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  1. There is a TED talk about this type of printer here:-
  2. The replica of Trevithick's Camborne road engine (as in "coming up Camborne Hill going down, so called as it appears to be driven from the front in reverse) also has a dead spot and the only solution is to get a few strong people to push it over that dead spot. I suspect that's not a lot of use to you on your simulator though.
  3. You could put the foundations of the former shed in that location, and perhaps even a water crane.
  4. I do hope you don't scrp your Cornwall layout. I for one admire your dedication to achieving a good representation of the Cornish lines. I myself am trying to learn FreeCad to make 3d models but as it is a parametric program it would be possible to do both kind's of files, one for your kind of needs and one for 3d printing. Just having got a new job I apologize but I don't think that it will be anytime soon.
  5. I can report that it ran fine when I saw it and Stu had to actually move the name board to show me the only real damage apart from a slight tear in the backscene. A lovely layout and very nicely modelled. His scratch built models are excellent as well. He didn't mention caravans or toilets once. Simon
  6. Happy birthday Tom. Your modelling is superb and ultra realistic. Your photography is pretty stunning as well. Simon
  7. There actually was/is a Wheal Strawberry mine in Cornwall but I think it is further west. I worked back in the late 1990s on mapping the footpaths for Cornwall County Council for the whole of Cornwall but mainly in Kerrier and Penwith which is why I can't remember it's actual location.
  8. What would be really handy is if someone made letters of the right size on a background just the right height to make up your own name however you wanted (a bit like the old John Bull printing sets). This would ensure the letters were properly (badly) spaced (Kerned) and keep them all vertical and in line horizontally as well. Simon
  9. Hi Kevin, there are two model railway clubs in the Falmouth area. Sadly the two members who were pioneers of P4/S4 modelling passed away quite a while ago. The Cornwall Railway Society has a huge amount of information and photos of the Cornish (and Devon) railway network. Ian Rice is a name you may become familiar with as he models (amongst many other things) Cornish layouts in finescale. Simon
  10. Aren't the letters made of white plastic? If they are just sand them so they show as white. Another way is to use an ink roller, the type used for die cut printing.
  11. Whilst in Golant (on the Lostwithiel to Carne Point, Fowey) line once, some not so clever person had left his car across the line whilst he launched his boat. A passing 37 managed to bend the car so that the headlights and rear lights were almost facing the same direction.
  12. Quite a lot of articles by EN have been in the Continental modelling magazine that is produced in this country, so all in English. He does make use of a particular type of closed cell foam that seems to be crucially different to the ones available over here though. His micro painting is amazing but I dread to think how long it takes to do.
  13. Andy, for the water there is this video that is quite good. I haven't found a UK equivalent 70 Gloss varnish yet though. Simon
  14. "Looks like grease proof paper did the trick," Seems to have worked a treat, it looks good to me. The tip I saw was to use cling film, it is more flexible so should give a slightly irregular edge so disguising the join even more. Also it is see through so easier to line up the ballast levels. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your thread, excellent modelling and a thorough explanation of how you do things.
  15. Looking good. The only thing I might suggest is moving the Station building slightly to the right and the Goods shed slightly to the left to balance the visual aspect and give a clear view of each, unless of course you've done it as a view block to make it more interesting in which case feel free to ignore me.
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