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  1. Bit late to this thread, however, here's mine - it WAS professionally built/painted so I can't take credit, BUT, it's delightful and runs very well;
  2. Indeed - Whilst quite a lovely product for its time, I have a mint, run in only Wrenn "Sir Keith Park - Golden Arrow", it's past its prime when compared to the latest Hornby offerings and is still in its box!
  3. Happy camper here - won a lot (only one other seemingly not very interested party??) of 6 x 5ft Aristocraft G-gauge track, almost like new for only $91US - and a remarkable only $26 shipping. Arrived extremely fast and as described, well pleased as a result
  4. I was thinking airbrush should more likely be replaced with "SEWER"
  5. Is this for a 12" to the ft variety?!?!?! I consider my pair of 4-CEPs a steal now
  6. Just posting this as requested by Jim, haven't seen another post of the details, moderators please move/delete if there is a better/more appropriate place; "Road Accident over weekend . Elspeth and I had to drive to Aviemore last weekend, planning to be back in Ayr by Monday night, so that we could get the last of the orders sent out before the end of this week. On Monday, in deep snow and almost zero visibility, we were sitting at traffic lights in Newtonmore, almost 200 miles from home, when an out of control car 'tailgated us at speed, seiously damaging my car, and not doing us any good either! I've got a replacement car courtesy of our insurance company, and should be fit to drive down over the weekend and get these remaining orders out., as well as any new orders this week. Sorry for inconvenience, but we'll get orders out as soon as possible. I'm sorry to have let you down. Jim Grindlay p.s. Please pass this message on to other groups, as not everybody awaiting orders will be able to read it ,and I'm not on Social Media "
  7. Those cabinets look great and what I feel is an amazing price too - can't find any way to source them or anything similar over here Plenty of shot glass and gun cabinets
  8. Hmmm, where have I heard those before??
  9. Read the Fantastic Manual (your mileage spelling may differ)
  10. I've a couple of the steam ones, and have been very happy with them. They're somewhat generic and you have to choose between several different chuffs/whistles, and depending on the class loco you're installing in they might not be "perfect", however, for me they added exactly what I wanted at a decent price. I'm sure they're still available, at least in the US the two places I regularly buy stuff from still show them in stock. Can't recall where I got the first one, was a UK dealer at a show in November two years ago, they'd just come out and he was demonstrating them and selling quite well also. Can't add much more right now as my layout is stacked in the corner of the basement as a result of a recent house move.
  11. Richard, First problem - though likely I know the answer already - it doesn't work with IE11. Works fine with Chrome and looks nice, seems to be VERY snappy and responsive when you start filtering and I like the overall layout. Possibly the filters section could be a little smaller (font) to allow more visible at one time - caveat, I AM on a laptop right now, but I'm sure many folks will be on smaller than my usual 27" monitor Before I get a barrage of "why use that carp IE", my work requires me to use IE as the systems I install/develop for still have that as the PRIMARY certified browser so I have it open all day every day during business hours and prefer not to run two browsers...
  12. I was very happy using XTrakCAD, producing the below layout. I'm sure there are merits to all, but the price (free) was also a draw at the time.
  13. How long have you got.... Coat, hat, etc., etc....
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