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  1. Tonight’s update is again brief, but it highlights further progress with the Meridian. All carriages have now been constructed, and the 5 carriage unit is now together for the first time: I’m very pleased with how this is coming along - especially with how well the resin casting came along, so Jack you can breath a sigh of relief as I won’t be needing those fairings after all! A lot of minor blemishes need to be addressed before I can begin painting, notably adjusting the cut out windows on the trailer carriages and the roof on the buffet car which had some detailing co
  2. Thought I’d share the cast cab on the Meridian bodyshell as it is more or less complete... It’s coming along nicely, a lot of work to do but it’s a process! As can be seen in the photo I’ve used the master fairings to see what the unit would look like, but they still need fixing with the lower air dam, so this will take place over the next few days, afterwards the mould will be created for resin casting. So that’ll be all for tonight - just a brief update to highlight the success of the resin cast cabs, that and to show that the project is moving at a faster pace now!
  3. Very similar but not quite the same! Remember that both the 180 and 156 were built at Washwood Heath and the 156 was based on the mk3 (albeit different manufacturers).
  4. It's been a busy month with work life etc. so I haven't had much time to model, let alone write about it! However, things are luckily slowing down, enabling me to dedicate more time to the hobby. I've also managed to get significant work done on some projects here and there. First and foremost the 180... the paint has started to be applied and the transfers have been complete and scaled, all that's left to do is send them off for quoting. Elephant in the room: only two coaches have been done so far and one of them is in the barbie livery as opposed to
  5. Hi Jack, thanks for the comments! Your support is greatly appreciated. In all honesty stumbling across your thread a few months ago inspired me to do this! Thought I'd give it a go myself as the Meridians are the units of my childhood, so always been on the top of my "want list". My plan is to (eventually) build two units - the first one is a five car EMT unit, and the second one (not an immediate priority) will be 222104 in its full EMR Intercity livery - I have enough photos of the unit/logo so I should be in a good enough position to create transfers on illustrator,
  6. A lot of good stuff this year - just a shame the EMT/EMR buffered HSTs weren’t announced!
  7. A bit premature but happy new year everyone! Hope the next year is a great one, and that we are able to return to (near) normality in due course! I’ve been pretty busy the past week on the workbench - the 180 has seen little progress apart from the modification of the first Eurostar bogie to go on the model: I first noticed the similarities when I went to the NRM in York in 2019 - this was the first visit in a long time and I noticed that an actual Eurostar power car is now on display in the great hall. This then got me thinking about how the Coradia and 373s were both
  8. Does anyone know if the mini snowplough skirts on the GWR version are sold as spares by Bachmann?
  9. A lot has been happening this week as I’ve been off from work for the Christmas period - Meridian wise, I don’t have much to report on as the model filler was meant to be delivered today, however it is currently at the post office awaiting collection on Sunday, meaning I’m going to have to step back from it for a few days! In the meantime, I’ve diverted my attention solely to the 180, which, in a massive u-turn has seen the use of a Turbostar motor chassis: It took a fair bit of mods to get it to fit perfectly (I had to sand down the body clips and curve the edges
  10. I’ve managed to secure a Bachmann Class 350 as part of a future project... however I’m in need of one more unit for spares and repairs to get it and another unrelated project going. Does anyone have a spare battered unit they’re willing to sell me at a reasonable price? OTrail
  11. It’s been a productive weekend - now that London and the South East have been plunged into Tier 4 in what’s perhaps the biggest freestyle ever, more time has now been spent indoors modelling as opposed to going out. During this time, I managed to finalise the 222 cab and separate it from the main body: Minus a final bit of filling and sanding on the fairings, the cab and fairings are complete and ready for resin casting next week. I chose to saw off the cab from the main body as this will serve as a master for when I build my second unit
  12. Much editing and photo bashing in Illustrator later and the dynamic lines part of the 180 artwork has been finished: The one thing I’ve always loved and hated about the dynamic lines on the Class 180s is how unique they are to the standard dynamic lines used by other FirstGroup TOCs - makes transfers a lot harder to create and source! Luckily the photos I had from over the years were sufficient enough to finish the bulk of it off - the main two factors that aided this were the stationary GWR 180s at the OOC open day in 2017 and various trips to Doncaster in the afternoon
  13. Hi, A bit of a longshot as this thread is relatively old but does anyone have a 350 TSO they’d be willing to sell? Thanks.
  14. So, as most of you may or may not be aware, EMR’s 180s debuted in passenger service today... ...So I took a ride on one! 180110 was working the Corby service, which is a shuttle between Corby and Kettering on Sunday as opposed to going all the way to London. I have to say, EMR have done the bare minimum internally in getting these units up to scratch. They still have the grubby Hull Trains interior, and looking closely I even saw hints of HT branding, including their slogan! However, this worked out well for me, as on some of the inter-carriage doors I found pi
  15. A bit of an experiment with illustrator to see if I could get this to work as artwork: Seems to be working out well so far, but I’m going to have to do a lot of merging and editing using photos of the dynamic lines livery on the Adelantes that I’ve taken pictures of over the years... if it works, then the EMR 180 will become an ex-Hull Trains unit. Having ran on the MML under Hull Trains and with EMR running the units in this livery on driver training runs, it’s very prototypical of what’s occurred on the MML in recent years. I’ll provide an update on this as and when, bu
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