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    Both 1:1 scale and model. Main line, preserved, steam, diesel, electric, UK and abroad, anything that has wheels and runs on rails - all good! :-)

    Modelling - mainly TT both UK 1:101 and Continental 1:120 scale after coming back to them from OO/HO in 1999;

    But changing circumstances mean I've come over all a bit HO Luxembourgish of late...

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  1. There's not been much going on with the layout for a while, I've been on a full-time training course for the past 4 months with plenty of evening and weekend work to boot. Having now graduated and with the prospect of a new job in the new year, my thoughts have turned back to railway modelling and this past week I have been building a castle in the air So I'd been thinking over the idea of having part of the fortress ruins inspired by the Bock, but with no plan I had a bash at freestyling with some plastic sheet and odds and ends out of the offcuts box It just kind of happened as I went along, but looks ok I think, so happy with that. :^) And now looking forward to a bit of quality modelling time over the festive period. So it just remains to wish you all Schéi Chrëschtdeeg and a Schéint Neit Joer (let's hope it's a better one...) (Oh, and someone else is glad that the trains are running again;)
  2. Ach! Ze Germans haff been using it for decades! Even the East Germans back in the 1970's; It also applies to classic cars, my uncle's 1950's Mercedes 300 SL was always referred to as being an "old timer" - pronounced olt-tie-muh
  3. Neil, who makes the cobble surface? Looks like it comes as a roll?
  4. Neil, I use an absolutely ancient tinlet of Humbrol HS 202 "Concrete" which has just the right greenish-grey tinge to it and that I am trying to eke out for as long as possible... The "Aces of Iron" conversion chart http://acesofiron.com/conversion.htm says that the modern equivalent is Humbrol 95, but I haven't tried it. Cheers, Peter,
  5. Wot Neil said... :^) Cheers, Peter.
  6. Took them to Specsavers yesterday, "Oh no, we don't replace those kinds of screws" she said, "come back next Saturday and we'll have ordered brand new frames and transferred the lenses into them." Great service, but does feel a bit like replacing the whole car 'cos the ashtray was full...
  7. And as I found out this week also finds the teensy little screws that hold spectacles hinges together particularly tasty.
  8. Indeed it was, I was yelling at the wife "Turn the sound up, turn the sound up! That's the one on that forum that you're always complaining about me always being on!" She was dead impressed and now not only does RMWeb have a veneer of respectability, but you'll have an additional two visitors when the layout eventually ventures south-west of Watford.
  9. Oh my god, shhhhhhhh!! Don't let the finescale fraternity hear you say that! Heresy!!
  10. Cor!! How many G's must that be pulling?!
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