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  1. Sorry I should have read John's post above before replying. He clearly states they weren't any balance pipes on the chopper tanks and had tank fillers on both sides. Mike
  2. You have put the tank filler on one side only. Was there only one and a balance pipe between the two tanks or have you yet to put fillers on both tanks ? Mike
  3. Nile, I have tried that but it is exactly the same. Whatever I have done doesn't seem to make any difference.
  4. I have a I pad mini from Apple and I must have done something either on my profile page or elsewhere and the space at the bottom of any page looks like the photo. I cannot reply to any topics using this device. I have asked if anybody can help on my S7 scratch building thread without success. Does our web team have any suggestions please ?
  5. Many thanks for all the information regarding Holywell Town. I was aware of the 2mm fine scale layout because I have seen it at the 2mm meeting at Chelford and I know the builder who also models in S7. I already have coal tank as well as a 42' coach that will do for the passenger side of things although it is not push and pull fitted. I have tried taking photos of both with this Amazon I pad but the camera's not as good as on the I pad mini from Apple. Unfortunately I have do my usual trick of pressing something on the Apple device that has prevented me from posting on any page on RM we
  6. Nothing to report on the wagon front but I have not been idle ( well I have a bit ). Looking around with thoughts on building a layout I have always been attracted to Holywell Town in North Wales. It is such a compact station that would fit in the space I have at present without a fiddle yard although we are still hoping to move house so I am not sure how much space I will have when we finally get to relocate. So I have been making a mock up in cardboard of the baseboards. I estimate I can build the station site on 4 boards 4' X 3' with a bit of a squeeze in the middle. I am gl
  7. I am completely useless on computers and most modern technology. I followed a thread in Wheeltappers called I believe " What are you currently drinking " or something similar. It disappeared from my computer about 2 years ago but reappeared today for about a couple of hours. It has since disappeared once again ! Did I dream it or is there something I don't understand ?
  8. Very little to report because I'm waiting for the wheels from Alan Gibson. I believe they are very busy and if they are not in stock I might not get them for a long time. So so this small well wagon is stalled for the time being. I have put the detail on the solebars but little else. Grandad duties have taken up the slack time available as well as a couple of bike rides. To keep my hand in on the model front I have been going over old builds and trimming the heavy webs on Slaters wagon wheels. I have posted on this before but it is taking awhile to go through all the wa
  9. What metal are these made from. They look like Zinc which could indicate they were made by Tevor Charlton.
  10. I have put a couple of plates on the ramps at one end to see if they look right. I have made them from 10 thou plastikard which I think is about scale. I have found some large buffer heads in the spares box which will require collars turning up to bulk out the stems. The original buffers heads were 1'4" which will go some way to compensate for the centre line of the buffers being 3" lower than normal. These buffer heads measure 1'6" so will require turning down a couple of scale inches. I have been been in touch with Alan Gibson regarding S7 wagon wheels. I have ordered 4 sets but
  11. Wagonman, thank you for the information regarding Alan Gibson wheels. I will investigate and report back. I have noticed when I explain the way I do certain parts of any build they seem to get better response than just showing the end results. So a simple explanation on doing the parts behind the headstocks follows. 7mm nickel wire is turned down with a mini file in the mini drill and then bend with pliers at one end.The floor is marked and a couple of holes are drilled before the wire is placed in the hole in the headstock and turned to sit over the holes in the floor before touching it
  12. Malcolm 0-6-0, yes the wheels are slightly undersize but I have checked all the body dimensions and they are spot on. I took my datum point from the height above the rails. This according to the drawing is 8" which is what my model measures. If I increase the wheel size it will bring the buffers in line with other wagons but it will be to high above the rails. I have made the coupling pockets and the tie rods that go under the floor. I have yet to cover the ramps with a thin sheet of plastic to represent the steel put there to prevent wear.
  13. The buffer bases have been made. The drawing shows them shaped with curved between the bolt heads but the photos of later ones show them plain. I tried one with the curved parts but decieded the plain ones were easier to make and would look better. I was concerned with the buffer height being 3" lower there may be a problem but placing it next to another wagon this doesn't look to be the case unless I have done something wrong.
  14. Progress is very slow as with all my scratch builds but adding little bits of details makes a difference and helps me to keep going especially when doing boring jobs like making those blocks. I think I am going to make the buffers like the last build from Peco GWR parallel ones. These come in useful for all sorts of wagons and I have used them in quite a few of my builds.
  15. After I glued the headstocks on and left it to dry I came back to see they had pulled out of true. So I removed them and cleaned them up and glued them back on again. I took the opportunity to to put the headstocks back on with the added piece on the bottom. Making the slope blocks is a tiresome exercise. I tried several ways but it came down in the end to filing from solid plastkard. I glued 3 lengths of 100 thou plastic together before cutting into 4 blocks and filing to shape.
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