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  1. Hi You may be able to source 3/4” tubing. K&S list this size. Adrian
  2. You were lucky, I got recorder practice! In that little bit of Arabia that is Gods Wonderful Railway, life is probably very similar to Blighty, except with more toilet roll as Andrex is typically £1.50 / roll.
  3. I think in the example of the Lionhearts, the bodies and underframes lengths were identical and as you say the compartment sizes changed to fit the length. Bizarrely the bogies centres changed! I hope there were good engineering reasons for this. Oakhill
  4. OT I know but when did handing of ventilators stop. Were the D109 and E141 sets handed? I would imagine the stopping of handing ventilators would not necessarily have occurred when corridors were no longer handed as there are commercial motives for the corridors. Is any of the above in English? Thanks in advance. Oakhill
  5. I created an Inglenook from Wooden Thomas a few years ago that satisfied me for hours.
  6. Should add that fixing the undersized bolster arrangement was beyond my skills / patience / families patience (delete as appropriate). Oakhill
  7. Brakes, steps and tie-bar and 90deg off horizontal, although the mirror effect from the glass table is quite pretty. Cheers Oakhill
  8. I think I commented several hundred pages ago that that type of County offends me greatly. The other type of ridiculous County that had difficulty staying on the track does not offend me at all.
  9. Hi Nothing wrong with Kings passing outside frame panniers and possible in Bristol division in your timeframe although unlikely at Chippenham. Adrian
  10. Hi again 3.5 years later I have a modified body being painted, a detailed under frame and some detailed bogies. THEN I GET THE CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE: All the photos I have seen show the right side (van at rear). This side does not have a guards window. For reference the photos are in Russell, on the HMRS website and in the flyer issued by Lionheart to advertise their product. I have never seen a photo of the other side, although I think there is a video somewhere showing a non corridor brake this on a Welsh branch. I though this was a D109 and it showed no window on the other side. I now realise that it may have been a D117, which has no window of te left side. So can anyone confirm if the D109 had a guards window on the left side (with the van at the rear) like the E140/145 or if there were no guards windows either side. Thanks Oakhill
  11. The real WMR was the West Mercia Railway tracing its origins back to the Uxbridge and Amersham of 1839. This was the largest absorbed company into the Great Western although not as profitable as the Taff Vale. The WMR connected London with Oxford and twith Birmingham and Manchester or Cheltenham, Gloucester, Hereford and Ireland via Cardigan. It was the only pre grouping company that could offer you a one stop shop for Manchester to Southampton.
  12. I think (I can’t get at any of the books today) that the coupled wheelbase is different between a 39xx and the Dean Goods. So the commercially available chassis’ are not suitable. If memory serves the wheelbase is 7ft3in + 7ft3in Adrian
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