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  1. rab

    Test thread

  2. Not so much of the 'archaic' . Cornish language still be live an kickin, though I dunno much of it meself.
  3. A round of drinks for everyone present. Not just SWAG members, everyone in the building.
  4. Again, not a terminus, but GWR and SR met at Exeter St. Davids, although I'm not sure if this was pre or post nationalisation. i do remember reading though that down trains on the Western line went through the station in the opposite direction to down trains on the Southern.
  5. I was going to add that in BR days it could well have got mixed up, panniers hauling ex southern stock, N class and even possibly Beatties on ex GWR stock
  6. Did the GWR actually run to Padstow? My recollection is that they ran Bodmin Road to Wadebridge only and Wadebridge to Padstow was Southern.
  7. Wadebridge, Cornwall. Sorry, just noticed you wanted a teminus.
  8. Probably not quite the same thing but the Royal Albert Bridge has a set of points on the end of the approach spans at Saltash where the single track on the bridge opens up to the double track. i think I'm correct in saying that originally the points were off the bridge, within the station but were moved to accommodate longer trains in the station. The last couple of approach spans had to be widened to take the points.
  9. Do the Japanese write from right to left? If so that might explain it.
  10. I wonder if Andy could patch in a stay alive unit
  11. Ive just seen the notice about the forum downtime. No forum for maybe two days; how will we manage. I may have to resort to doing some modelling!
  12. That's made me feel a bit better then.
  13. I used to be the same with video editing. I would spend ages putting a video together, then play it through, and notice one small section, which could be improved, go back and change it, then play it again and notice something else, and so it went on, round and round the loop. It may be an exaggeration, but I once estimated I spent an hour editing for a minute of finished video.
  14. So they'll go round no.1 radius curves easier.
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