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  1. Thanks for linking to that, it was very informative and sensible. Actually applies to FDM printing as well. Simon
  2. That would be great thanks. I have activated a lot of extra settings in Cura, which I use for slicing, but would be interested to know what you use for slicing and the settings. No hurry as I realise you are busy with getting your models out to customers. I have only used, rebranded, PLA that says it's from Balco, probably quite low quality. I have heard good reports about PLA+ but not tried it yet. Simon
  3. Great looking print, what material did you use, was it plain PLA? Did you use a standard .4mm nozzle and print them at a low speed as well to get such fine detail? Simon
  4. Canals that are in use are a very muddy green/brown colour and almost completely opaque. It's only when they're not being used that they go clear and you can nowadays see the shopping trollies and bikes on the bottom.
  5. Looking great so far, I hate to say it but wouldn't it be better to make the canal surface out of one piece of hardboard rather than trying to disguise the joins in the surface later on? I wouldn't be able to live with a visible join in the canal, but maybe that's me being too fussy. I am sure whatever you do will be up to your very high standard.
  6. A piece of Plywood at right angles to the backscene, tapering to the top if wanted, the same height or just slightly shorter, with a cut out for the hidden tracks to go through will ensure that the backscene stays square. You could even put a conti board connection near the top to be certain. Sorry not on a computer to do a drawing so ask for any clarification if needed. Simon
  7. That last B&W shot, my brain refuses to accept it's not a prototype picture, amazing stuff and so quick as well.
  8. The "Definitive Map", AKA the footpath, bridleway and byways map didn't come out until the 50s so little or no signposts or fancy Stiles much before then. More likely a gap in the hedge and a slippery looking muddy slope. The slope would probably be on a diagonal to lessen the steepness though.
  9. It also gets more blue in it. There used to be a screensaver for Windows computers of receding mountains and each one got progressively more blue and less red in. Of course that's not mentioning the affects of early morning, midday and evening light. The sky also lightens towards the horizon and, I think, gets a deeper blue the closer it is to right angles away from the sun. Just don't fully trust any pictures in holiday brochures, I used to work on them and we definitely messed around with the colours.
  10. If you do get a FDM printer the settings are just as critical for getting a good print as the resin ones. I have found a few points -all available if you enable the settings in your slicer software. I use Cura to slice my files and print with PLA. I have turned OFF the heated bed and slowed down the print speed to 10mm second to get a much better quality. I also always print small items with 100% infill (lines) and use Skirt instead of raft and enable filament retraction (stops stringing).
  11. Jolly fine Tuxedo there, top hole. I take it that you are allowed at least some small area of the bed in which to sleep or does the forecat rule the roost?
  12. Great, thanks. I have a 3d printer so can always print any extra bits I need. All I need now is the time and space. Simon
  13. Very impressive, some stunning modelling. Is that the Faller Bietschtal bridge? I have the kit and intend trying to make it with the curved deck like the prototype, do you think that would be possible? Simon
  14. I believe the Captain is referring to the end of Nick Park's "The Wrong Trousers" , where said Gromit manages to make a box of six pieces of track go much further than any mere railway modeller ever has.
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