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  1. I have a small problem. I have a digital subscription and the video cannot be seen in full screen as this mode has been turned off (it's not active on my screen). What's the problem? Cheers Andreas
  2. Actually the site states that no batteries can be shipped as a standa alone with RM....
  3. Hi Chris, this looks very promising system and I would also consider it for my 0 gauge stuff.....the problem that Protocab has is that they do not ship outside the UK. Its a pitty that the UK has so many absurd health and safety regulations that obstruct almost every part of life.... Cheers Andreas
  4. The parkside catalogue can be downloaded from the respective Peco webpage :-)
  5. At this point I will give my praise on the service of the new owners of Cambrian Models. I ordered on Saturday via webshop and the package arrived safely here in Switzerland today! Excellent service and thank you. The webshop has a good structure and it deducted the VAT automatically, which is extremely handy! A praise again for the owners! My only suggestion is that the webshop is kind of slow and it brings some bugs during the procedure of buying....it showed me that one item (the one chassis that I bought) that it was not available although it was because I checked it, but eventually it was all fine! I am sure that you know of these glitches and that the stability will improve If possible in the near future please add better pictures of the products (also those pictures missing)...it helps us abroad. I will be coming back again to get some goodies in the near future. Keep up the good work! Kind Regards Andreas
  6. As shown above you can cut 0.4mm thick lines with a 0.25mm plasticard (10thou). Try it out...I designed the railing a was not sure if it was possible.
  7. Hi to all...this is my first work with the Cameo. I bought the maschine last december but haven't used it much but now the time has come. The coach is a Greek one. All the work has been done with 0.5mm and 0.25mm polystyrene from Evergreen. The railing has 0.4mm line thickness and I have to say I am very pleased. The railing is two layers of 0.25mm Polystyrene. I have now more projects on the go :-) Cheers Andreas
  8. Hi, He changed his email per 31st of March. [email protected] Hope this helps Andreas
  9. Hi Steve, I saw you posting and I filled out the contact form of JLTRT! I will get one kit for sure! Cheers Andreas
  10. Hi Andy, those ladders seem fine. Can you please tell me the width of these ladders....I am looking for some to equip some coaches that I have but they need to be 3mm wide.... Cheers Andreas
  11. Hi Robin, have a look at this Flickr photo sequence of the build by Brian Daniels. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/83307-djh-class-03-starter-kit/?p=1376815 Good Luck Andreas
  12. Hi Peter, ready???... I could dream of. Well actually I lost track of time and I have been away on a number of trip since November. I wont quit or abandon the project. I am determined to finish it. Stay tuned, a next installment will come and actually such posts keep me motivated. Cheers Andreas
  13. Hi Talltim, I know the "problem". French and brass models here are 1/43.5. Lenz, Brawa & Co. do 1/45. I do all my scratch building in 1/43.5 so are all my locos. Cheers Andreas
  14. Hi Fat Controller, It looks tempting. There has been the opposite, greek ferry wagons coming to the UK in the 60s so I guess the other way round could also be the case....desicions, desicions.... Cheers Andreas
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