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  1. Both posts about Craiginches seem to flatter the situation. Yes it was a greenfield site, but it is a strip of unused land trapped between the railway and East Tullos industrial estate. It was not rolling hills and would only ever have been zoned for industrial use. Part of the strip of land was already developed for light industrial and the railway and the cement terminal are between the terminal and any residential areas. The estate already generates significant HGV traffic and the road network in the estate was already developed, so I am not sure to what extent the council upgraded the roads beyond creating the access to the strip which would be about 20m of tarmac. The extra HGV traffic on Wellington Road would hardly be noticed, although this was all pre WPR and perhaps things may have changed. So I imagine planning permissions for the Craiginches terminal would have been straightforward. Also recognize that this all allowed a major redevelopment of the Guild St yard to go ahead, the rail traffic already existed, the council would have wanted the Guild St development to proceed and presumably the development paid for the new terminal. All sounds a lot easier than the Captain describes for his project. Oakhill Grange (of AB15 or Muscat)
  2. Possibly a genuine oil field: https://gainsborough-tc.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/archive/Planning_and_Development__Thursday_30_January_2014.pdf Oil well(s) at Thonock mentioned in attached link. Oil in this wider area was developed during WW2 and after. It seems to attract further interest from time to time when the oil price is high. Adrian
  3. That’s journalists for you. This would have made a great good news, defeat plucked from the jaws of victory, we’re not defeated and we’ll be back next week story. But it that probably wouldn’t sell the papers or modern equivalent. Oakhill
  4. How can I choose from list - I want them all. in order of preference: 7 2 1 3 4 I am not really interested in 5 after spending hours upgrading a GMR example, it is difficult to justify two Siphon Hs. The J has never really appealed to me, it’s a bit dull looking. Focussed choice: 7 (or 2 (or 7 (or 2 h or whichever of 7 or 2 gets most votes) Oakhill
  5. Apart from using a fret saw to cut the 2mm steel rod, what’s wrong with the instructions. You appear to be able to secure the lay shaft with epoxy, cyAno or the blue stuff. What more is needed, there are no further words of wisdom needed to make these.
  6. Is the Lady’s combination of straight frames, lining and tender under frames historically credible? Or am I just being annoying? sorry for geekiness Oakhill
  7. Looks fab. I haven’t seen the real thing, but it looks so natural. Some of the photos look close to the real thing.
  8. Hi all RCTS states that changing the door handrail (and adding cab shutters) started in April 1937. With care you can modify the Bachmann and Mainline model to this form. Although I cannot post a photo because removing the topfeed and paint from a Mainline model proved much more difficult than modifying the handrail. oakhill
  9. Just a bump in case anyone has bought / built one.
  10. So from Pannier Papers Volume 4 9770 and all before had screw down fillers. The pictures of 9774 and 9775 are not so clear but I think they have screw down and are the same batch. 9784 and 9789 look to have the quick release type. From volume 2 all of the 37xx have quick release. All these observations are from BR era photos, so tank swaps may muddy the waters. However, the change appears to be uniform. As lot 293 ended with 9784, Miss Prism’s conclusion of change at the end of 9784 seems reasonable, but my observation above about 9784 seems strange. If anybody out there has Pannier Papers Vol 4 to hand, please have a look at the top photo on the last page and see what type you think 9784 has. Thanks Oakhill
  11. Russell has a picture of 9732 with the old type and I have a picture of 8758 with same. 9732 was built in early 1935. There is a picture of 3715 in RCTS in post war condition with the quick release type. This is not very conclusive as it could be a tank swap. Assuming the whole of the 9732 batch were built the same, then at least the first hundred or so 8751s were built with the screw down type. Oakhill
  12. Hi All Is anyone now able to confirm that the kit represents 15’ 6” variants as well as 15’. The latter is presumably confirmed as the kit purports to represent Fair Rosamund and 1473 never received a 15’ 6” wheelbase. Adrian
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