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    Both 1:1 scale and model. Main line, preserved, steam, diesel, electric, UK and abroad, anything that has wheels and runs on rails - all good! :-)

    Modelling - mainly TT both UK 1:101 and Continental 1:120 scale after coming back to them from OO/HO in 1999;

    But changing circumstances mean I've come over all a bit HO Luxembourgish of late...

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  1. Flash-forward sequences. So you have the here-and-now with the Martians going all postal on us, then the "some years hence" sections where the Martians are gone, but effects of Martian terraforming (marsforming?) are being felt. Bored with it now.
  2. "Final episode next week" said the announcer. "Good." quoth the wife. :^)
  3. I thought we had agreed not to bring Brexit into it?
  4. Correct, released late 1945 but filmed 1944 onwards. With the Luftwaffe being considerably diminished and their French bases being pushed ever further back eastwards since D-day in June 1944, it was felt that air-raid blackout measures could be broken in Carnforth, particularly for night filming, as it would be safely out of range...
  5. As when the wofeful day in the not-to-distant-future arrives when we will all transition from "New Elizabethans" to, er, um, "Charlies"...
  6. I am going to need to produce quite a few sandstone rockfaces and outcrops for my layout, aiming for this overall look and feel: I've been thinking about this for quite a while and have rejected the idea of using off the shelf pre-formed plaster rocks, or moulds to cast my own as firstly, who knew plaster could be so expensive? And secondly, I am going to need rather a lot of it and so would end up using the same shapes over and over. I was really impressed by the "knitterfelsen" (wrinkle rocks) system from Noch where flat sheets are folded to give a random 3d effect, but at £10 for each 25x45cm sheet, you might as well be using papier-mache made from banknotes! I do however have a pile of Celotex sheets and off-cuts left over from our housebuild squirreled away at the back of the garage and I am assuming it can be worked very much in the same way as the stuff by the chap in this video: I've seen in a few posts here that people have worked with Celotex on their layouts so I am going to give it a go and just wanted to ask for any tips and tricks anyone might have for shaping/sticking/painting the stuff, and what definitely needs to be avoided? E.g do particular glue/paint/solvents melt it? (The other half is going to just love the mess once I actually get started with it... )
  7. In that vein perhaps a little bit early to be wishing everyone at CA (but having experienced the horrors of the new local Aldi store this evening and therefore in line with the avalanche of commercial Xmas carp already being shoveled at us mere consumers at the moment); "Io Saturnalia!" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturnalia And some intriguing coincidences; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mithraism_in_comparison_with_other_belief_systems - analagous to what I believe is known in the Marvel Universe as a "crossover"? :-)
  8. Not half! Total respect for this chap who made it look so easy...
  9. Ooh, interesting, the vagaries of t'internet. Try putting in a link to your layout thread and see what picture comes up...
  10. Remaining in the same nether region; The name of the salesforce automation system we were flogging into Germany in the mid-1990's was called FastTrack. Much merriment ensued when hearing potential customers pronouncing it in more gutteral German, coming out as "Fass-trek" - sounding exactly like "Fass Dreck" - (barrel of sh*t - which was by chance much better description and not a symptom of honesty breaking out in our Sales & Marketing).
  11. Well, at least I have been making good use of my time over the past couple of weeks. The Noch bridge started off with 2cm-wide plasticard sections being spliced into the piers arches and deck before being painted to blend in with the HO bridge. The railings provided with the kit just looked awful and all wrong next to TT scale stock, so a bit of a rummage in Dad's ancient "bits, bobs & leftovers box" turned up some much more fitting (probably 1970's era) replacements that slotted straight in and that were co-incidentally of exactly the right length; Yes! Big Jim says :- Remember! NEVER throw anything away kids! The elevated track base sections are (just about) level with cork sheeted ply and the bridges slot in nicely. There's a nice positive feeling about seeing things moving forward, I've been told by the Doc not to wear shoes and to stay home next week and not to put weight on my foot to give it a chance to heal, so I'm effectively "off games" and contemplating things to be doing... :^)
  12. I can still hear my Dad's advice; "Always cut away from you..." and my passport used to say "Scar on back of left thumb" under "Distinguishing marks" - consequence of a very similar situation to yours above aged about 11. Hope there wasn't too much blood. I have found the sides of the BTTB/Tillig "Entladungsbruecke" (unloading bridge) very useful for exactly that reason; They look ok when re-purposed:
  13. He was always chopping stuff about and repainting as best he could with the limited materials of the time being plasticard, Humbrol gloss paints and Letraset rub-down transfers (the last curled yellowing perished sheets which I only just recently threw away.) Number 3 0-6-2T "Pilot" is a fairly typical creation being front half Jinty, rear half er, umm, dunno. Can't say where the Westinghouse pump came from, but even Continental products weren't safe from his hacksaw, so possibly Playcraft/Jouef? (There is also a rebuilt Triang R56 Transcontinental 4-6-4T Baltic tank knocking about somewhere that I can't seem to find at the moment) however this Belgian company produce very good cast brass pumps (albeit in HO): http://www.pb-messingmodelbouw.com/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/echelle-ho/pieces-detachees/locomotives-vapeur/90240-0-po (bit of a long URL, but you know these Belgians...) I have an account with them and will be placing an order for other bits in the near future, PM me if you want to include anything...
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