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  1. Graham, many thanks for the link. I haven't heard of Hobbies but that looks a very interesting trader. I agree if the right size is available it would make life a lot easier but at the time I had to improvise and it keeps the old grey matter working.
  2. Lying in bed this morning I was thinking about the little fillets to prevent rain water collecting between the frames. I had filed the ones on the first side from 60 thou square Evergreen strip. But I found it hard to hold and file accurately. Light bulb moment and bingo ! Hold it steady in a length of milled brass angle and file and scrape it with a scalpel blade.
  3. I have done an hour tonight and started on the other panels. I am well on the way now getting the other side together before I start to chamfer the framing and putting on the ironwork. But I think I will have a bottle of Belgium beer and watch the snooker.
  4. Only a small amount of work today. I have fitted the door on one side and I have been adding the small fillets of wood to drain water from the framing. This includes the longer pieces on the bottom of the frames. Another hour to add to the total.
  5. Stunning. Nothing more than stunning.
  6. There is a photograph in Locomotive Illustrated No 158 page 28 of a Altrincham private owner wagon. It was photographed behind a LNWR coal tank at Manchester's London Road station c1923-1924.
  7. I have a postcard in my collection that might be of interest. There are no markings on the back so I do not know where it came from.
  8. rocor, yes it may be possible to rub the plank lines with some sort of shaped metal tool but the problem comes from consistency and trying to keep them all the same. I have done another 3 hours today mainly on the outside framing. I have also done the non veranda end which will need trimming to size later. I nearly made another mistake because I didn't look at the photographs only the drawing which isn't very clear regarding the top of the framing. I was going to make it the same as the veranda end but it is different . Anyway I checked just in time before I glued the curved par
  9. Andy , yes a blade probably would be better ground as you say but I don't have the facility here. That is one of the thing I miss about work, having a fully equipped engineering workshop at my disposal. I have finally managed to find the off switch for the flash so hopefully I can get better photographs. I couldn't sleep last night so I can down and did 3 hours work and made a start on the side panels as well as the interior partition. I went looking for a bit of scrap plastic to make a floor insert and found a bit of old wagon already painted. So I cut a small porti
  10. After yesterday's disastrous attempt at building this NSR brake van I decided I would rescue the frame and make new sides and ends and have another go. This time I abandoned holding the Olfa cutter at 45 degrees and just cut the plank lines as normal. I have spent about 7 hours today building this to the stage you see here. I also helped with domestic duties to keep in the good books. The frames look heavy without the chamfer but there is a long way to go before I get to that stage. One benefit of yesterday's disastrous attempt was I looked very hard at
  11. Well that didn't take long. Having glued the body together, the penny dropped ! I have made a fundamental mistake in the fact that the none veranda end is also inset and I had made it flush. Plonker. Occasionally I start a wagon thats not going anywhere. I think this is like a British Leyland Friday afternoon car. O well as Peter Greene would say.
  12. I have spent about 4 hours messing about deciding if I should start again but in the end I have made a new panel at the veranda end. All the body panel are fairly close match regarding the plank lines in consistency so I will continue. I was going to make the top part where the side windows are from one piece but I now think it would be better to make in individual parts, and yes I am making this up as I go along. Time taken so far 15.5 hours. It could still go in the bin.
  13. Now I have come to the crossroads. Do I go forwards or start again ? The time taken so far has risen to 11.5 hours. But I have tried something new on this wagon. I have held the Olfa cutter that I scribe the plank lines at a 45 degree angle to give me a beveled edge. On all other wagons I just hold the blade at 90 degrees and cut the same number of cuts which is usually just twice. What I should of done was a test piece and then painted that and then compare with my normal method. So I have scribed a scrap bit of plastic and given it a quick spray of red oxide. This s
  14. Another 2 hours work and the basic underframe has been put together after making it to long. I had to take it apart and start again but I think I have now gotten it right. I have cut out one end and started on the windows. I have made it over wide to cut back when I come to assemble the body together. I know some people build up all the framing before glueing the body but I prefer to make the basic body and apply the framing afterwards. I have found a pre curved roof in my bits box to the right radius so I will use the same method as I used on the cattle wagon.
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