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  1. There was indeed a proposal to expand the Harbour facilities at Portmadoc quite considerably - but strictly for freight, not passenger use as suggested by Keith. JIC Boyds "The Festiniog Railway" shows a number of map extracts and plans. At lease two of these (dated 1845 and 1864) show the area north of the current small lake north of Britannia Bridge as "Site of New Inner Harbour," or similar. This development would have been a logical target for a Cambrian branch starting on the alignment that Andy's map suggests. In fact it would have pretty much blocked any continuation of that alignm
  2. Hi all Started by Iain Rice and his cronies, MORILL lasted no more than 4 volumes, back in the 90s, and is now all but forgotten. I always thought it was one of the best periodicals we ever had, and that it was a great shame it did not last very long. Towards the end, it changed publishers two or three times very quickly and lost out on distribution (and I lost out on acquisition) as a result - it finally petering out, as far as I can tell, somewhere towards what would have been the end of Volume 4. Over the years I have been keeping an eye open for back-numbers, and have finally reached th
  3. Hi Alan Another addition to the Cambrian list is my "Caernarvon (Castle)" in N gauge. Yes, I know that Caernarvon was LNWR - but the line from Afon Wen was built by Carnarvonshire Railway as a branch from the Cambrian, the LNWR only got their sticky mits on it because the Cambrian were strapped for cash at the critical moment. So, what if the Cambrian had bought it ... it would have remained a branch off the Cambrian, possibly vying with Pwllheli in importance as a northern terminal. The tunnel under Caernarvon would never have built, so we can claim the Llanberis branch for the Cambr
  4. Hi CC I'm now back in that Paris hotel again so catching up! Guess what - I haven't had a chance to catch up with this site in between, so hadn't seen your reply - or the other comments re the TT. The only comments I have seen on the date were that it was installed with the new shed - obviously that must have been incorrect if there was one there in '56. I'll go back to the research! With track laying complete on phase 1 (first two boards, taking me to the entry to the long shunt neck / siding) the visible portion my next job is to wrestle with point operation. I will take some photo
  5. Having been through the same basic decision process 3 or 4 years ago - before Easitrac or Finetrax appeared, I can sympathize. My ambitions were a bit larger - a dozen or more points with about 7 or 8 locos and stock to match (primarily passenger rated). Peco track is fine if you are modelling modern European practice - but for anything purporting to be a British secondary line ... yeuk!!! The die was cast then - hand laid track on copper-clad sleepers. 2mm Assoc code 40 rail and sleepers - but which gauge? The deciding factor for me was time. With a maximum of one day per week av
  6. Hi CC and all ... Been somewhat busy on my own Cambrian layout for quite a while and can't remember the last time I looked in. Putting to good use a boring couple of hours in a hotel in Paris on a business trip, I stumbled across your thread. Of special interest as I am also modelling Pwllheli - in N. In my case, I only have room for the passenger station (nominally 9 feet by 9 inches) but with a bit of distortion at the stopblocks to get the lengths I need. Priority was on getting the track to look at least half decent, I just couldn't bring myself to use Peco for a steam era Cambrian.
  7. For a GW terminus without a turntable, try Pwllheli. Its turntable has already been mentioned in this thread - but it was not installed until the third shed complex was built - commissioned in 1959 (and became redundant in 1966 ...) I have yet to see evidence of a GW / WR service (as opposed to the LM services running in via Afon Wen) running anything other than smokebox first into or out of Pwllheli - whether tender or tank loco. The nearest turntable was at Afon Wen, so I can only presume that engines ran there to turn until the table there was removed - hopefully this was synchronised wi
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