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    Both 1:1 scale and model. Main line, preserved, steam, diesel, electric, UK and abroad, anything that has wheels and runs on rails - all good! :-)

    Modelling - mainly TT both UK 1:101 and Continental 1:120 scale after coming back to them from OO/HO in 1999;

    But changing circumstances mean I've come over all a bit HO Luxembourgish of late...

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  1. Just when you think you'd got to the bottom of the pile, another couple show up... DB - 181.202 at Lux Gare c.1978 DB - 181.218 at Lux Gare c.1978 The Baureihe 181 https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/DB-Baureihe_181 were dual-voltage 15 Kv / 25 Kv D-Zug locos built for cross border traffic into France and Luxembourg. Both pics date from around c.1978 as 181.218 is freshly painted in the new DB blau/beige livery that was starting to be introduced around that time.
  2. Coming up for 2 years later and I am still gradually sorting through and scanning my packets of photos. With so much cross-border traffic It was always interesting that there was such variety in the nationality of locomotives and foreign stock coming through Luxembourg. So hope you like some pics of SNCF and DB trains running over CFL metals back in the 80's... SNCF - 15032 12.12 Bruxelles to Chur at Fentange 3-4-86 DB - 181.201 18.39 Lux to Koblenz at Oetrange 10-8-89 DB- class 181 12.11 Koblez to Lux on Pfaffenthal viaduct 27-8-83 DB - 181.208 12.40 Lux to Koblenz at Wecker 5-5-86 DB - 181.218 14.18 Lux to Trier at Oetrange 5-5-86 SNCF - 15032 12.12 Bruxelles to Chur at Fentange 3-4-86 SNCF - 15038 12.20 Bruxelles to Basel at Bettembourg 10-8-89 DB - 181.208 09.13 Koblenz to Lux coming off the Pfaffenthal viaduct 5-5-86
  3. Hi, I have previously used the Tillig TT scale 12mm gauge Baeseler DKW (out of the box - no assembly required): Found it to be a bit of a pig - very fiddly. I later changed to Hoffmann point motors but still never got it working 100% reliably, which is a pity as it's a nice-looking piece of trackwork.
  4. Indeed, banished to the garden it now whines to be let back in. :^) Actually it's cascaded to garage-worshop duties and awaits being trundled there. In the meantime it serves as a perch for the cats, there's one sitting out there right now, glaring at me through the window as it wants to be let in for its' breakfast. Apart from the new chair all my furniture is salvaged/scrounged; I saw about a hundred of the quality solid-wood cabinet/glass display shelves being broken up for the skip by a worker with a sledge hammer during an office refurb. An insane waste. I had a chat with the foreman who quite happily let me reverse up to the loading bay and just take as much as I wanted (and could fit in the car).
  5. I've not done much modelling of late, my office chair developed a slow gas strut leak so that every time I sat in it I had this initially vague, but then accelerating sinking sensation; Not comfortable modelling when your chin is level with the workbench. Madame, taking pity on me (and being irritated at my use of the dining table for spreading out stamp albums) has bought me a new one for my birthday (having first checked that it has a "fat b4st4rd" rating sufficient for well-built gentlemen). And I am back to having comfortable use of my desk. But it has occured to me that, leaving the chair issue aside, I've hardly touched my layout since mid-April. Back when I was commuting before this madness, every minute of evening time available was precious and occasional boring and lengthy meetings at work could be used to be mentally drawing up detailed plans and rehearsing the next task; sequence, materials and tools needed etc.. whilst maintaining a manner of attentive yet bland interest and the interjection of occasional "mmm, yes" and nods of the head at the appropriate moments. But now, released from all that I just seem to be suffering from an indolent lassitude, manana, strangely not bovvered... ?
  6. I like what you are doing with the cork strips for the rockfaces, will be very interested in seeing how it ends up looking. Keep up the good work! :^)
  7. Mais non mon ami, they tried exactly that after the French revolution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_time
  8. Yaaaaaaaaayyy!!!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52528149
  9. Thanks, I googled "7 & 2" and found this: https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?pid=242
  10. Oh. I only planted ours last Autumn. Looks like I may need to wait a bit longer then...
  11. Like you I have a fondness for both beer wagons and their contents. :^) Your question is best answered by yes, no, depends. Yes there were both PO and leased railway-owned beer vans across Europe. Post WW1 their usage decreased considerably but continued with tanker and refigerated vans up to the 1980's in Germany. (In Bayern in 1912 only 48 out of 71 breweries shipping by rail were willing to sign a new flat-rate van maintenance contract). As for the types of vehicles and liveries there was huge variation across all eras, so leaving the vagaries of model manufacturers making stuff up for promotional purposes to one side, saying what is historically "prototypical" or not is very difficult. As Rule 1 applies I run vehicles where I particularly like the product, or the livery. I keep meaning to buy this book, but the price puts me off: https://www.booklooker.de/Bücher/Lothar-Spielhoff+Geschichte-der-Eisenbahn-Bierwagen-Das-erste-Frachtgut-deutscher-Eisenbahnen-Bier/isbn/3882554428
  12. Many, many happy childhood memories of singing along to this with my Dad (much to Mum's annoyance):
  13. TT-Pete

    More TEA vicar?

    Robert, thanks, although the lack of cab window glazing does very much let it down. What motor bogies are you using?
  14. TT-Pete

    More TEA vicar?

    Ah yes, so it would appear; introduced in 1960 and would have cost you a princely 2/- (Dapol are charging a bit more than 10p for them now!) Working from the ground up I thought I'd start by checking exactly what bogie bits are in the box: I've got 2 pairs of Gloucester bogies made and 2 pairs unmade, so the 5th tanker will have a pair of T592 tender bogies in tribute to Bruce's original design. Wheelsets are 9mm Romfords in the Gloucester and 9mm Kean Maygib in the tender bogies. The first job tonight was drilling out the sideframes to take unflanged pinpoint bearings.
  15. Finished! I have used Belgian railways SNCB livery and decals to create a ficticious Type 92 allocated to Stockem shed, pictured here on a local stopping service: (Hmm, I should really be using this lockdown time to be getting more scenic work done...)
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