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    2FS (Lewes, LBSCR, 1886), N (Hinksey Yard, EWS, 2010), P4 (West Wittering, LBSCR, 1884), O (LBSCR)

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  1. We've had a QR code displayed on Hinksey Yard since 2014 which points to our thread RMweb. I dont remember seeing anyone using it though. Cheers, Dave
  2. Hi Graham, sorry to disappoint you, that's my CJM class 60 Cheers, Dave
  3. Hi, If anyone is interested, we are featured in the August edition of Model Rail (No.263), with some excellent photos taken by Chris Nevard. Cheers, Dave
  4. Hi Howard, I use 3M Spray Mount for both sleepers to plan and plan to baseboard. This allows re-positioning and stays tacky for a while. I've also used a generic spray adhesive, but that doesn't stay tacky for very long. Cheers, Dave
  5. Hi Jim, With hindsight and more experience, I agree with you, but at the time I wanted to be confident of good electrical connections because we had had issues when using standard Peco points on our previous layout. I felt that with multiple paths provided by soldered chairs and sleepers, we would avoid problems. The astute amongst you, however, will spot that with the interlaced sleepering (with chairs for each track on different sleepers), there still aren't many electrical paths, but it is easy to slip a small piece of nickel silver shim under the rail when needed – I've been learning as I go along I have used the Association's new etched chairs soldered on to the sleepers and the rail using small solder balls to deliver a consistent amount of solder. There are three types of chair (plain, slide, and check rail) and I have found them easy to use with a bit of practice. They have the advantage of allowing you to fold up the jaws of the chair far enough so that the rail can be dropped in from above, or the chair lifted from below, if there isn't space to slide them along the rail. I have a small jig which allows the preparation of a complete sheet of etches quickly, pushing the jaws partially open, so the chairs are prepared in bulk ready for use. Here is an early test, where I haven't trimmed the etched tabs completely off the chairs, it is also a challenge is to get a consistent final angle when folding the jaws back down onto the rail. Note a small solder ball trying to escape at the bottom centre of the picture. Cheers, Dave
  6. This is what we are aiming at: Cheers, Dave
  7. Hi, Apologies for the long gap in posting, things are moving slowly forward. I have been working (slowly) on the first phase of track for most of the last year. Firstly I produced a Templot plan of the main London/Brighton Junction. This has a double junction with a point and single slip squashed up by it leading into the bay triangle : I thought if we started with the hardest bit we would know if we can actually build it The first attempt used plain Easitrack sleepers to start on the interlaced sleepering: I wasn't totally happy with this approach as it made electrical connections an issue, so I've gone for a composite method using copperclad sleepers for the pointwork and Easitrack for plain track. So the next stage was to lay out the sleepering using 9' sleepers, a few longer crossing timbers and Easitrack tie bar kits (2mm part 1-430). Gradually rails have been added and tested: Both of the curved lines (towards London) will have a continuous check rail due to the tight curvature on the prototype - so I'm alternating plastic and copperclad sleepers there. Most recently the rest of the turnout sleepering has been added: So I'm getting there - despite "encouraging" words from the rest of the team about completion dates Cheers, Dave
  8. Hi, I paid for a King deposit by Barclaycard and raised a Section 75 claim with them simply by messaging them with the transaction details, the fact that DJM were now in receivership and that I hadn't received anything. They came back within 24 hours with a message saying they had credited my account while they made further enquiries and asked me to retain copies of any relevant documentation, should they need to see them. Very impressed, I hope others have as straightforward process to get their refunds. Cheers, Dave
  9. This weekend we're off to the Great Central Model Event. Do drop by. Cheers, Dave
  10. I did some experiments with Chinchilla dust and Aquarium sand for Lewes. We used a mix of Carrs 2mm light grey ballast and Chinchilla dust on Hinksey Yard for ballasting and plain Chinchilla dust in the ballast wagons. Cheers, Dave
  11. This coming Saturday we're off to the SWING show at Littlehampton. Do drop by. Cheers, Dave
  12. Hi Javier, I really like the LBSCR Horsebox. I think the Horsebox is earlier than Stroudley, dating from the around 1850s. I think it's a type 19B (from LB&SCR Carriages. Volume 1: 4 and 6 wheel ordinary passenger stock) Will you be making them available on Shapeways, and if so, could you do them in 2mm scale? Many thanks, Regards, Dave
  13. A big THANK YOU to all our exhibitors and traders for making it a great show. And also many thanks to all our visitors for coming along and making it all worthwhile On to next year's show... Cheers, Dave
  14. Also visiting is Hurstmonceux by Andy Jones: Cheers, Dave
  15. Also appearing is Minories by Howard Bolton: Cheers, Dave
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