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  1. Thanks for your helpful replies. I sold 8 items, 7 by auction and 1 buy-it-now. All the payments reached the new bank account on the day following sale. Result! Six out of eight buyers have already posted positive feedback.
  2. Agreed. I once bid 77 pounds on a rare Lima 37 but did not win it because of "reserve not met". The seller immediately relisted and the runner up renewed his 75 pounds bid (back in the day when eBay allowed you to identify bidders). I did not bid but watched the item. The runner up went on to win the item for less. Obviously the seller had now removed or lowered his secret reserve. Karma to the seller for playing silly games with his "hidden reserve" first time round, he sold in the end for less than I was initially prepared to pay. That's the give and take of eBay and I wasn't going to write to him complaining that I had lost out. Instead I later bought the same item elsewhere for 40 pounds. Buy-it-Now versus Auction is always, in my opinion, a gamble. I recently restarted selling on eBay and listed a trio of common Hornby 1970's/80s era wagons on auction at 0.99 plus 3.20 postage. Within minutes I was offered 7 pounds plus the postage if I would change to buy-it-now. I checked the offerer's own eBay profile and saw that he had hundreds of model railway items listed for sale, so was almost definitely a dealer. If he wanted to pay 7 for quick sale the items were probably worth a bit more to him for resale so I politely declned his offer. The wagons sold on auction ten days later for just 3.49. You win a few, you lose a few.
  3. Hattons appear to have sourced a supply of several varieties of new Hornby wagons which were last listed in the 2011 catalogue. These have the big Railroad couplings but the newer finer scale wheels. Currently being offered at 20% discount on 2011 prices, so a basic 7.49 wagon four or five plank wagon can be bought for just six pounds. Seeing how prices have risen over the past ten years these must surely represent good value for money, either as collectors items or for a weathering project. https://www.hattons.co.uk/stocklist/1000389/1000588/1000637/0/hornby_oo_gauge_1_76_scale_wagons/prodlist.aspx?sort=5&pageid=1 Scroll down the page past the second hand stuff and about five different brand new wagons appear, more than ten of each in stock. Edited to add:- Or near the bottom of the page, a pair of "New Era" wagons for nine pounds.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OO-GAUGE-TUNNEL-SCRATCHBUILT-938/284431394414 I admire his optimism that this might sell, plus 5.50 postage.
  5. I had a North British track chair dated 1906, which I salvaged from the course of a long closed hospital siding. I reckoned it was of little value and so I left it behind when I moved house in 1989.
  6. I actually had one of those because at the time I was collecting Wrenn wagons and would buy every new issue from Hattons. According to the Wrenn "bible", From Binns Road to Basildon and Beyond by Maurice Gunter there were 129 of these wagons originally issued in grey in 1991/2. Mine went about twenty years ago as part of a job lot of around 200 Wrenn wagons which I sold to a serious collector for 2,000 pounds. Both of us were very pleased with the deal, 10 pounds per wagon represented a very good return on my investment and no doubt that among the many more common wagons there would have been a few rarities which were changing hands for inflated prices. In the context of the many "Limited Editions of 100" which retailers have commissioned from Dapol in more recent times, 129 is not that rare. I still have some Wrenn wagons, but this is not something I would pay 99.95 for.
  7. Give them a call first to make sure they are open. I planned a day out to visit to Peco a few years ago from a holiday in Exmouth and found them unexpectedly closed. Instead I spent a very pleasant afternoon on the Seaton Tramway, but Peco remains on my "to do" list.
  8. I have been reading other forumites views of Managed Payments, some positive and some negative. Having sat back and sold nothing on eBay since April, I wanted to give it another go as I have been making far fewer purchases over the summer and been missing buying job lots for spares and repair and then selling on. Not that I made any profit, though Peters Spares will have done well from my purchases of wheels, couplings, buffers etc.. I just enjoyed as a retirement pastime the satisfaction of making broken old trains whole again and either keeping them for myself or selling them on as runners. This morning I managed to open a basic bank current account with a token 25 pounds deposit and did not face either of the hurdles experienced back in July. I received confirmation from eBay that I am now set up for Managed Payments and that I have set up a direct debit. My internet banking shows no direct debit set up on this account. I made a test purchase of an 00 wagon at 7.65 but eBay checkout did not give me the option of paying from this account, so I paid it by Paypal. Can I ask for the benefit of experience of others already on the system please? eBay's Trusty partner has access to the account until tomorrow, will they meantime set up the direct debit? Or will I be asked to set up the direct debit when I make my first sale under the new system? Is this account only for items which I sell and would I continue to use Paypal or debit card for purchases?
  9. Today I had my SECR wagons out of their boxes for another run on my layout and I noticed that the wagon with the roof vents and experimental pressed steel doors now has black lines running along the roof, which appear to be hairline cracks running out from the holes where the vents were inserted. This wagon was shown in the photo which I posted on April 3 on page 22 of this thread and there it is obvious that there were definitely no such marks on the roof at that time. I cannot understand what has caused this as the wagon has been packed away in its box unused for the past three months in a dry room and has never been dropped or abused. It doesn't really spoil the wagon's appearance too much as it will pass as weathering. I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced similar with this batch.
