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  1. Can the national rail vouchers can be used with seniors/disabled discount cards?
  2. So if HO stands for High Output, does OO stand for Ordinary Output?
  3. Interesting idea, including pic of a train in the backscene!
  4. TBH it was more a case of seeing the pile of un-needed chargers growing and trying to think of alternative uses for them.
  5. This one concerns the plug-in transformers which I'm sure I'm not the only one who is accumulating quite a few as smartphones and tablets get upgraded. In the good old days when we played around with batteries for low voltage power, if we needed more oomph we wired them together in series. Can the outputs from these 5V transformers be similarly wired in series?
  6. So now I guess the discussion will change from the accuracy of the height indication to the accuracy of the width indicators.
  7. Think I've mentioned this before, but I once heard it said that the test of a good pasty is that it should be capable of being dropped down a mineshaft and still being in one piece when it hits the bottom.
  8. I think this is the problem. As with so many things, the few are giving the rest a bad name. The majority of cyclists are sensible, but it is the few idiots who everyone remembers.
  9. Probably something to do with the fact that while our flanges are larger than scale, the weight of our models is proportionally a lot less.
  10. 'e stopped at Camburn' so 'twasn't a Wednesday
  11. Of course it's so lo(w). I've never seen a double one. (Awaits picture proving otherwise)!
  12. Would those be the ones that are available In model form coloured red?
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