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  1. Time to return the compliment Mikkel, Absolutely spiffing dear chap, well modelled and very much enjoyed the blow by blow account. Whats next ? G
  2. Quick-ish but enjoyable ! I assume you mean the cab back etch, strange but maybe I could be enlightened on this , I'm certain someone knows ? If I have got it wrong it will stay like this as the photographs I have studied all show it there and the brake undergubbins is directly below where the handle is on the model so it would make sense. " Must resist" ? Nah ! You would be impressed by Mr.Dapol's model I'm certain, also, if you enjoy a small shunting layout ( which I know you do ) then the slow speed is very impressive. G
  3. bgman

    Little Muddle

    Hi Kevin, There is a photograph on page 132 of Jim Russells GWR Appendix showing two Mex in the cattle dock at Torquay in 1932 exhibiting the end lettering so I think I would be tempted to keep it on. Hope this helps ? G
  4. A very interesting read and models John, I also remember pushing my nose against the local model shop window looking at these, and like you, it was out of my pocket money range too ! If these were made available now I wouldn't hesitate to purchase them, just for the shear fun of the build. Thank you for sharing your experience. G
  5. Currently on my workbench converting the latest Dapol O Gauge 48xx into something resembling a GWR 517 Class..... G
  6. Onwards with my Dapol 48xx conversion to something like a 517 Class hopefully ? The top part is getting close to the paint shop now...... I'm waiting for some suitable toolboxes to place on top of the tanks and will also replace the water fillers too. Rivet details and numberplates were carefully removed together with the Great Western lettering with a flat blade scalpel. As the main body of this is plastic I decided to use plasticard for infills and additions seen in white on the loco. Surprisingly the safety valve bonnet was found to be cast brass under the original paintwork so with a drop of paint remover it has cleaned up nicely, bonus ! One anomaly I found ( or its probably me ! ) is that the rear cab etch in Malcolm's kit seems to have the brake handle cover on the opposite side to that which I have found on photographs. I therefore used my fretsaw to make an opening on the correct ? side and fabricated a new cover for it, the original opening was then plated over which, once the bunker is coaled up won't be seen. The main footplate will be attended to once I have cleaned up the upper body parts after which I will then decide about a final livery. New front sandboxes will also be added next to the smokebox and those below on the cast subframes will be covered with a appropriate fabricated valance ( as they are part of the models casting I won't attempt to cut them away ). G
  7. I noticed in the first two shots it seems as though your signal box roof has a slight curve Rob, maybe it could do with some of "that" unmentionable stuff to straighten it or maybe just a bit of glue ? G
  8. That would be excellent John. I know it can be quite a process to get what you want but the above video is testament to your layout and really brings it all to life. G
  9. Super duper stuff, its alive ! About time too, we want more please. G
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