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  1. Coronation Road / Westenders or Brimadale Foam are more suited to those who seek to be disappointed but for me I find the programme most enjoyable on all levels. Those who are sadly disappointed may wish to examine their remote control, apparently it can change the channels so I've been informed !
  2. That's very unfortunate and not quite what I enjoy seeing ( no reflection on you posting by the way ) but photographs like that can sometimes reveal useful details inadvertently. If I had a spare Autocoach , which i haven't, I'd seriously consider doing that as a Cakebox Challenge scene. So much detail both with that coach and the farm underpass. G
  3. Whilst I gather my thoughts and have a tidy up. I thank you.
  4. I think we need a special fact finding trip chaps ! I'm up for it...... With a bonus that the luggage on the way back won't cause any weight problems !
  5. The Good, The Bad and the......lets just say unsatisfactory. Last night was spent successfully wiring the small area of track and buoyed on by progress the Frog Juicer board lit up....nice. The DCC system lit up......nice. No problems were noticeable which makes the enthusiasm and expectation of seeing a loco run even more exciting and so the Class 05 was duly placed on the track ( not wasting precious GW locos as a first run just in case any "fizz pop bangs occur" ). Well trainsetters ........ the 05 started well through the tracks until it manoeuvred through the Peco double slip ! To say it sounded not unlike finger nails scraping down a blackboard ( remember them ? ) as it negotiated the various options was disappointing to me to say the least. Along with other locos I tried there seemed to be a lack of gauge width between the switch rails on all accounts and each wheel had an interference as it passed through. The double slip was bought as a new unused secondhand item from a show when I was just staring 7mm. As previously stated elsewhere the idea for this "layout" was to use up and also recycle. Here is a brief video in which you can just hear the problem and is far noisier in reality.... Not what I was expecting and the track is firmly fixed. I am loath to take a file or for that matter a lump hammer to the problem, suffice to say if the gauge is incorrect on the off the shelf item then it won't be featuring on any more of my trackwork. I am not by any means defeatist however, it won't sit well with me knowing there is always going to be that nuisance area especially as it should be necessary to slow shunt through with wagons etc and having to increase the loco speed isn't an option. CONCLUSION The sidings will now be "scapped" so to speak and a rethink will take place. Waste of time ? No certainly not for me, other than maybe letting down the followers who showed an interest in project and also my grandchildren for which a lightweight but reasonable robust "layout" could be played with and to learn on. Waste of money ? Debatable, but as it was only a side project using what could possibly be described as scrap ( recycling ) then I haven't really lost anything by doing it. Minimal cost involved other than my time. Sometimes it's better to admit some sort of defeat and move on which is exactly what I will be doing. Hey Ho ! Onwards and upwards .... to Infinity and beyond G p.s. it'll be back to handbuilt track again from now on. p.p.s. Just in case anyone is wondering all the B to B's are correctly set on my stock.
  6. Almost in not quite good enough, full commitment is required......mind you I do like S & D stuff but don't let anyone else know.
  7. Thank you Mr.Murray ( That's mint that is ! ) .........Moving on..... The casting needed some cleaning up but overall its is very good and so easy to build. One small downfall it the short length of chain which is supplied but easily rectified. The instructions don't provide any prototype details and strangely after asking the supplier he was stumped too ! A bit of "interweb gogling" is now called for. I do like the thought of a Steam Punk crane but you're right to say it has a very robust visual appearance, seems to have some heft to it, as does the model. Cranes are a whole new subject as we well know and thank you for the link, very interesting indeed. I first noticed this model on the Bucks Hill layout and finally tracked the model down a while ago. G p.s. the magnets are proving to be a real bonus and was going to mention on your Blog that they are also useful for placing buildings on a portable layout too. I have used them successfully in the past let into to the base of a building and a simple metal piece let into the baseboard, clunk click and it's fixed in place.
  8. Looking nicely subdued very believable too. (Not certain about those Giant footprints them's some big shoes he wears !!! )
  9. I would beg to differ on that point. It currently runs at approx. 21,000 with new housing being built some of which is very close to Crediton Station. That said with a frequent bus service to both Exeter / Barny and a good road link it may suffer slightly. The early trains to Exeter are usually full with commuters, likewise early evening coming home. Weekends are also fairly full with shoppers / sports fans being taken directly into the City centre ( Based upon pre- Covid use ) . I suppose the main bugbear is the fact that the station is a brisk walk from the town centre ( much like Okehampton in some respects ) however the car parking opposite the station is used by both shoppers and commuters either local or further afield. With a large Tesco store in very close proximity the station is also used by country folk for convenient shopping too.
  10. Hi Matt, Thank you, I should have looked into it but never found out where they were heading, plus my train was just about to arrive so it was a quick run across the bridge to catch it ! Enjoy the views it is quite lovely. G
  11. Ah ! Those were the days, Duckin' and Divin" ......bit like Ducky's thread really ! FWIW .....My Physics teacher came from Liverpool.....nuff said !
  12. May be of interest, caught on my iPhone on 24th April 2017 just as I arrived to catch a train home from Crediton. Loco stock being moved from Okehampton. It was an unexpected arrival so I apologies for the quality of the video as I quickly took my 'phone out to capture it happening. G
  13. Absolutely correct. It is between the Eggesford and Crediton section where this occurs.
  14. Track laid tonight and dropper wires etc to connect, Peco track has had the sleeper spacings altered and some spare prebuilt track has also been used. I took some rather quick photographs ( iPhone so nothing special ) to get a general idea of the sidings to see whether I'm happy with it so far..... Looking towards the bridge ( some loosely laid ballast in place just because I wanted to see if it was suitable - note the ballast is Woodland Scenics medium grey which appears to be a different shade under normal lighting, It will of course be toned down and airbrushed eventually ) . The track nearest is actually flat but shows to be distorted by the camera shot. General shots with some stock My scratch built loading gauge in a trial position..... Looking under the bridge towards the far end ...... Apologies for the poor quality of the photographs but hopefully it will give an idea of progress so far. G
  15. Pure genius Mikkel, simple but yet so very effective, even down to "small details" such as the horse do-dah on the road ! ( I assume that"s what it is ? ). Thank you for taking the time to record and also post the short videos which explain your principles in modelling the lovely work you're doing on Farthing. The scene now takes on a whole new feeling especially with the B & W photograph. Brilliant. G
  16. Happy to help with what little knowledge and skills I have. It would be interesting to see details of you friends project, "all grist to the mill" as the saying goes. Quote - "(without taking the thread over obviously), it has a few similarities to your railway Graham so it’s going to be good for us to read about what you’re making " If you ever get fed up you're welcome to come and finish mine off !!! G
  17. Keeping to a similar theme here is a quick photograph of the water tower I scratch built a few years ago with the help of my Silhouette cutter based on the early style of a GWR type. It may / may not feature on this layout and if so will probably be weathered to look rather un-cared for run down tower. If it does I will be making another for the Edwardian layout.
  18. If it's a water crane you may wish to consider the one here ? http://www.duncanmodels.co.uk/price_list_water_cranes_and_columns.htm Skytrex sell a "standard" flat top water tower in 7mm similar to that at Hemyock. My good friend Chris Lamacraft produced a model of Hemyock in EM gauge which he researched and features in MRJ Nos. 230 & 239 if it helps ? G
  19. Can you fax it to me with a slight name change please, it'll come in handy when mine runs out ! Go dig it out mate and enjoy the experience. G
  20. That'll be 7mm for you then. As for that piece of paper, I was lead to understand it was your pass for the day before the gates closed ! G
  21. Not unlike many idylls that were once "local".
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