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  1. Have you tried the Scalescenes Engine shed, it's "scaleable", made my 4 road from the kit.
  2. A good example of "why pre-order" is the debacle surrounding the Hornby "Exeter" release two years back now. Even some folks who pre-ordered found themselves NOT getting the loco. Hornby relented after that mess and created a second run to placate the populace. Answer generally is, if you really want a specific item, best to pre-order as that's the BEST chance to get it, though no guarantee <sigh>
  3. "Display port" is one of those odd lets-see-if-we-can-add-ANOTHER-different-connector-when-we-already-have-sufficient-useful-designs!!! My laptop has a "Display port" and the simple adapter you can get, I use one with a short 8" cable between the two styles, works just fine to connect the laptop to an HDMI monitor. The reverse will also work.
  4. Were it THAT simple. Apparently, along with your personal distain for all things DCC, you managed to miss/dismiss the fact that some (quite a few actually) of "us" are about 3,000 miles or more from it being "easy enough to go to a preserved railway..." I, for one am quite happy with DCC, the sound locos I have (ALL STEAM), and enjoy, provided they are suitably moderated in sound, the few exhibits I get to see on the occasions I'm back in the UK. I've seen many excellent DCC/sound presentations as well as an equal number of DC/quiet once, I'm happy to see them ALL, as the builders/operators are choosing THEIR time/money and modeling skills to provide what THEY like and hopefully "we" will enjoy. Perhaps, if there appears to be a propensity for DCC/sound layout more and more at shows, rather than foist your limited perspective on others you could choose to stay away instead or become a little more broad minded??
  5. Ian Abel

    Hornby Clan

    This went for $148 (approx. 106 quid). Definitely a bargain/steal by comparative UK prices... Looked like it would go for a lot lower initially, but too rich for my blood, I don't really want/need/care for one (being primarily BR/SR era/region) especially, but was willing to go to $110 but no more I often snag great deals when something UK-outline is sold on the US eBay market, fewer contenders and often seems people who ARE likely contenders either aren't watching regularly or simply not as broad an interest, of course. Plus I think foreign (non-US) buyers are less likely to pony up the added postal costs and potential import/VAT/duty problems, and many US sales of UK stuff seems to only be listed as deliverable to the US, my gain, though not this time
  6. Given the advantage over some folks of having my layout in a finished basement (livable space/climate controlled same as the rest of the house) I leave everything on the layout. Whilst I don't have the volumes of locos and rolling stock some folks have, I certainly have enough that it'd take me a good hour or more to unbox or box it up, so I'd never get the right amount of operating time if I did so. Besides, unless I built cassettes or some other holders for the permanently coupled rakes, etc. there'd be a very good chance of damaging precious items each session.
  7. Yes it can... as many have already stated. IMHO JMRI is brilliant. I'm very much a newbie with it and just scratching the surface, but I've got literally dozens of "routes" defined to get traffic into and out of my six platform terminus onto the four track mainline, including routes to take locos to/from the two loco holding stubs, and provide routes to/from a couple of carriage sidings. Literally ONE click to set a route, either from the Layout screen or from the Engine Drive App on one of several old phones/pads used as throttles/layout controllers.
  8. I looked, only ONE of the "North American" stores listed even shows Hornby as a product line. That's the one in Canada, and they sadly have NOTHING of the new items listed as available. The Hornby site itself only shows ONE Duchess "left", "Sir William Stanier" out-of-stock and referring to the "View Stockists" and selecting North America reverts to the same sorry unreal list that's always been there (see above) <yawn> <sigh> EDIT: Also the Standard 4MT also "ONE LEFT" and the H SECR out-of-stock - so what they imply, and the reality are on the either sides of the universe. Not sure why they pretend that there are "stockists" over here (US), except for the Canadian ones, of which there are certainly a few, as there are never any Hornby products listed on the US retailers. Still the BEST choice for US residents is to get things from the UK sellers (mostly because they get supplied first/soonest) at decent prices, even after shipping is added, especially given we get (for the US at least) the VAT deducted. I just pre-order from my favourite flavor of the month/week UK seller and be done with it. EDIT: If I even THOUGHT ABOUT pre-ordering a "Lord Nelson" from a US seller, it's unlikely they'd even know what one IS, would as yet be unable to accept a pre-order, would (when they CAN accept it) charge at least $50-100 more for the privilege, and I'd have to wait month(s) after release to see it - that's why my pre-order is already in with Hattons Oh well...
  9. WOW.... talk about topic drift, this hasn't exactly drifted, it's apparently run off the rails, created a new network and jumped on to something so far removed from the OT that I'm even confused enough to not even recognize what New Topic it's become!
  10. Have to agree wholeheartedly with this. I've purchased something approaching 25+ locos now since I re-started (about 4 years ago). A few pre-owned so no substantive comments, but they actually all run well. Every NEW loco I have has performed well after I've run it in (hint, hint, to the masses), and I've no complaints. These include MN(s), WC(s), Q1(s), King Arthur(s), S15 and a Schools. The only actual "issue" I had was the S15 came with two left-handed drain-cock accessories, and that was instantly correctly by Hornby who sent a replacement accessory PACK, not just the single piece. Given I'm in the US I thought that was verging on the miraculous While a newcomer (only 4 years back at it), I've overall been extremely please with all my purchases and do feel there needs to be a balance of "positive reports" (which, as stated you NEVER GET) before you can draw any real conclusions. My experience, taken in isolation, would indicate that the current locos are very nice quality and very good runners.
  11. I CAN say I'd seen them recommended many times whilst researching ballasting - supposedly perfect to recover the loose ballast to re-use. I received one two Christmases ago for just that purpose. I CAN'T say how effective they are since I've spent too much time building wagons/signals, laying track and then running trains to actually START ballasting yet It's still in the box under the layout, expecting it's appearance and use any minute...
  12. Oh I think you're dead wrong there Geoff, that's complete cobblers... Hat, coat... vrrroooommmm....
  13. I'm up for 'Lord Nelson', I even LIKE TTS sound, so that's OK. Only problem is, my preference to fund it will be to sell; Professionally built/painted Craftsman model (builder/painter unknown), that I've owned from new for years and have upgraded to DCC. Sadly, the wheelset is "fine" enough that it's not happy negotiating some of my layout tighter curves even at a 28" minimum, so is restricted running <sigh> lovely model, nicely finished, not very usable
  14. Don't ship to the US - surprise, especially since the postage would probably be 4 times the price BUT several identical items on eBay.com for various prices and with free shipping - ordered... Links provided for US members... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Anti-Magnetic-tweezers-Set-Of-6-Precision-Epoxy-Coated-Tweezers-Stainless-Steel/162554991509?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 https://www.ebay.com/itm/6in1-Pro-ESD-Coated-Stainless-Steel-Bent-Sharp-Tip-Precision-Tweezers-Set-HS1016/232550676939?hash=item362519b9cb:g:480AAOSwPzhaCl-4 Thanks for posting.
  15. Agreed, indeed I've a couple of 2-BILs and avoided the 4-VEP in favor of the 4-CEP following the reviews/reports, hence the preference for Blue to do a 4-COR - if they use the same running gear and lighting connections it'd be luvverly...
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