
  12. Brilliant! The only thing that wasn't prototypical was the quick response from the crane gang
  13. So B&Q is not always Bad Quality then
  14. The 'don't care' attitude is not limited to the railway industry in this country.
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