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    Walter ! Do you know what the time is ? Yes my love, Double Summertime !
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    GWR early period. Oh! By the way, I've gone over to the Dark Side..... O Gauge what fun !

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  1. A complete work of art on its own ! Beautifully constructed. G
  2. Considering you've been drinking I think its coming on very well !
  3. Making certain you'll be first in the que for the next Glasto then Ade !
  4. bgman


    It'd be rude not too !
  5. I know the area very well as I was the local Building Inspector and Eggesford was part of my "patch" but I certainly don't recall visiting that building ! ( There was something similar on the edge of Chawleigh though ! ) . I remember the old timber signal box finding itself up the hill at the Wembworthy Centre and was erected as a temporary building in the grounds. Your layout/s certainly give a good representation of both stations. G
  6. Superb running and agree with Dave's comments, one more to be proud of. Grahame
  7. Erm.......does Dick Dastardly and Muttley know you're protecting the pigeon ? Asking for a friend.
  8. bgman

    Little Muddle

    Not forgetting the engine shed door !
  9. Lovely work Ade, may I ask how you intend securely fixing the pipework once it is painted ?
  10. Highly recommended Mick, one of the many highlights being the late night event whereby the traction engines all blow off their whistles ! Worth camping for the whole weekend.
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