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  1. Another boring video to show a temporary dcc decoder installed to test the slowest speed 1mph to commence the test. It will be replaced at some stage. Please excuse the filming...usual one hand on the controller etc !
  2. Thank you Ken, I did think ( makes a change ! ) after asking you and looked at the 88D web site and noted they are supplied as part of the kit. This is this afternoons work sorting out the running of my Armstrong Goods chassis using a Taff Vale motor and gearbox, running on DC to make sure its ok. Onwards and upwards and thank you again for your help. G
  3. And now the ( some may say ) boring bit but thought i would share the last hours work on the workbench..... It runs, and just as I want it too thank goodness ! Other than the switching noise of the DC controller there is very little noise which is what I was aiming for so quite happy now. G
  4. Well the, I suppose a change is as good as an Armstrong Goods. To that end whilst waiting for various items I decided to drop back on the chassis build following some detailing to the "Lady" tender. I did have an annoying very, very minor binding after fitting the motor yesterday which lead me to investigate this morning. It turned out to be a frame spacer which had opened up slightly at a soldered joint....now remedied and solid once more thankfully after checking everything else, just one of those things eh ! The motor / gearbox I chose to install com
  5. And others as an aid to scratch building... no names mentioned !!!
  6. Very interested to see the use of 3D parts Ken, I'm currently assembling a chassis is for an Armstrong Goods ( Scorpio ) and would like to know where you obtained them from please. I tend to use fine screws to attach my brake gear to the chassis for removal before painting and also easier to remove for servicing. By using the 3D printed brake gear it also helps with isolating them...just in case. Grahame
  7. Is there a similar piece on the other side or is it a rogue piece do you think ?
  8. Sorry to hear it doesn't come up to good running qualities Neil. I think its probably best to return it and get the supplier to test and return a new replacement, all being well you will get a better loco. Grahame
  9. Good point, I have also had that in the past and also removed quite a lot of factory grease from the gears too on some locos. I hope it gets sorted out. G
  10. Yo ! Music Meastro ! Loving the Slits ( great name for a female band !!! ) Many, many, many years ago when I lived in Oxfordshire one of my mates worked as a promo for Polydor ( I'll explain further in a mo ). When Fairport Convention had their.....seemingly......umpteenth reunion do at Cropredy my mate and several others decided to have a .....well lets just call it a gathering, on an abandoned army base with dense woodland surrounding it, far from anyone or anything. This was long before the so called illegal raves were "invented" for want of a
  11. Always a pleasing moment when this stage is reached Simon.
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