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  1. All the rivets and bolt heads are now on with just the label clips to cut out and put on. I keep looking at the buffer housings and thinking although they look like L&Y they could be Caledonian. I have had these in my parts box for many years and the packing and labels has been lost so I am unsure of the origins. The rib down the side looks to be to long although they are the same shape and style as L&Y. i may change these if I can get some more this weekend at the Leigh show.
  2. I have started to put the many rivets on the solebars. I even put some on that weren't there and had to remove them and fill the holes with filler. This is not the most entertaining job I have ever done, so much so I have only do one side. The other side can wait untill tomorrow.
  3. I have replaced the iron work on the ends because I filed the angles to shallow. I can now start to detail the body after all the messing about trying to get the dimensions of the body right. The corner plates I have made from 10 thou plastic which is to thick. I should try 5 thou but I never seem make a good job using plastic this thin.
  4. Signal man Rich, Thank your kind comments regarding the new arrival. I hope in time to have him in the workshop with tools in hand teaching him how cut metal and solder the same as I have with the first grandson. The second grandson is only 18 months old but always wants to go into the workshop to see grandad trains. This latest grandson may be a bit more of a problem as he is in Australia.
  5. Finally I think I have got it spot on with the body dimensions, so I have added the iron work on the ends and drilled holes and glued in the buffers.
  6. L&Y 1 plank open part 3. I managed to get the height on the body right but got the plank line in the wrong place. So I removed the body and made it again. Before I replace the angle irons on the end I will go over this with a fine tooth comb to make sure I finally got it right. The Easter bunny brought me a new grandson today so perhaps things will now go right on the modelling front.
  7. It was only 1mm to high on the body sides but I couldn't live that error. It has only taken a couple of hours work to make new sides and ends but I think it does look better for replacing them.
  8. O dear ! I have made a start on the simple body and forgot to check against the drawing before glueing everything together. The sides are to high. My better half said just file the top of the planks down but then the lines would be in the wrong place. I have now removed the body and will make new ones.
  9. I have not done anything about the design of the layout but I have started another wagon this time a L&Y single plank steel under frame open. I made one of these before in finescale many years ago. The basic under frame is is complete but without any details applied. I am quite pleased with the result although one of the solebars has got a slight curve along its length. i have taken the details from Vol 1 L&Y wagons page 106/7. I have both buffers and axleboxes in stock but not the small brake shoes which are such a feature of these wagons.
  10. I have finished the bodywork on the latest loco coal wagon. I must get back to trying to design a small layout but domestic means modelling may have to take a back seat for a while.
  11. I have attempted to simulate the iron hoops on the dumb buffers after all this intrest. I did think of putting on hoops made from 5 thou plastic strip on but the drawing looks like the hoops are flush. So I scribed them on with my Olfa cutter, not to sure wether it looks right or not. It is very easy to take close up images when the wagon is in the unpainted state.
  12. Compoud2632, i dont know the answer to your question I just follow as close as possible the drawings and photo's at my disposal. I try to model with what we have available of prototypes built over 140 years ago and at best, we will never get 100% accuracy.
  13. Well it looks like we are staying put and not moving house so I have been stripping wallpaper and preparing to decorate. We also had grandchildren to stay for the last week so very little modelling time. i did a small amount on one of my many unfinished wagons putting on the small rivets on the corner plates. There is still lots more to do but it's a start after a couple of weeks off. i still have not drawn up a track plan for my proposed layout, but I will have to get going soon so we can get the baseboards made while the weather is kind to us as my friend Peter's woodworking machines has to be taken outside his workshop to be used. He has so kit that he has to wheel most outside to use hence the need for good weather.
  14. Tricky, if you are wanting to model a standard LNWR wagon then any from Dia 1, 2, or 4 would be perfect. They all share the same headstock shape which is why I made a jig to to ease construction of my models. I dont really think you need a blow by blow account on how to build any of these wagons with your level of skills having seen the quality of models on Midlands in Bristol. I would recommend Vol 1 of LNWR wagons which is brilliant with lots of drawings and photographs. Ian, as you say it is not easy for S7 modellers especially with the lack of space in modern houses. I have laid out on the floor in my workshop a B6 template next to both B7 and B8 types and i think the deference between them is worth making a B7 the minimum for visual reasons. You only save a couple of inches between a B6 and a B7. Another problem is both my wife and I would both like to move house. We have lived in this house for 35 years and before we spends lots of money renewing things we have to find a house that fits both our needs in a area we both like. And then there is the cost. My wife wants lots of bedrooms for our grandchildren and I want a bigger workshop. Who do you think will win !
  15. Tricky, thanks for the vote of confidence in my ability, I wish I had as much in myself as you do. Laying out a couple of templates on the floor along side a rule gives a clue on how little room I have for a S7 layout. A B10 turnout is 24" long with a B7 at 21". So I think B7 is going to be the largest size I am going to use. Laying out my chopper tank and 6 wagons on the floor works out at 38". Some people have the vision of what they want from a railway but I have never been blessed with that skill.
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