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    Both 1:1 scale and model. Main line, preserved, steam, diesel, electric, UK and abroad, anything that has wheels and runs on rails - all good! :-)

    Modelling - mainly TT both UK 1:101 and Continental 1:120 scale after coming back to them from OO/HO in 1999;

    But changing circumstances mean I've come over all a bit HO Luxembourgish of late...

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  1. Moien! Wéi geet et?

  2. Contikits are my default "go to", they have now also started doing "budget specials": http://www.contikits.com/Lists.html
  3. Wimborne on the Saturday 14th before lockdown started, attendence was way down and you could overhear anxious conversations on just about every stand. Seems like a lifetime ago now... If I'd known how long this was going to last I would have bought more! I have made a resolution that once restrictions are lifted and exhibitions are back on I am going to visit every one within reasonable distance - just because I can.
  4. Or as is it known in colloquial German horse apples (Pferdeapfel). Don't know why, but this descriptlion has always tickled me - "I'd like a bag of monkey nuts and a pound of horse apples please...".
  5. @eastwestdivide - in most cases I would be in agreement with you, but in Myla's case we have done some repeated empirical research; With the cat curled up on the back of the sofa I go into the railway room leaving both rooms door open whilst Madame remains to observe the cat. She then calls out "start the trains" and sees how long it takes after whirring and clattering can be heard for ears to twitch, eyes to open and cat to jump down and trot into the railway room where she either jumps up on to the baseboards or sits at my feet looking up at me, waiting to be lifted up. About
  6. I thought I'd run some trains last night, within seconds I had a rapt and fascinated audience... Even if my son has shown no interest whatsover it's nice to have at least someone in the family who has an appreciation of model railways... :^)
  7. I had a badger I bought in about 1985 that drove me mad and was only used a handful of times until it was sold on eBay in the early 2000's for waaay more than the £54 that was still clearly marked on the tag on the front of the box and visible in the pictures attached to the listing. - Sorry, are we not talking airbrushes here?
  8. or similarly the locos of another German railway company to be amagalmated into DRG, the Saechsische Staatseisenbahn Also pollution apologies. Peter.
  9. Bonne Annee – Happy New Year! (Fingers crossed that it’s better than the one just gone.) So obviously I didn’t get back to Luxembourg last year and in any case all bourse/shows are cancelled just about everywhere for the foreseeable future anyway :^( so I am going to take a virtual trip in silico instead, and even indulge in a little time travel courtesy of some old photographs. Having an idle sift through boxes of old photos and negatives recently I came across two packets of black and white prints that I can remember Dad picking up at shows we attended som
  10. Well, what a strange old year it has been. From having been made redundant a year ago, to watching the job market flat-line in March and having a lot of time on my hands, to deciding on a later-life career change, to being back in full-time work and railway modelling activities again becoming a spare-time stress reliever, to now Xmas being cancelled :^( And it’s also exactly 2 years that I’ve been building the layout, from Xmas 2018 To now. But before permanently entombing everything in card and plaster I thought it worth one l
  11. If archaic and obsolete audio/AV tech is your thing (as it is mine) there is a very interesting channel on Youtube "Techmoan" where he aquires, fixes and tests old equipment. The lengths he sometimes goes to in order just to get ancient dratted things to work again for a seriously underwhelming result make me think he must also be a railway modeller... Some of the kit he finds is seriously obscure. https://www.youtube.com/user/Techmoan
  12. Hello, try PB Messing Modelbouw in Belgium: http://www.pb-messingmodelbouw.com/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/pieces-detachees/locomotives-vapeur/90240-0-po
  13. what the forum needs is a "drool" button...
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