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  1. And here's the interview taking place
  2. Expensive yes but it does build up very nicely. Rob
  3. Thanks to some time off on furlough I've made progress with one of mine,this is the first etched brass loco I've built so it's tested my skills a bit but has been an enjoyable kit to build,was going ok until the soldering iron jacked in!. Rob
  4. There was a thread started the other week asking pretty much the same questions it's in Modelling questions hints and tips IIRC,from what was said I believe Railtec is working on a suitable pack. will be most welcome as I've held off numbering my 05 due to lack of suitable transfers and the reason I haven't bought a green 03,yet!. Rob
  5. It is,that pic was taken today on the daily exercise about 3.30 and it's strange now quiet that stretch of road is. I do indeed volunteer at the YWR,until the plague brought a halt to things our extension into field 2 was going well,keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for when we get going again ,you'll be made very welcome and there's always a good cup of tea to be had. Rob
  6. Here's the view of Hessle Haven today compared to the top photo in Micks last post. Rob
  7. Hi Russ Most of the site at Melton has been cleared however all the track is in place and the shed,seen behind the Ruston shunter,is still there with a Fowler shunter inside,don't know what became of the Ruston in the pic. Rob
  8. I'm also looking at doing D2121 in blue with mine,I've got pic from eBay a while ago of it and D2122 together and that also had a bell fitted,not ordered anything yet but the Cornwall Model Boats website has various sizes listed that should do the job. Rob
  9. Yorkshire Wolds Railway show at Driffield March 21st cancelled,hopefully to be rebooked in October. Rob
  10. 144006 at Hull tonight,was then paired with 155346 to work the 20.25 Hull to Sheffield. Rob
  11. He's also working on a class 110 unit,has a thread running in the small suppliers section. Rob
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