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  1. Is it possible to see some photographs of these please ? G
  2. bgman

    A Dean Goods

    Given the anesthetic qualities of tablets and their catchers I would assume that a large net may be needed to catch a Black 5 for disection which would reveal the inner makings of a Dean Goods, obviously the parameters of a scalpel may hinder such matters. P.L.Aydooh
  3. bgman

    A Dean Goods

    YEY ! A Dean Goods.....and why not ? No.2538 was allocated to Shrewsbury as at 31st December, 1922. At the end of 1955 Nos. 2516 & 2538 remained in service and were allocated to Oswestry. 2516 was to be part of the Condemed Programme but 2538 survived this and went on to Wolverhampton Works in January 1956 for heavy repairs and returned to duty on 18th February. In June 1956 she was noted to be engaged in shunting duties and occasional trip working to Gobowen. September 12th saw her on Moat Lane - Brecon goods / Oswestry and Whitchurch. She was called back to Swindon on 15th May 1957 and by 16th June her boiler was noted in the dismantling shed with the words " The Last Dean" chalked on the smokebox side. She was indeed a lucky and well used locomotive and you are paying her a well deserved tribute Tim. G
  4. Dave , Following on from your initial description and your last sentence, "Painting complex liveries is so much easier if the sides can lay flat on the work bench! " , I am curious as to your method for glueing the sides and ends together. My reason for asking is a concern that once you've taken time and patience over the paintwork and lining how do you prevent any glue from " bleeding " onto the final finish ?. It would be useful to get your thoughts/ method please as it something I have considered prior to making up my kits. Cheers G
  5. Hi Dave, I have just stumbled on this thread and I will look forward to the progress, which, if any of the previous ones are to be admired, then I am certain this will provide us all with more inspiration. After my move some of the boxes are steadily making it from the garage to my modelling room one of which just happens to contain these... The Scorpio kit certainly looks do-able and even has a pre-rolled boiler ... YAY ! Cheers for now, G
  6. I prefer to keep it simple on Fathers Day, I had a drive down to Exmuff and sat on a wall with my daughter far away from the madding crowd of grockles. We sat talking whilst eating chips and drinking Fanta and watching the windsurfers performing some excellent wave hopping. No modelling was involved and dya know what ? I enjoyed every minute of it ! Quality time is so precious. G
  7. Maybe something like these ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-Baseboard-adjustable-brackets-levelling-feet-/200567785979
  8. A 28xx doing exactly what it was built for. G
  9. Well worth all the time and effort matey !
  10. I think Leaonardo might have something to say about that !
  11. Ok then I will.... Remember that laser cut station I designed ? Here's a start old fruit...... I won't disturb the peace and tranquility that is Beefester Sydings again, well not this week eh ! G
  12. It certainly helps to get the old modelling juices going again, and now I find myself with a new work area so I suppose I should start to do something about it ! Famous last words eh ? G
  13. I'm not going to be tease ( makes a change before anyone says owt ! ). Good news last week, I am going to be a grandfather again YEY ! G
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