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    Walter ! Do you know what the time is ? Yes my love, Double Summertime !
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    GWR early period. Oh! By the way, I've gone over to the Dark Side..... O Gauge what fun !

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  1. bgman

    Little Muddle

    Lock up ya daughters and stay away from the pub* * Personally I'd be going to the Peyton Arms, Stoke Lyne ... proper local !
  2. Lovely work once again. I am enjoying both this and an olive ciabatta with spanish ham each very tasty in its own right !
  3. Nicely done Richard and good to see you back. G
  4. Hi Neil, I dont know if this would be of any help to you ? http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk/4mm/4mm_GWR.htm Full BrakeK22 57' £14 00 G
  5. bgman

    Bovey Tor

    George, I also wish you well and hope that you find a suitable property. If you do find a suitable home here the South West and get settled in you would be more than welcome to contact me (presumably through this site) as there are a great bunch of modellers here willing to help / meet each other, plus there's the Annual meeting at Taunton ( when we are allowed to get back to normal ) . I am certain that you will gather more inspiration by being in such a delightful part of the country. All the very best, G
  6. I can confirm that too. Several years ago I built a Prussian based layout using loco's made by the likes of Fleishmann etc, very well made they were too, but most had traction tyres which seems to be the way with foreign made loco's. Whilst they were extremely well built and would pull a house down once the traction tyres wore out you would be left with either dis-assembling the chassis to replace them or trying Frog-Snot* in the grooves. * Not the best solution I found and would never use it again. I did manage to get "normal" drivers to replace a few and discarded the grooved ones. The other problem was the crud that the tyre left on the track work over time, not great really. G
  7. I meant to add, here is one of my first attempts with hand building pointwork + Templot and it gives the ability to both look and run better. I would always use it now with the exception being Drewe Tor Sidings which is using up otherwise redundant items / materials. The timbers were cut from Obeche strip ( L/H point ) and stained ( R/H point ) G
  8. That'll be rectified soon-is ! Thank you very much appreciated. As for accumulating well, I think we can all be guilty of that at some point, wanting that mainline layout with as many full trains running to a timetable. There are some who are in a lucky (?) position to enable it to happen. Me, I sold most of my 4mm stock a few years ago and with 7mm it has focused me more hence this random thread. Again thank you and also all the other folk who have given me Likes / Comments etc to date it is appreciated.
  9. Much like the Marmite syndrome, personally I like both and use the Juicer on every layout.
  10. The "other layout".....or should I say......Drewe Tor Sidings. I have made reference to the "other layout" in this thread and now it has now been named...... " Drewe Tor Sidings". This follows the ongoing proposed Edwardian themed GWR layout which is to be finescale 7mm and I decided to make use of some Peco track. May I explain the reasons as some will probably be wondering why I am doing it this way. In the interests of recycling I decided to make two baseboards from light-ply and a scrap insulation sheet all from stock. The Peco track and pointwork were bought several years ago when I changed to 7mm. I then tried hand built points which were very satisfying to make and as I progressed and discovered laser cut point kits that was a decider for me. This left me with a few Peco ** points which I had modified to be rid of the boxed area around the switch blades and a few weeks ago thought I would make a small, lightweight baseboard using what I had. (** nothing wrong with them just wouldn't be used on the main layout build ). I have also used some of the really nifty "Drop Stop" units in the frog areas to stop that annoying (to me anyway) wheel drop. This "layout" will be a general diorama type thingy for trying out kits and RTR loco's and stock which may also double up as a photo plank if I so wish. I want to keep it simple, nothing ground breaking but hopefully robust enough for the grandsons to play with when they're old enough ( under supervision of course - that'll be me not them ! ). . It will also serve as a trial for scenic work most of which is still in my head...... much like the track plan then ! OK it's probably not prototypical but I am not that bothered however it will also double up as something to play with. That's enough waffle, I know everybody likes to see pictures so here it is as of this afternoon..... So now you know....it's out there ! G
  11. Yo ! Just keep waddling along at your own pace matey, you'll get there when it suits you .
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