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  1. What else is there to come for, apart from the good company
  2. Or just an easy way of getting a spare loco back to Laira?
  3. Just in case bus drivers aren't familiar with what road signs mean its actually got 'low bridge' painted on it. How much clearer can you make it!
  4. Anyone else finding the forum slow running this evening. Is there a TSR somewhere on the line
  5. So is it actually DCC fitted or just DCC ready.
  6. He shaved off two of the legs
  7. Another echo (double post)!
  8. I wonder if a Beattie ever deputised for the final leg to Padstow
  9. Internal Passage Activator or Intestinal Purging Agent
  10. It might be that as they were used mainly on freight, they could have been in use mainly overnight, so not easy/likely to have been photographed.
  11. Once a spam can, always a spam can. it may have lost the panels, but it's still behaving like one.
  12. Can I ask, what was the difference between a BG and a GUV? Would the latter have been used in place of a BG?
  13. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well.
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