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  1. As a primarily Sci-Fi Steampunk modeller, Steampunk Laurie from Team Steampunk Series 1, I have to say how much I enjoyed Heat 5 and the creativity that shone through from all teams. There were elements of each model I really found entertaining. In fact this series of GMRC seems more about fantasy based modelling than I was expecting, with sci-fi elements creeping into many designs across the heats, and it makes me wonder if more show layouts will reflect this in future? For me the hobby needs to evolve a little bit (still keeping its core modelling) so as to attract new people. So well done to all teams on GMRC2 and especially this heat that had some wonderful interpretations. Steampunk models, TB1, and some great buildings. This is my first post on GMRC2 as these modellers fired me up! Steampunk Laurie
  2. Just noticed this topic. Fantasicgorical stuff. Really glad others are having a go. For figures I get mine from eBay. They are a bit larger than normal but they still work for me. Just search Steampunk figures. Here's an example: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-28MM-STEAMPUNK-TUNSTALL-TORCHER-METAL-FIGURE/123465908999?hash=item1cbf244307:g:eg4AAOSw~ztbOQO9:rk:17:pf:0 Laurie Calvert
  3. Channel 5 link to appear on the show for Series 2. Same address as elsewhere on this thread. http://www.channel5.com/apply-to-be-on-the-show/ It says: Teams of modellers or individual modellers are welcome to apply. Please send your name, location and contact details to [email protected]
  4. Backstories: This message is really to the Teams. We were all filmed before the show, and these Backstories were going to be used on the show originally. But now they are due to be published on the Channel 5 web site I think Pat said. http://www.channel5.com/show/the-great-model-railway-challenge/ But does anyone know where they are please? Laurie p.s. here is our own 3 min video made during that backstory filming featuring Bryher and Marko:
  5. Great very funny, you know if memory serves me correctly, I think my Team Steampunk left some behind in our box of goodies (inc paints, and scenics) for other teams to use. I'm not sure we left that many. As they say in the movies 'Life finds a way' lol. Steampunk Laurie.
  6. Well done to all teams. Great modelling on RVD, and Aberdeen won with an imaginative model. Where on earth did the producers get the idea for 'Journey through time'. Our Team Steampunk would have been stumped lol.
  7. Really good to see Bryher from Knickerbocker is glancing over this thread. I doubt I can submit a team for series 2 due to personal issues but may I make some suggestions? 1: I would like to see a general sponsor that can supply other types of modelling materials such as sci-fi models, and all sorts of other things. Someone like Hobbycraft for example. This is because I found for some strange reason Hornby, Bachmann, Peco, and all the others were devoid of sci-fi items :-) It restricted my build considerably in series 1 on the 'Time Travel Train'. 2: The Pre-Build rule (if allowed, and it seems most teams need it to be) should be very clear, so they all do more or less the same amount in terms of time and money. 3: How about a guest star viewing the models and giving opinions? Could be quiet entertaining or informative depending who it is. Just a thought. Cheers, Steampunk Laurie
  8. Great to meet you too. Thanks for having a chat about the show. And yes the cow did eventually get hit by the loco but only because I moved it backwards on the rails to build up excitement for the viewing public. Cow survived and so did the loco. Layout run all day fully automatically without a single stop, problem or derailment. Those inexpensive (£25) analogue SS2A shuttle + controllers from Block Signalling do a great job accelerating and decelerating the trains. If I did a series 2 of GMRC I think I'd put some in.
  9. Again, the pre-build rule really needs to be firmed up one way of the other. A lot of money was spent on some of those pre-build items tonight in Heat 5 for one team in particular. Both time and money spent on pre-builds throughout the series varied an awful lot. I do hope Knickerbocker read this thread. I will chat to Producer Pat about it too. We did hardly any pre-build wanting to actually fulfil the challenge as set. But knowing what I know now we would do a load more. Only the teams competing really know what happened in each heat. But we do talk to each other you know ;-) On a positive note, some wonderful layouts and ideas in Heat 5. Last minute running was exciting and I was rooting for that team to get going. Other teams had great animations and wonderful ideas. Very competitive heat I thought. They are doing this hobby proud. And so is the show.
  10. Pat Doyle won't mind me saying that he will be looking for new teams for the next series at Warley on Sat 24th. So go chat to him if you are interested. I was emailing him today, as I may well turn up in my outfit on the Sat 24th too, (no layout - that's 2019) and I wanted to pre-warn him :-) But if I can help promote the show, and the hobby in my own little way, then all well and good. If there are a few of us there from the show, then we can have a mini reunion. Sort of lol. Or is that llooll Steampunk Laurie
  11. Lol, well I'm not trying to change things of course, just to add strings to our bow. The wider the appeal, the better. I'm sure we'd all agree. There is room for us all I hope. Plus I bet there are many more inventive ideas to come. Sometimes I feel as if I'm swimming against the tide and I have no intention of upsetting anyone. Thanks for the supportive comments. It really helps.
