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    GWR early period. Oh! By the way, I've gone over to the Dark Side..... O Gauge what fun !
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  1. That's rather Sweet of you to ask, I'm surprised Rob didn't ask me either ! I didn't bother asking as the weather was too warm and I would have only ended up in another sticky situation. However on the way back the chips in Hexmuff were lovely.
  2. In other news...... As of this coming Monday I have to self isolate prior to my op ( YEY ! ) a week today so I decided to make the best of the Devon weather this afternoon and went Yak hunting on Woodbury Common...... Guess what.... after following their trail ! I found some ....... Well...... its the nearest you'll get to 'em in the wilds of Woodbury ! Ann Adventurer
  3. Strange...I didn't see your dibber there !
  4. Whilst we don't have any connection I would wholeheartedly recommend these without any hesitation. If I were planning a new layout ( which I'm not ! ) I would certainly plan it around these. I found the Exactoscale chairs to be superior over the "other" ones and would use them again. ATB G
  5. Rather super-duper especially the Harty-Farty shot...I do like that John keep it up ! G
  6. Hence my slightly tongue in cheek comment !
  7. Quote - " The only draw back as far as I can see with these kits is the fact that they come with 3 bolt chairs, which aren't really appropriate for a GWR layout" Dave I meant to say in my previous comment that these kits do come with the appropriate 2 bolt chairs, when ordering you need to click on the drop-down list which provides the option of the Exactoscale chairs for the kit, which I did for mine. You pay extra for these but worth while I think and guaranteed to get what you order. G
  8. I've still got a few of their vinyls tucked away which need a proper machine to play them on....one day again maybe ?
  9. Can't beat a good old blast from the past !
  10. Well, I wondered where you'd been...and now I know the reason why ! Time very well spent and the impression beyond the bridge will certainly pay dividends Dave. Regarding the "trap point" I think most of the "audience" will need to be related to a giraffe in order to see that much detail so I know what I would be doing . Pleased to see you've used the point kit we spoke about, extremely time saving and certainly looks good there. Next episode please ! G
  11. By heck, S (oviet) Club 7 have changed a bit !
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