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  1. Hi. Im in the process of converting my Bachmann Radial out to em gauge and want to make up dummy frame plates to fill the gap up. Does anyone have any blue print drawing of the Radial tanks main frames to show rivet/ nut detail etc and positions Many thanks Jon
  2. Pacer. If you are still after a quartering jig I.have a hamblings jig that is left hand lead and will fit triang Dublo wheels Cheers Jon
  3. What got me more was the attitudes of individuals. I have run sale stands before. when this was discovered there was nobody else there so the stand could of been closed for twenty minutes as that's all it would of took to go through the sale leaflets. Tally up both money in the tin and money on the sheets. Maybe that's just my way of liking to sort issues out straight away rather than leaving folk not knowing if they have lost out. In my job I have to deal with individuals money and medication daily. Any discrepancies dealt with straight away. Thats my pennies worth on the subject.
  4. Just to make it a 100% clear. I have just spoken with The emgs secretary and a admin error on the behalf of the Saturday sales team led to my loco being sold and not accounted for on any paperwork. So it leaves the two locos downstairs stolen. I hope this clears any misconception up that any persons may have.
  5. Derek. As of close of play either Saturday or yesterday my cotswold L&Y saddle tank was missing presumed stollen as it could not be accounted for on the paperwork when we left the show. Even this morning when Dave made his comments which were valid at the time it was still missing. It is only now at 20:40 I have found out it was sold but not accounted for. So please Dave was in his rights to post that as that's as much information as we knew at the time.
  6. Derek. Et all. I have just spoken to Roger. Apparently my loco was sold on Saturday! and was not marked on any paperwork. the money is being forwarded on. Its still a real bummer that the other two people are still missing a vital part of their displays. There is a sick individual out there.
  7. So is it three locos stolen this weekend at expo?
  8. As Dave. Mad Mcmann says. Some little stole a full built and running em gauge cotswold / sutherland 0-6-0 saddle tank in lms livery.. Jon If I come across him his fingers will be shorter once I finish with him.
  9. Mike Could you please private Message me regarding my order of the n gauge Pendalino. I have tried pm you here and on N gauge forum but uncertain if you have received them. Many thanks Jon
  10. I like how Peter snow got excited about a picture sent in Peter said look a black five at Fort William on the jacobite. When it was actually the K1
  11. I really need to get myself one or two of these kits for holmfirth
  12. Can you show the underside of the layout you have so people can determine how its wired up? Im with others though. Park the purchased layout up or take it up carefully and reuse what you can. People here will help you as much as possible. The best way to learn is to do it yourself. Jon
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