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    Both 1:1 scale and model. Main line, preserved, steam, diesel, electric, UK and abroad, anything that has wheels and runs on rails - all good! :-)

    Modelling - mainly TT both UK 1:101 and Continental 1:120 scale after coming back to them from OO/HO in 1999;

    But changing circumstances mean I've come over all a bit HO Luxembourgish of late...

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  1. Rolling bars are very nifty for forming roofs, boilers, tumblehomes etc. in brass or n/s... (Here being used to roll the roof into a brass 3mm TT scale class 47 body etching)
  2. Yes, I've come to that decision too. :-) Not decided yet whether to make it display only or go the whole hog with motorised remote-control though (had a funny 5 minutes last night where I thought "Hey, could make it radio controlled!!" before giving myself a stout slap about the face). Tamiya made a range of big beastie 1/25 tanks; Centurion, Chieftan, Panther, Tiger I, Jagdpanther, T34 and SU100. But even more I coveted the 1/16th models (particularly the King Tiger), huge great things with a price tag to match...
  3. In my teens/early 20's I was also into 1/35th military modelling, mostly Tamiya. An interest in custom cars/hotrods increased after I passed my test and started driving with 1/24th Revell/Monogram car kits taking over, and strangely enough I can remember the very last tank kit and diorama I built in early 1989 (30 years ago! - where did the time go?!) with the Tamiya Marder III. Since then I still look at the kits section when in model shops with nostalgia at the old Tamiya classics, and amazement at the range of stuff that's available these days either as kits or as conversions (like Accurate Armour). I've often thought that one day I'd like to go back and build a kit for old time's sake. It looks like that day has come. Yesterday whilst browsing in a local model shop I found this; Back in the day I remember drooling over the Tamiya 1/25th tanks, but could never afford one as they were way out of my pocket money range. This one was described as "old new stock" and priced at an earth-shattering £25. Now I went into the shop looking for model railway scenic items and had no intention or particular desire to get back into military plastic kit modelling. But 25 quid?! Come on now, what's the catch? Well, the box is heavily shop-soiled and water damaged, the pictures on one end very faded having spent decades sitting on a shelf in sunlight, some of the sprue bags are open with parts off the sprues and rattling in the box (so no guarantee that some haven't been lost) and no instruction booklet. So, ancient, battered, faded and maybe not all there? (a bit like me) Something of a risk; would he take £20 for it? He would. :-) Some research this morning has revealed that this is the 1973 release kit and the retail price sticker found inside the box was for £96.50. The importers RIKO ceased trading in 1999 so this kit was probably sitting in the shop from the early 80's onwards. I found a PDF of the original instructions on www.modelercorner.com with images of the sprues, have checked, and everything seems to be there. So, the major question now is, is this yet another aquisition to add to the unbuilt kits cupboard, or should I have a go at it as a sort of 30th anniversary commemoration?
  4. Hi Nestor, Welcome back, good to see progress! The station building looks particularly nice. My Christmas-present mug from the wife was a little more on topic... Cheers, Peter.
  5. Neil, where is it going to be?
  6. Hi Joseph, There are also Tillig 12mm gauge points in kit form as another (cheaper) option; I'm concentrating on the H0 section of my layout at the moment so it's probably going to be a while before I get around to having a go at assembling these. Cheers, Peter.
  7. Tim, Some really solid progress there, looking good! Who makes the rock formations and what material are they? Peter.
  8. Time for a bit of 3D doodling (thanks to Alan at Hufeisental for the term) - starting to form the outline of the picture of the idea inside my head using bits of cardboard and plywood cut-outs to work out the heights of different levels. The bridge deck has been set down into the structure to shave off 5mm in height which makes the approach gradient about 1 in 20. This is a little bit more than I ideally wanted to go, but decreasing it to my ideal 1 in 25 would mean shifting the bridge about 50cm to the left. Allowing for the scenic break I could shift it something like 35cm, so the question is - is the difference in impact on loco performance between 1 in 20 and 1 in 22.5 big enough to warrant making the change? I've dug an old control desk out of the salvage heap. It has two Gaugemaster transformers giving 2x 16v A.C with two DIN 4-pin connectors for connecting two Gaugemaster walkabout controllers for 2 separate loops, each with a switch panel controlling the points and isolating sections. I built it for stall motors so all the point switches will have to be replaced and rewired for 16v A.C bzzzt operation and the 12v DC transformer is now redundant (although may be used for lighting when I get that far).
  9. Indeed, they give it a certain je ne sais quoi...
  10. I was enjoying the portals pictures. More please! :^)
  11. I'm always impressed by the amount of thought and contortions you often see in the development of layout back stories; - that had there been a joint GW/LSWR line to (insert implausible place name here), then if the extension mentioned in the 1885 act had been constructed - then there could have been justification for locos of (insert company name) on a (more implausible operating rights as possible working (e.g Caleondian running into Plymouth) via the reverse connection at Wolverhampton Low Level, up to closure in August 1957 - and here's my model of it. (I think my layout back story would probably have more to do with middle-age, recreating a flavour of lost youth and the easement in domestic cirumstances though. :^) )
  12. In early November I (rashly) told the other half that I was going to stop buying trains. This past week my christmas-day-afternoon-inebriated-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time ebay purchases have been arriving leading to archly raised eyebrows and the-contents-of-those-packages-is-what-exactly? interrogations....
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