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  1. This short video moves the camera further south at Trenholme Junction than lasts weeks video at the throat of the Lower Marshalling Yard to the station and the southern junction. The trains are a continuation of last weeks' (Marshalling Yard 11), the emphasis here is experimenting with further tuning of the blending of the model and the real world. The weather is a breezy spring day with the clouds moving by, the trees swaying and birds flying accross the sky. Produced in 4k and best viewed in that format.
  2. Sitting on the embankment looking across the throat of the Lower Marshalling Yard at Trenholme Junction on the 1960's. Blue skies with clouds rolling in. Class 20 making up a train of empty mineral wagons and then rolling off, and lots of passing traffic. Happy days!
  3. The southern end of the upper level of Trenholme Junction is the subject of this weeks video. This area has not been the subject of many videos in the past, it was difficult to get good camera positions although this is quite an interesting and complicated part of the layout. Alterations to the baseboard edges and the purchase of a couple of tripods for the camera have greatly improved the access and here is the result. Just sitting beside the railway and watching the trains roll by......
  4. We are at the North Bay at the Main Station at Trenholme Junction on a bright sunny and occasionally cloudy day watching the passenger operations back in the 1960's. Class 25 D7672 arrives with coach stock and runs round the train. 08 D3963 arrives with an ex-LMS parcel van and places it at the rear of the coaches. The 25 gently reverses onto the van, before leaving. 5658 then pulls the suburban stock from the Carriage Siding and reverses into the platform road to collect its passengers, before departing also. An excercise in camera tuning with the editing software and blen
  5. Further to the last video in this series Main Station Operation 10 (MSO 10), this is an extension of the methodology. This video is a partial continuation of MSO 10, the two cameras are moved to the north end of the Main Station at Trenholme Junction and some of the trains featured in MSO10 continue their journeys'. As in MSO10, one camera (the main view) is facing NW and the other (secondary view) is facing SW. In addition to these camera positions, two further positions are included looking NW and SW situated in the North Carriage sidings to view the trains passing on the mainly ou
  6. The aim of this project is to show the railways in Britain as they were in the 1960's. Difficult to represent real world distances in model form when trying to get away from the round and round train set on a table effect. This video is an attempt to push the boundaries further than my usual single shot and single train subject. Using two cameras together, one facing NW and the other SW at the southern end of the Main Station and using multi-camera software to synchronise the cameras, its possible to run multiple trains and get a perfect overlap between the two views. All c
  7. During the last couple of weeks or so I've been breaking in my new camera, getting used to the settings and the software interface etc., so I've added the snow effects to some stock footages in order to give some output during the lockdown. This video is a favourite of mine with a few of the eight forty fives, resident at Trenholme Junction, just getting on with the job, despite the weather.
  8. This video is the first to be produced using a new camera. The previous one a Gopro Session 5, the new one is the Gopro Hero 9. For the technically curious, both are 4k cameras the 5, video'd in 25 fps (frames per second) the 9 is 50 fps. The main difference you should notice is the smoothness on the later videos compared with the older (although still good). I'm keeping the 5 for shots where the later, 9, won't fit, eg inside cabs etc. In this video we see a Standard Class amble in to the Main Station and take its place at the head of its train and readies for departure, followed by
  9. There's been a lot of interest with the 'snow weathered' videos I have been posting recently so I've added the effect to some more videos I have produced in the past. Replacing a summer scene makes a change from every other layout (including mine) which always seem to take place on an ideal summer's day.
  10. Its still snowing at Trenholme Junction and today we are simply watching the trains pass by the Lower East Station. Those of you following the channel this last couple of weeks will know I've been experimenting with producing this snowy effect. Getting the right light, balancing the icy look and the amount of snowfall is a bit tricky, but in this one I'm satisfied that its what I'm looking for.
  11. Here's a re-work of a favourite video of mine, produced a while ago, with the snow effect added.
  12. This week didn't turn out as I planned. I was expecting a new camera to arrive and it didn't. I was to spend the time getting to know it and to see how it was to edit the new footage. The new lockdown has kicked in, and the weather has turned very wintry and with temperatures down to minus eight, its not very warm in the Train Shed. This is the third video I have produced this week which reflects the weather outside. All three have used previously issued footage and shows how using special effects can substantially change the look of what is, the same model. The process has
  13. Adding the snow special efffects to another of the earlier videos, echoing the weather conditions here today.
  14. Just a repeat of a recent popular video with the special effects of snow added to the scene. First attempt, don't be too harsh with the critisim.
  15. Travelling on board one of the Diesel Multiple Units from the Upper North Station to the Main station. Three cameras on board, one in the cab, and two in the following passenger coach, looking out of each side. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous and Safe New Year to all my subscribers, friends and supporters of this channel. Thanks to Ian Andrews (Side windows) and Stephen Lynn (Cab View) for allowing me to use their images.
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