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  1. That is my target then 79 of them lol.
  2. Check-out Rob Hayes on here he glossed a few of his Gresley A4s .
  3. It is theft of copyright.
  4. I think the W1 is going to have everyone eagerly awaiting it's arrivel just like the P2 did.
  5. Just had to do it & get both.
  6. I'll order a pair of them a streamlined version and the ugly version. But hope Hornby put 5 pole motors in them though.
  7. I thought about that one might get it later in year.
  8. I thought about that one might get it later in year.
  9. As anyone took the plunge and got the new Hornby Mallard R3737 or the new Bittern Twin Tender. I am lucky managed to get both to had to my Collection of A4s.
  10. What I have noticed on the double chimney stack is a cluster of perforated holes as you would see when there is a speeker fitted.
  11. Hi Rob, A glossy version of latest version of Mallard in the BR Ex spress Blue would look really cool
  12. Just got round to looking at the site very intesting viewing.
  13. I have heard of black tack being used and tacky back it is a clear & sticky . I nearly got myself , but had the A1 version of 4472 transformed into a War Time Black Flying Scotsman.
  14. Cheers RFS, Yeah I understand what you mean thank you.
  15. I have been looking at some of the A2s some showing 8 pin & some 21 pin. Two that stand out are Pearl Diver showing to have 21 pin then Blue Peter showing having 8 pin. Why have Bachmann done this .
  16. Some Bachmann locomotiveDCC Ready have the 8 pin and some 21 pin. Apart from the extra 13 pins what the difference between the two items.
  17. Some of the Bachmann A2s are showing DCC Ready 21 pin some 8 pin. Other than 13 extra pins what is the actual difference.
  18. Planning on aquireing one of the A2s . Is there plenty of room under the loco body to fit DCC Decoder.
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