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  1. Well done matey, even more surprised to hear its a musical chassis !
  2. Well done for sticking at it, silk purse etc..... It'll be a good lesson learnt no doubt but that said its been an interesting build to follow. G
  3. As an aside...... A short journey ( for me ) to obtain some modelling supplies from Newton Abbot, not a bad shopping trip when you have this outside of the carriage window. G
  4. No wonder there's a reflection ! Maybe something slightly less intense ?
  5. Which one will Father Christmas be driving through Brent ? Rude Olf
  6. Definitely looking better than the original kit, and nice observation on the shafts. Enjoying this build very much. G p.s. nicely manicured thumb nail !
  7. Thanks Colin, I suppose if it works now then all good hopefully, been there done that in 4mm but in 7mm its better in my experience ( dunno why ? ) perhaps its the bigger components I find easier to work with ? I purchased one of these http://www.poppyswoodtech.co.uk for my frame assemblies ( as opposed to a more expensive unit ) mainly because I doubt I will be assembling too many more frames, famous last words ! It does the job very well and for what I need it works fine. Thank you for the details I will get my laser callipers out and do some measurements, hopefully I will purchase a decent gearbox and motor next weekend at the Reading Trade show. Keep it up matey ! G
  8. Whilst in Waterstones earlier today this book caught my attention. Although it's outside my general modelling period I must say there are some cracking' photographs contained inside and for £19.99 I think it was worth the purchase. Guess what I'll be doing tonight ? NO ! not that ! G
  9. Hi Colin, First question - did you assemble the chassis in a jig with the coupling rods initially ? Assuming you didn't that may be one cause for the rods jamming and it looks as though you may have opened up the holes a little too much ? Second question - is it possible to have the motor placed vertically into the firebox area ? It may give you a better option if so. Final one - would it be possible to let me know what the distance is from the axle c/l to the outer edge of the gearing please ? The reason I ask is that I will soon be looking to install a motor and gearbox into my Armstrong goods on the rear axle and there ain't too much leeway. Nice work so far mate. G
  10. bgman

    Little Muddle

    A Dean isn't a Dean without a motor Go on you know it makes sense !
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