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    Walter ! Do you know what the time is ? Yes my love, Double Summertime !
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    GWR early period. Oh! By the way, I've gone over to the Dark Side..... O Gauge what fun !

    My thread -https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/151420-ey-up-somewhere-in-deepest-devon-a-7mm-adventure/

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  1. I'm going to take an educated guess and considering how wide the street is a lorry couldn't drop it off so I reckon you put it there !
  2. When I retired approx 9 years ago I sold my car the next day and haven't driven since ! Bike power rulz
  3. Hi Don, I can't say categorically but I will try and find out for you. G
  4. One would be cautious if trying to do this manoeuvre whilst holding a wafer or better still a cornet filled with this delectable food. That said I would suggest just having the ice cream and dream of a smooth running Pannier once the heat has dissipated. S. Alcombe D. Airy
  5. It's the new WSR Video Game, if you manage to delete as many as you can using your mouse when they hit the screen the highest score wins a day out on the railway
  6. Warm and tranquil evening along the Estuary and Exeter Canal Looking back towards Powderham Church Exeter Canal just as the sun is setting
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