  12. That is very interesting. Plus frustrating lol. I hope people appreciate how well The Railway Children did. Plus they were most creative with their idea. They really, really tried, and took on the challenge head on. Full marks for effort. Here is a little more background information you might find interesting reading: My Team Steampunk also started with totally blank baseboards. We pre-built six single buildings only. Our base boards were empty as we wanted to do it all from nothing. We did indeed complete a layout in the time alloted. Ours was made in 23.5 hours only. I am proud of my team. We did the challenge for real. It was a personal choice from me, as I wanted to show what could be achieved. Fair enough if other teams built more because they could. But in the end the amount of pre-building variation is not being fully revealed. Let's face it some of the pre-build hours are adding up. That's film-making. So we can assume there is variation in all Heats. Plus as Steve Flint said at the end of Heat 3 that Team Steampunk had it 'Professionally finished off'. I am thankful for Steve saying that because it did fully stand up to close scrutiny by cameras. It was finished. We sat around more or less tidying up and drinking tea for the final half hour. We could have added more mountains and elevation but it was a creative decision to make it flat (turns out it cost us, so lesson learned is build elevation). The mountains we added and the raised tracks were always part of the original design, not afterthoughts, and not rudimentary when finished. But there's more :-) We were told we were 'too extreme' with our design at the very end. Once some of my team realised we never stood a chance they questioned why we were allowed to build this model. We all had to submit our designs weeks beforehand. I figure the production company made the decision, not knowing how the judges would vote. Funny though that Kathy said 'They could have gone out of this world' on TV. I really do not know what they wanted now as that would have been more extreme. So, upon hearing that four of my team went home very disgruntled indeed (the other one could not be there the final day). They refused to do further interviews. I had to dismantle the Time Travel Train alone. In the end Knickerbocker crew helped me too (thank you to Pat, Daniella, Bryher and the team). Bit of a sad end but bear in mind my team had all worked their little socks off, and they were exhausted. I think it was all a misunderstanding myself. These things happen. I hold no ill feelings at all to Knickerbocker of the judges, and did not at the time. Why? They are entitled to their decision. All judges vote differently. Plus I thought the animations were so good on the Globetrotting Santa that I felt they deserved the win on that basis. I wanted my team to deliver more animations. But we had more detail, and a more creative interpretation of 'Globetrotting'. It was close to be fair. If we had got further we had already decided to go traditional next time. For the Heat we thought we could push the boundaries. We pushed too far. 'Too Extreme'. Still I've shown that I make sci-fi railways - on TV. This is what I am getting known for. Our aim for the show was to make something sci-fi on TV. Job done. I am actually a happy loser at the end of Heat 3 as we had no need to build anything further. Anything else was a bonus - we got nothing else. You know what? I'd rather make a sci-fi railway that loses than a regular one that wins. I'm happy. We got to showcase what we do. I thank Knickerbocker and the judges for giving us the opportunity to entertain the masses with something different.
  13. Ok well don't know if any of these are near to you. I'm displaying 'Cato Pass' at all of these except the first one: Romford Nov 3 2018 (this weekend) with 'Dunmovin Mine' Royston Nov 17 Guildford 20 Jan 2019 Tenterden 23-24 Feb Trainwest 13-14 Apr Basildon 7-8 Jul Medway 7-8 Sep Sudbury 5 Oct Warley 23-24 Nov 2019 More dates to be added throughout the year no doubt. Do say hello. Is always great to chat to people and I can give them some behind the scenes information ;-)
  14. So Basingstoke didn't win then Phil? Or maybe they did and they have their Heat layout on one stand, and their final layout on the other? ;-) On another note as one of the competing teams, one thing that is not very clear on TV is the level or pre-building (or not) that went on. There were huge differences, representing a massive differential in hours. This happened in Heat 4 (so I'm told). This was not properly taken into account in the judging I feel. The rules will have to be locked down much more clearly if it ever happens again. Or no pre-builds allowed. That would sort the men out from the boys. I was at a show in Whitstable, Kent over the weekend, with some of the items rescued from our Team Steampunk model (layout was taken down an hour after filming). People were really pleased to see us, the show is getting a very positive reaction in the main from those who spoke to me with sentiments echoed on this thread, and the kids loved meeting a real 'TV star' - T-Rex not me lol.
  15. I think the show needs to re-think it's music. Just my own opinion but that is one element that could have got people running to the TV screens - a great theme tune. Just ask Gerry Anderson :-)
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