  10. Could be something similar to Scotrail Mk3 TFGB as found in the Inter7city sets perhaps? Externally looks like a buffet vehicle but also incorporates an "office" for the guard.
  11. I bought a quality made in Europe polo shirt online late afternoon yesterday for 44€. Arrived lunchtime today, delivered from Belgium to Scotland by DHL in under 24 hours, no extra charges.
  12. When my wife moved from Germany she kept her yahoo.de e-mail address. I opened a yahoo.de e-mail account when she moved in with me in 2012 which became and is still my main e-mail account. I have never had any problems using a yahoo.de e-mail address alongside a UK residential address. We have imported a few (non-model railway) items from Germany this year, some direct from German retailers. In a few other cases retailers were unwilling to post to UK so we arranged for the items to be sent to her daughter in Würzburg who then forwarded them to us. So far we have not been asked by Royal Mail or DPD to pay any additional charges on deliveries from Germany.
  13. It looks like this has been a good marketing exercise for Henderson's Relish. I'd finished the little bottle which came with the Henderson's Relish box van and part way through the one which came with the 6-wheel tanker. I had never seen or heard of Henderson's Relish before but spotted it on sale this morning in my local Morrison's here in Scotland.
  14. I should have known better than to pre-order any more Bachmann products, when I ordered the Caley loco back in February 2018, while I was still awaiting my Bachmann Mk2f RFB, pre-ordered in June 2013 which eventually arrived in October 2018. LIfe moves on and I retired in June of this year and my wife's job could be finishing in the near future. Thinking long and hard about whether I should cancel, but if the 812 really is expected in September of this year I should be patient just a little longer.
  15. Aesthetically, there is not a lot of difference and during my youthful spotting days I never fully learned how to distinguish whether the approaching "shielder" would be a Clan or a Brit. I bought a Hornby Thames-Clyde Express train pack a few years ago and much to my disgust the Brit which was included was the older tender drive version. I swapped it over with the Clan MacLeod which I already owned. The Clan fits almost perfectly into the train pack box, and when I sold the Brit on eBay it packed neatly into the Clan's box. So yes, it looks like there will be much interchangeability of parts, or as Hornby might describe it "design clever".
  16. I have ordered mine from Fife Heritage Railway. Hoping to go there in person to collect it.
  17. I have a couple of 8Fs, both still giving good service. An original Hornby-Dublo 48109, and a later Ringfield 48073 from Wrenn, which it was relatively easy to re-number as 48773 which I remember well from my trainspotting days in the Glasgow area when it was a Polmadie engine. In more recent years I managed to have a trip on the Severn Valley Railway, hauled by 48773.
  18. My initial reaction "Oh no, not another Scottish Ruston which I feel that I absoluitely must sign up for". Yet Edinburgh was part of my past life, North British Distilleries ties in with my weakness for the taste of Scotch Whisky, so that yellow Ruston 88DS beckons. That yellow "North British" 88DS Ruston will be my next purchase!
  19. I had planned to give my Hornby Manston a run on the layout today only to discover it was totally dead. Removing the body showed that a wire had become detached at the point where four wires from the loco join with four wires from the tender. I attempted to resolder it but unfortunately my soldering iron proved too large for such a delicate job and other wires became detached and the base for the wiring joints began to melt. I tried various permutations of re-connecting the various pairs of wires but every attempt led to either no current passing or a short circuit. I am obviously out of my depth with this and it really needs a professional repair. Given that the models are nowadays asasembled in China would Hornby or a Hornby dealer be able to carry out such a repair? With many other locos I would simply have sold them as non-runners but I particularly want to keep Manston as my wife and I have both done footplate experience on the full size loco on the Swanage Railway and the Hornby model was a special club edition, only about six years old. Perhaps a replacement Hornby Bulleid might be the only solution, then swap the bodies over and sell the non-runner. Any advice would be appreciated.
  20. "Hornby coach network rail engineering train. Uneck never seen any think like it before would keep it if it fit my era." That is hardly surprising. I don't think many of us have ever seen a Network Rail Pullman.
  21. I took three months out from eBay selling to see how others were reporting back on their experience and decided I would try to sign up to managed payments. I opened a new savings account with my bank for this purpose and set up a small deposit and standing order. Then when I tried to register with eBay, two problems, firstly I have used my middle name on the new bank account and eBay only lets me select my eBay name which is without the middle name. Secondly the bank would not allow me to select this account for allowing access to eBay's Trusty partner as they do not allow third party access to this type of account. So I have closed the savings account, taken back my deposit and cancelled the standing order. It looks like eBay have lost my business.
  22. Looks like we have the answer - ABS. Thanks all who replied.
  23. A gunpowder van in S R markings which arrived with a job lot of Hornby bought on eBay. Wagon has white metal sides and ends which have not fitted together very well, yet the roof and floor are made from very thin plasticard type material. Can anyone identify the make of kit?
  24. Found it under deleted items and now re-activated my account. Many thanks.
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