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    Walter ! Do you know what the time is ? Yes my love, Double Summertime !
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    GWR early period. Oh! By the way, I've gone over to the Dark Side..... O Gauge what fun !

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  1. bgman

    Little Muddle

    Scrap the lot and build a new layout !
  2. If I may, I've used both Vallejo and AK varnishes through my airbrushes, usually on a low pressure to mist over powders and found them to be just as resilient. I was put off using Humbrol varnish from the bottle when I found very inconsistent results a few years ago, even the model shop who stocked it put a notice below the bottles warning of such problems. I have however had good results from the spray can as per Rob. I have also had really good results from the Army Painter Anti Shine Matt Varnish as used by wargamers on their "toy soldiers" . G
  3. I'm sure we'll manage to plod on until next time ! Is that vague enough ?
  4. It'd make shunting manoeuvres interesting !
  5. bgman

    Bovey Tor

    I totally agree with you in that respect and I am certain it will pay dividends eventually. G
  6. Mind you it's probably a bonus if you're running it in a cold garage ! Toasty !
  7. bgman

    Bovey Tor

    Lovely work time well spent. G
  8. And that my friends is why I mostly use Vallejo acrylics these days.
  9. Ms.Sturgeon stopped me from travelling up there so I had to have mine locally ! Jabba Jabba in the Hut
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